Chapter 3440: One Slash

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The majority clamored, deliberately trying to frame and insult Li Qiye. They wanted to ruin the maiden’s image of him by labeling him as a heinous villain.

They didn’t let him have a chance to defend himself because this was the best opportunity. As for the prince and the godchild, they had a sneer on their face. This was the best development and didn’t take any effort on their part.

Alas, the smile on Li Qiye’s face didn’t dissipate, only becoming more apparent in the process to his allies’ horror.

“The easy way is surrendering. The hard way won’t be as pretty.” Feathersword Noble threatened. [1]

“Why are you so confident?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Surrender and there’s a chance for a trial at our sect. On the other hand, if I have to use force, I’m afraid you’ll become a lost soul due to my blade.” Feathersword said with a cold, murderous glare.

The guy dared to question his power so he was determined to teach Li Qiye a lesson regardless of his compliance.

“Wow, I’m so impressed.” Qing Shi sarcastically said: “Do you actually think your sect is number one? It’s just because of a living forefather, nothing else is special.”

“Fool! How dare you comment on our forefather?!” Feathersword shouted; his expression darkened.

“Why can’t I? It’s just Zen Yang Heavenly Sovereign.” Qing Shi was annoyed and continued: “Not an invincible dao lord or anything. Can’t force people to shut up.”

“Shh!” Others became startled. Some started gesturing for him to shut up then sighed.

“Remember, never do this.” Everyone became afraid.

Yin Yang Gate had an extremely frightening forefather - Zen Yang Heavenly Sovereign. He had lived for numerous years and even taught a dao lord before.

That’s why Qing Shi was doing something forbidden by speaking the forefather’s title when he wasn’t qualified.

“Slap him!” Feathersword ordered his men.

“Hmph!” An expert behind him reached forward. The slap had enough power to crush someone’s head and end their life.

“Pluff!” Unfortunately, it didn’t connect with Qing Shi’s face. A bright glint flashed then blood splashed everywhere.

“Ahh!” The expert lost his arm.

People saw Qing Shi holding a glowing sword now with a smile on his face. The expert quickly retreated, pale.

Qing Shi didn’t show any mercy and crippled the assailant.

“This sword is more than enough to cut off your dog heads.” Qing Shi smiled and declared.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The experts behind Feathersword unsheathed their weapons and prepared for battle.

“You deserve death for injuring a member of Yin Yang!” Feathersword shouted.

“Your sect is nothing in our Young Master’s eyes. You will die today.” Qing Shi didn’t seem to mind.

“Well said, and I concur completely. None of them will leave this place alive today.” Li Qiye clapped and laughed.

This comment naturally startled the crowd.

“This brat must have eaten a tiger’s heart to be so courageous, daring to go against Yin Yang.” One expert murmured.

“He’s suicidal, that’s all. Nothing good will come from opposing Yin Yang.” A genius snorted.

All in all, most wanted to see Li Qiye die to Yin Yang Gate. Everyone in the north knew that opposing this sect was a foolish endeavor.

A good result would be death. A bad result meant dragging their sect and clan down with them - a total massacre.

“First of all, you might not be able to take us on. Secondly, we have an entire army waiting outside the park. Even if you can take care of us, you still won’t be able to leave this place.” Feathersword retorted.

This wasn’t an empty threat. They nearly had ten thousand elites waiting outside. Who would dare to face this great force?

Some spectators had a gloating smile after hearing this.

“Yes, there’s no chance for the brat.” One person eagerly watched with both hands crossed in front of his chest.

“I’m so scared.” Qing Shi patted his chest before laughing: “Wow, your army is so powerful and amazing. Unfortunately, that’s nothing compared to our Young Master. Your entire sect can come here and they’ll be nothing more than headless chickens.”

Qing Shi seemed to have animosity towards Yin Yang Gate so he purposely antagonized them.

“I will capture and flay you in public for a hundred days as punishment for what you have said so far.” Feathersword’s expression became extremely ugly as he shouted.

“You don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. You’ll die without knowing how.” Ye Lingyao suddenly jumped in.

People naturally didn’t expect this, the same for the haughty Feathersword. True to his attitude, he was indeed confident since he was a prized disciple of Yin Yang Gate.

However, this wasn’t the case when dealing with the maiden since she was on the same level as his young lord.

“Miss Ye, please don’t get involved in this muddy water.” The first prince of Skylight hurriedly persuaded: “It’s better to have one fewer problem.”

Most became jealous because Ye Lingyao was backing Li Qiye.

“Maiden, I respect you and the valley but this is our business…” Feathersword took a deep breath and said seriously.

“No need for this nonsense. Survive and feel free to talk afterward.” She said.

“Very well.” Li Qiye smiled and told Qing Shi: “Kill all of them, I’m sure you’re more than willing.”

“It’s not a bad idea.” Qing Shi raised his sword and said: “So, come one at a time or all together? Doesn’t matter to me since my sword will feast either way.”

Qing Shi clearly looked down on his opponents as if they were helpless fish on the chopping board. His opponents naturally didn’t take this in stride.

“Brat, you’re asking for it!” The man who had lost his arm earlier shouted furiously: “It’s your funeral then, you’ll regret becoming our enemy!”

“Yawn, are you done yet? Make your move already.” Qing Shi picked his ear and looked extremely carefree.

The experts from Yin Yang were livid because they were still important characters in their sect. Now, a junior dared to look down on them?

“Kill him!” Nearly a hundred experts roared and made their move.

They used the yin and yang affinities as they activated their weapons. Their powerful auras intimidated the crowd.

“Come!” Qing Shi seemed happy to go into battle. He raised his sword and lotus flowers brimming with life suddenly blossomed. They had enough force to make space explode.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The swords from the Yin Yang members were cut down.

“Ahhh!” Heads and blood were flung into the air.

Qing Shi killed all of them with a single slash.

1. Feathersword was initially Shaojun. Changed the name after getting new context

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