Chapter 3439: Feathersword Noble

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Li Qiye wanted to leave after finishing this task.

“Rumble!” The ground suddenly shook; loud blasts detonated as if an army was coming.

“What’s going on?” The crowd became startled and some stared towards the entrance.

They noticed banners flying right outside. A powerful army was lining up over there.

“Yin Yang Gate! Why are they blocking the entrance?” One spectator shouted.

“Why are they here?” Confusion struck the crowd.

“What can make them mobilize?” People exchanged glances since this happened without any warning.

Everyone knew about their strength, definitely among the top two in the north. They were far stronger than Skylight and their forefather was a dreadful existence.

However, this was still Ancestral City, the territory of the golems. This seemed a little arrogant, to say the least.

“This Yin Yang Gate is out of line.” One golem became annoyed.

This city had special significance to the golems. This was especially true for the park. Now, an army was blocking its entrance.

“Well, which sect is stronger than them right now?” One neutral party whispered.

“Maybe they have the consent of Ancestral City? Don’t forget, they have a marriage agreement.” One youth added.

This was indeed the case. The saintess of Ancestral City and Bai Jianchan had an engagement since their youth. Perhaps the city gave them permission already.

“This still doesn’t answer why they’re here.” Another became afraid.

One could hear loud and rushed footsteps. Someone was running for his life, clearly being pursued - a young golem with a stone hatchet above his head.

It exuded a mighty divinity, ready to split the sky apart. It poured down dao laws protecting the youth.

Alas, he was still heavily wounded and bloodied as if he had experienced a fierce battle earlier.

He clearly panicked but this all disappeared the moment he saw Li Qiye.

“Save me, Young Master!” He ran towards Li Qiye.

He was none other than Shi Wawa. He fainted right in front of Li Qiye due to his wounds. The only reason he lasted this long was due to his unyielding tenacity.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold after seeing the wounds. Qing Shi and Ye Lingyao hurriedly gave him spirit medicines and treated him.

Next came the noises of the pursuers, around a hundred or so. The leader was a young man in full armors decorated with feathers, looking gallant and dignified. His murderous intent blatantly oozed out.

His men behind him appeared battle-hardened, clearly ready to kill.

“Feathersword Noble of Yin Yang.” Many became surprised to see the leader.

“Over here.” The youth saw Shi Wawa and shouted.

His group immediately rushed over.

“Oh, everyone’s here too.” He slowed down after seeing the rest of the crowd.

“Long time no see, Noble.” Some came over to greet him.

He cordially responded, having recognized the geniuses here due to his considerable social prowess.

Moreover, some took pride in just being his acquaintances.

“Maiden, Your Highness, Godchild. Long time no see.” Feathersword Noble cupped his fist and slightly bowed towards these three: “Our young lord sends his regards.”

“No need to be so polite.” The godchild and the first prince greeted him back.

The young lord, in this case, was Bai Jianchan, the number one genius of the north.

Feathersword was the first brother of the outer branch in Yin Yang. He was talented on top of being good at socializing. Moreover, Bai Jianchan had helped him with cultivation before.

He was considered Jianchan’s in-name disicple so he was quite popular among the young generation.

He stared at Shi Wawa at this time. The latter has recovered but still unconscious.

“I apologize for bothering everyone. I’m under the order of Senior Uncle Wu to chase after a criminal.” He addressed the crowd.

“Wu Zhongtian?” The crowd exchanged glances.

Wu Zhongtian was the first prince of Wu. He joined Yin Yang due to his talents and became a capable follower of Bai Jianchan - quite a prestigious position.

“That kid?” Someone pointed at Shi Wawa.

“Yes, I need to bring him back for interrogation.” Feathersword waved, ordering his men to come forward.

“What’s the crime?” Li Qiye smiled.

“The treacherous villain killed Senior Uncle Wu’s brother in order to steal a treasure, a crime punishable by death.” Feathersword uttered.

The crowd started staring at Shi Wawa and Li Qiye.

“Birds of a feather flock together, they’re all bad.” Someone loudly shouted, trying to ruin Li Qiye’s image in the maiden’s eyes.

Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind and smirked. Qing Shi and Lingyao became afraid. The latter could smell the stench of blood already.

“Nonsense.” Qing Shi said: “This stone hatchet belonged to our young master. He obtained it from the Stoneshell Beetle King, so it’s not your sect’s treasure. Don’t ruin your reputation as the number one sect in the northern West King but maybe it’s too late.”

“Impudent!” A man behind Feathersword roared.

“Watch your mouth or we’ll teach you a lesson.” Feathersword glared at Qing Shi in response.

He then turned towards Li Qiye and said: “So all of you are together. Perfect, less effort on my part then. I’ll capture all of you and take you back to Yin Yang.”

“You best present some evidence on your claim. Otherwise, it’s not too late to apologize to the young master.” The maiden got involved.

She wasn’t worried about Li Qiye but if this continued, Yin Yang Gate would be massacred.

Feathersword didn’t dare to offend the maiden. He cupped his fist and said: “Maiden, I’m speaking the truth. This person really killed Senior Uncle Wu’s younger brother, he deserves death…”

Lingyao frowned and stopped talking. It looked like some people were courting death, no point in stopping them.

“These greedy and immoral people, they need to be severely punished!” A member of the crowd wanted to see Li Qiye dead.

“True, villains like him shouldn’t leave this place alive.” Others chimed in.

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