Chapter 3374: Crucify

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The waves rushed to the sky and looked like a primordial flood, violently shaking all of Divine Black.

The spectators became startled due to the power of this move. Of course, they only worried for themselves, not Li Qiye.

“Raa!” A gigantic water dragon swam with the currents then leaped out.

Both people and beasts were intimidated by its roar. The stars rustled as a result. A clear draconic aura swept through like a tsunami and dominated the area.

The weaker disciples of Divine Black were scared out of their mind; their legs giving in.

“Raa!” The water dragon landed and raised its sharp, shiny claws.

The claws cut through space itself, capable of tearing mountains apart like paper. Just its energy alone created a long gap on the ground.

“So strong!” Others shuddered as a result. They thought that their weapons and merit laws didn’t have a chance of stopping this move.

On the other hand, Li Qiye only moved his finger again, still unimpressed.

“Clank.” Another sword hymn came from South Conch Peak, then a slash.

This slash was casual and unrestrained. This didn’t diminish its power since it easily split through the tsunami like tofu.

It didn’t stop and continued towards the water dragon. The creature felt threatened by it and roared, raising its claws. Alas, it had no chance of stopping the slash.

“Ooo-” A pitiful cry came out before it got split into two halves, no longer acting haughty like before.

“Ahh!” Liu Menglong screamed right afterward since his left arm got severed just like the right one.

“Retreat!” Elder Fu standing outside the gate immediately ordered after seeing this.

It was already too late. The slash flying by suddenly returned again for Menglong, turning into a sharp beam.

He summoned a treasure without using his hands to no avail. “Crack!” The treasure crumbled and the beam pierced through his chest.

“Boom!” He was pinned to a cliff nearby. His blood stained the rocky wall.

“You!” He couldn’t move an inch.

The members of Divine Black watched with bated breath. Though they had predicted the result, the actual events still left them in awe.

This seemed like a public execution to warn the others, truly a shocking spectacle.

“Ant.” Li Qiye still sat in his chair, as relaxed as can be.

Meanwhile, Elder Fu became both startled and frightened. From start to finish, Li Qiye only moved his finger. How the hell did he take down Menglong?

He stared at Li Qiye and found that the guy was really only in the Bronze Tendon realm. He shifted his focus towards South Conch Peak instead. Someone else did it?

He couldn’t make any definite conclusion at this moment.

“Junior, what are you doing?!” He shouted first before winking at the experts behind him, telling them to get ready. They couldn’t just leave Menglong here in Divine Black.

“What do you think? Of course I’m killing him, not drying him in the sun. Just thinking about how to make it graceful.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You won’t!” Menglong cried out. He tried to struggle but the sharp ray pinning him down became more unbearable. It felt as if numerous needles were drilling into his body, causing him to scream in pain.

Li Qiye ignored him and told the others: “What kind of death do you guys want?”

The experts outside had an ugly expression, unable to handle the blatant disdain.

“Killing Protector Liu would be a serious offense, it’ll be a declaration of war, one that will never end until a full destruction.” Elder Fu took a deep breath and glared at Li Qiye.

“No, no, you misunderstood. I’m not only talking about him but also the rest of you all. Don’t think about leaving this place alive.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The elder was furious but chose to remain calm. He turned and asked Zhang Yue: “Fellow Daoist Zhang, is this your sect’s official stance? A declaration of war?”

He tried to threaten the worst possible outcome in order to save Menglong first.

“That depends on your sect’s attitude.” Zhang Yue pondered for a bit before replying.

“Fine, first, release him. Second, I want to see your sect master!” Elder Fu took a deep breath and chose to acquiesce.

He had no choice but to negotiate in order to save Menglong.

Zhang Yue glanced at Li Qiye for a moment before replying: “I apologize, you can talk to Young Noble Li. No need to see our sect master.”

The elder had no response since he didn’t expect this unlike the members from Divine Black.

“Junior, if you want a ceasefire, release him.” Elder Fu uttered coldly towards Li Qiye. He didn’t want to fully concede since he represented his sect right now.

“Why would I? This is my chance to exercise. I’ll kill him first then it’ll be your turn.” Li Qiye smiled.

With that, Li Qiye pointed his finger at Menglong.

“No! Stop!” Elder Fu shouted and entered Divine Black. His group followed right after him.

They readied their whisker while releasing their energy.

“Heaven Net!” They worked together and their whiskers resembled sharp blades.

The individual thread turned into heavenly swords and surrounded Li Qiye, wanting to cut him to pieces in the blink of an eye.

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