Chapter 3291: Who Wants To Fight?

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The disciples could only stare at these two, unable to do anything else.

The strongest cultivator in the team had the right to choose during the first trial. Their cultivation also determined the realm of the team.

For example, a team wanting to challenge the duo must also be on the same level, meaning that they must have someone at the samadhi level at the very least.

Unfortunately, Gong Qianyue was the only one in this realm among the young generation in Divine Black. It meant that the duo didn’t need to fight. They could just keep on moving up and be the first to get through the first trial.

This was definitely favorable for Li Qiye, winning without needing to do a single thing.

“So shameless.” Disdainful gazes shot straight at him. In their eyes, he was only relying on Gong Qianyue to get through this.

The elders and Zhang Yue exchanged glances on the platform. Some smiled wryly since this was fine. There was no rule preventing a powerful cultivator from teaming up with a weak one.

In reality, this was actually encouraged. The sect wanted to let the strong disciples lead their weaker peers.

Of course, this was only when their cultivation was relatively close. The truly strong ones didn’t want to team up with the weak. Who would want to have someone drag their feet in an important trial? It would affect the battle potential of the group.

“Don’t like it? Come fight us.” Li Qiye leisurely said while standing shoulder to shoulder with Qianyue.

He lazily leaned against Qianyue’s shoulder, acting very intimately with her. She pushed him away but he went right back at it as if this was how it should be.

He definitely looked like a wretch currently enjoying a moment of success, looking very pleased with himself. The spectators found this annoying and nauseating!

“A real man relies on his own power to defeat his opponents!” Huang Ning couldn’t stand this and uttered coldly.

“Right, this isn’t fair! He’s not passing the trial himself.” Liu Wenyong also protested; his eyes spewing out fury.

This type of gaze could be seen in virtually all of her suitors. They thought that he was taking advantage of her.

They wanted to do the same but couldn’t. In fact, just talking to her or earning one glance from her were enough to make their heart flutter with happiness.

As for standing this close to her? They wouldn’t even dare to dream about such a thing. They would certainly enjoy it though.

Now, Li Qiye pressed against her shoulder as if he lacked energy from forgetting to eat breakfast, nearly leaning on her entirely.

Bastard! Shameless asshole! These words were running through the mind of the male spectators.

Huang Ning stared at their touching shoulders and had the urge to chop off Li Qiye’s.

“Some aren’t convinced by our prowess, what should we do?” Li Qiye asked.

“They’re not convinced by you.” She has never seen such a bold and shameless man before. She wondered if she should just kick him off the steps.

“Didn’t you say you want to beat them up? Go for it.” She went on.

“I suppose.” Li Qiye touched his nose then stared at the disciples below: “Okay, all come up together, I’ll just use one hand.”

They glared at him but couldn’t actually come up. The strongest among them right now was Huang Ning who was in the manifestation realm. This meant that his team wasn’t qualified to challenge the duo.

“Come down here if you dare. I’ll knock your teeth out if our teams are eligible to fight.” Liu Wenyong said.

“Oh, I see. I’ll go down then and find another team.” Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled.

The elders didn’t know what to say. The guy just did whatever he wanted without a care for anything.

“If someone wants to make a temporary team with you, then it will be allowed.” The elders talked among themselves for a bit before giving permission.

They were curious about him because he had lit up thirteen sections before.

“Good, who wants to be my teammate?” Li Qiye smiled.

The disciples exchanged glances. No one wanted to team up with a guy they deemed useless.

“You’re asking for humiliation without Senior Sister Qianyue’s protection.” One guy said.

“He’ll lose to a single move, that’s when he’ll stop being so arrogant.” Another added.

“Looks like you’re not very popular.” Qianyue joked.

“No need to be popular when I’m invincible, others just need to kneel before me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

She didn’t expect this response and stared at him. These words gave her the illusion that he was an invincible existence, not a lazy jerk. This illusion only lasted for a split second before he became normal again.

The children from the village were willing to team up with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t let them since they had their own path. He wanted them to be independent.

“How, how about me, Young Master?” One disciple finally came forward and quietly asked.

It was none other than Lu Daowei. He had teamed up with his friends earlier but was willing to change for Li Qiye.

“The idiot who tried to learn Tortoise Fist?” Someone laughed at him.

“Birds of a feather flock together, don’t you know? An idiot and a piece of trash, a perfect pair.” Another sneered.

“Good, looks like you have the most potential in Divine Black. Come here, we’ll be a temporary team.” Li Qiye smiled.

Daowei smiled awkwardly and walked over. He wanted to help Li Qiye but it seemed that he has become everyone’s enemy now. It was too late for regrets.

“You first, get ready to lose your teeth.” Li Qiye pointed at Liu Wenyong.

Wenyong’s expression became unsightly. He joined the sect long ago so he had higher seniority than Gong Qianyue.

His cultivation wasn’t bad either so how could this Li Qiye dare to publicly not give him any face?

“May I?” He asked the elders.

“Yes.” The elder discussed for a bit before granting permission.

This was an impossible battle. Li Qiye was courting death challenging someone so much stronger. The addition of Lu Daowei didn’t matter.

“I alone am enough, no need for a team. Blame no one but yourself for being suicidal.” Wenyong went up the stairs and aggressively glared at Li Qiye.

“Can we do this?” Daowei became afraid since his cultivation was far weaker.

Everyone thought that these two didn’t stand a chance against Wenyong.

“Of course, your Tortoise Fist is enough to beat him.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Real-really? Tortoise Fist can do this?” Daowei stammered.

He wanted to use other merit laws but Li Qiye brought up the fist technique. This made him even less confident.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, go on.” Li Qiye smiled.

He felt as if he was being used by Li Qiye but he was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off. He had no choice but to assume the fist pose.

“Come now, prepare to lose your teeth.” Li Qiye told Wenyong.

Wenyong’s anger soared after seeing Daowei’s pose. He was at the Violet Marquis Corpus realm, how dare this guy try to beat him with this crappy technique? They must be purposely trying to humiliate him.

“I’m not trying to belittle you.” Daowei immediately said.

“This is insanity, trying to beat Senior Brother Liu with this?” Many disciples started laughing.

“He’s done. This is too insulting, Wenyong won't hold back.” A friend of Wenyong snorted.

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