Chapter 3290: Shamelessness

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Gong Qianyue asking to team up with Li Qiye left everyone in astonishment. Even Huang Ning and Zhan Hu couldn’t believe it.

She was strong enough to beat everyone here alone. There was no need for her to team up with anyone so why Li Qiye?

Everyone knew that he was a lazy piece of trash still stuck at Iron Skin. His three aptitudes were also at the mortal level. Moreover, he didn’t cultivate any powerful merit law and mantra, only All-things and Society. Wait, there was also the worthless Tortoise Fist. Thus, he was at the very bottom of Divine Black’s power level.

Furthermore, he wasn’t the one asking Qianyue to team up either. It was the stunning opposite. If he had taken the initiative, then people could laugh at him for being a frog wanting to eat swan meat.

But now, the strongest genius invited the weakest fool. No one could make heads or tails out of this while staring at Gong Qianyue.

Some also stared at Li Qiye with jealousy in their eyes, especially those who liked Qianyue. He would have been cut to pieces if jealous gazes could kill.

They wanted nothing more than to join her group. That would be a great chance to make a good impression. Alas, no one dared to invite her to their group for a multitude of reasons.

Moreover, having her in the group meant passing the first trial was a sure thing, certainly full marks. Alas, this could be misconstrued as taking an opportune shortcut. They didn’t want to be looked down by Qianyue.

Another reason was due to her strength. This made most feel insecure, losing the confidence and courage to ask her.

A few started regretting their inaction after seeing her wanting to join Li Qiye. Perhaps it would have worked for them too.

“It’s probably not good for masters like us to team up because we’ll look like big bullies then. Our fellow classmates won’t stand a chance.” Li Qiye looked at her and chuckled.

The others naturally didn’t take this comment in stride, to say the least. Sure, Gong Qianyue could be considered a master. But Li Qiye?

They have never seen such a shameless person who has such a big ego before.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Junior Sister Qianyue is just kind enough to help you out.” Huang Ning nearby immediately retorted.

Li Qiye’s comment would work if it was Huang Ning instead. The latter didn’t wish to work together with Qianyue because others might make unsavory comments.

Plus, he didn’t need to do so. He was strong enough to surpass this trial himself. In fact, he could help out some fellow disciples in his team too.

He came to not like Li Qiye at all, thinking that the guy has no sense of propriety.

“Senior Brother Huang is correct.” The other disciples jumped in: “Senior Sister Qianyue is our role model unlike a certain someone else who is shameless to the point of being nauseating.”

They decided to vent their jealousy with sarcastic and indirect comments.

“No need for this nonsense, yes or no?” She glared at Li Qiye in response.

“Of course we’re teaming up. Why would I refuse to have a cute little Senior Sister opening the way for me?” Li Qiye lazily stretched and said: “Oh right, I didn’t sleep well last night, little Senior Sister, come rub my feet for a bit.”

Qianyue’s eyes turned sharper just like a blade but Li Qiye wasn’t affected.

The listeners couldn’t believe his attitude. He was blatantly teasing her, something that no one else in the sect would dare to do unless they were tired of living.

“Asshole!” Huang Ning became intimidating with a hint of bloodlust: “Show some respect towards the seniors or be punished in accordance with the sect’s rules.”

His interest in Qianyue was no secret. That’s why he became furious at this sight. Unfortunately, he still cared about his status and reputation so he refrained from teaching Li Qiye a lesson.

“We should expel someone like him.” Liu Wenyong, another courter, demanded.

“Come, just for a bit.” Li Qiye ignored them and gestured at his feet with a smile.

Annoyance actually turned into slight admiration for some members of the crowd. It wasn’t that easy to be such a big jerk with no regard for the situation.

“I’ll cut them off when I’m over there.” She glared again.

“Don’t be so serious, people say that smiling makes one ten years younger. But don’t worry, it’ll happen soon because you will be my maid after today.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“Say this again once you actually win.” She retorted.

“I will.” He smiled, being as nonchalant and carefree as ever.

Qianyue still felt the same way as she did during their previous meeting. It was impossible to see through this man.

The strongest and most excellent disciples in Divine Black never dared to disrespect her, always talking to her while being nervous and reserved.

On the other hand, this seemingly-normal disciple did and said whatever he wanted. She simply couldn’t understand why.

“Ignorant fool. Junior Sister Qianyue can destroy you with one finger.” Liu Wenyong snorted.

No one bothered responding to him, much to his chagrin. He scowled again and quietly backed away.

Meanwhile, Zhan Hu had a smile on his face the entire time. In his opinion, a fight between Li Qiye and Qianyue would be good since it would be an internal conflict between the humans. Of course, Li Qiye would have zero chance. His death was only a matter of time.

He wanted the issue to escalate as much as possible so that there would be a rift between Eight Zhang and South Conch - something very favorable for Furious Tiger.

As for Huang Ning, he only had a gaze of animosity towards Li Qiye and didn’t get involved any further.

“Clank.” Another gong sounded.

“The first trial starts here. Groups, feel free to find your opponents or let the sect do it. The only rule is that the two sides must have the same realm. The captain of each group gets to pick and choose. A win, twenty points, zero for a loss, a draw is ten.” An elder announced.

The disciples became serious again and looked around to check out their potential foes.

They knew that the first trial was very important and had reaching consequences for the latter parts, especially with the points. Picking the right opponents mattered a lot right now.

“We’ll start first.” Gong Qianyue stood up and told Li Qiye.

“Very well.” He stretched and moved forward. The two of them were standing on the path now.

If some challengers came forward, they could either choose to defeat the challengers or just keep on retreating. If the opponents were to fail to defeat them before they reach the highest point, it would be a draw.

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