Chapter 3491: Comparison

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All eyes were on Li Qiye but most gleamed with derision, disdain, and greed. Of course, a few were carefully pondering as well.

Everyone knew about what Li Qiye had right now. Just any item from the two treasuries could let someone prosper and completely change their life.

Alas, this was Ancestral City so no one dared to make a move. Even Yin Yang Gate chose to exercise prudence, let alone them.

Li Qiye sauntered forward without any divinity, blessing, or visual phenomenon. This style of his was frankly embarrassing compared to Bai Jianchan earlier.

The latter had blessings from deities, visual phenomena, and wondrous hymns. One couldn’t help feeling impressed while looking at him. This further reinforced the notion that he was the number one genius of the north.

As for Li Qiye, he looked like a foot soldier or an unknown junior. One couldn’t spot a single ray of power emanating from him.

If it wasn’t for Shi Qingjian standing next to him, no one would even recognize him. He might have been able to sneak in unnoticed.

“Don’t people with a divine bloodline have a similar aura? He has nothing like that.” An expert who didn’t go to Fire Domain said.

They couldn’t be blamed for doubting him since he truly looked like a mortal right now.

“It’s probably as thin as can be if he has it.” Another expert quietly said.

Li Qiye made it to the base of the platform. He looked up a bit and started ascending without showing respect.

“Hmph, so arrogant, that phoenix bloodline is nothing compared to the incredible wise sages of the golem race.” Someone scowled.

“How rude.” The golems became unhappy.

A while ago, Bai Jianchan performed a rite of respect before starting. This earned him a favorable impression, especially from the golems.

Now, someone inferior such as Li Qiye walked up without a care in the world. This naturally attracted negative sentiments.

However, the actual ancestors from Ancestral quietly watched and ignored it.

“So uneducated and vulgar, it’s night and day.” One female cultivator reprimanded.

“Right, Young Lord Bai is a dragon among men. They can’t be mentioned in the same vein.” A few saintesses and important daughters from various sects chimed in. They found Li Qiye to be an uncultured country bumpkin.

Li Qiye took his time and actually seemed to be having a hard time climbing the stairs. Qing Shijian had to help him - a stark contrast to how cool Bai Jianchan looked earlier. The rhythm from his steps was unforgettable.

“He can’t even climb some steps, how can he be qualified to go up there?” A golem became unsatisfied because this hall was a holy place for their race. Plus, being able to do so was a supreme honor.

However, their ancestors turned a blind eye and let this useless person insult their tradition. They couldn’t say anything since Ancestral was in charge of the hall.

“Look at him, needing support from a woman, how useless.” One girl said.

“The brat must know magic, it makes no sense why Pearlstone Saintess likes him.” Numerous male cultivators became jealous.

Qingjian quietly left after they made it to the top, leaving behind Li Qiye who looked around once in a casual manner. It was nothing more than a high platform to him.

“Will he receive the recognition from the sages?” One neutral soul asked.

“Are you joking? How can this brat ever receive anything from our sages?” A golem snorted right away.

“It’s easier said than done, even the talented geniuses might not be able to do it, let alone someone as mediocre as him. No chance.” A genius added.

“He’s only humiliating himself.” A princess sneered: “Young Lord Bai is pretty much a god, hence his success. This Li Qiye is nothing, he’s not qualified.”

Li Qiye gave Bai Jianchan a quick glance before stretching. No reaction came from above - no light and visual phenomena, only a frightening silence.

“See? He has three mortal aptitudes, zero chance to receive any recognition. He shouldn’t be up there in the first place.” Someone excitedly gloated.

The ancestors from a few powers shook their head after seeing the lack of response.

“Yeah, seems like he’s still lacking a bit.” One ancestor was surprised. He assumed that the phoenix bloodline would be enough to garner some form of reaction.

“I suppose the bloodline isn’t as thick as we thought.” His high elder friend speculated.

“How embarrassing. Just a worm compared to Young Lord Bai.” The girls hated Li Qiye the most.

Remember, Bai Jianchan invoked a beautiful visual phenomenon. Now, Li Qiye had nothing to offer the crowd.

“He’s not worthy of being Young Lord Bai’s opponent, not worthy of a woman like Pearlstone Saintess either.” One genius scowled.

“You’re Li Qiye?” Bai Jianchan stared at Li Qiye. Light emanated from deep within his pupils.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Different from my imagination.” Jianchan shook his head and said: “What is your purpose?”

His tone remained civil. Everyone became attentive and wanted to listen to their conversation.

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