Chapter 3541: Vedas Vajra

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Chapter 3541: Vedas Vajra

Was the pot taken away by the invaders or by the plateau? No one had an answer to this.

Li Qiye focused his eyes, seemingly piercing through time back to this event.

“What’s the intent?” He murmured.

After his observation, he found that the plateau wasn’t fully destroyed. After all, it was massive and the broken area was only one part of it. For example, perhaps this core location was still perfectly fine.

Thus, in reality, perhaps the plateau was still around. After all, Di Shi, the Buddhist Lord, Nihility Temple, Nalanda Temple… None stuck around.

“Di Shi, this is an all-out attempt?” Li Qiye said.

He stood there quietly. The unique burial grounds of the Nine Worlds have lost two members - Drystone Courtyard and Buddhist Funeral Plateau.

However, the two cases were different. Drystone Courtyard was suddenly dragged away without any warning.

In this case, Di Shi made his move, resulting in a destructive event. This force had immense power since they also had the Myriad Thoughts Pot. There must have been a great battle here. It was hard to tell whether the plateau was still around or not.

His eyes eventually flashed during the observation. He came to a particular void zone. This was a scar on the sky that has lasted for millions of years.

It was special, unlike the other cracks. The others poured down Buddhist serum while this one had the presence of death energy.

This gray affinity didn’t belong to this world. It should be from a world of death. He touched it and smoke came out of his hand.

This was a power capable of corroding the flesh of top cultivation masters. They would be reduced to skeletons in no time at all.

He dragged some out and didn’t mind the corrosive nature.

“Hmm…” He found it to be very familiar and started peering through the crack for a long time.

“What a method.” Li Qiye sneered and said: “The fox has shown its tail, just wait. Instead of picking the right path, you choose to antagonize me. How suicidal.”

This sneer of his was awfully cold, capable of freezing the ages. The gods and devils would be trembling while prostrating.

His expression became normal again. No one could read his thoughts right now.

He moved on to check the other cracks, taking his time. One particular hole made him stop because of the surging light within.

However, the hole was too deep. Even a heavenly gaze couldn’t see the bottom as if this was an entrance to hell.

He turned towards another location with a corpse. This corpse was bent with a large golden chain coiled around the shoulder. The man was trying to pull something up when he was alive.

The other end of the chain was inside the peculiar hole. Li Qiye activated his gaze and saw that it was tied to a large temple.

This person tried everything possible to pull the temple out of the hole. Unfortunately, his efforts were unrewarded.

He wore a gilded kasaya and was a Vajra. This was millions and millions of years ago yet his posture remained the same. It seemed that even death couldn’t stop him from trying to pull the temple out.

Around him were flowers. They were still as fresh as ever as if they had been brought here yesterday. Thus, this meant that across the long years, many have come to pay their respect.

“Vedas.” Li Qiye frowned again. [1]

This person could be considered an old acquaintance. He used to be a heinous villain before repenting and joining Buddhism.

Li Qiye had killed his entire race; Vedas was the sole survivor. He didn’t expect to see the guy here today. He sighed after seeing Vedas’ heroic and commendable attempt.

“Nothing will change the fact that you have committed heinous crimes. Your attempt to be good does not cancel out your evil.” Li Qiye stared at the corpse and said: “However, you stayed true to your words and became a devout Buddhist with a heart wanting to be good.”

“Buzz.” Li Qiye gently waved his hand and light illuminated the corpse.

“Boom!” Buddhist radiance suddenly erupted from the corpse. It became gigantic and seemingly came back to life.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” It grasped the chain tightly and started moving forward. Each step left behind a deep footprint as the temple was being slowly pulled up.

The chains on the shoulder could crush the corpse to pieces from the pressure. Nonetheless, it still didn’t give up.

“Boom!” The temple was finally dragged out. The corpse then sat on the ground and became normal again.

“Amitabha.” The corpse placed its palms together and chanted one last time before closing its eyes.

“Buzz.” it turned into Buddhist particles and scattered to the wind. Its obsession was finally gone.

People would think that this was just an illusion if it wasn’t for the temple next to the hole.

Earlier, the corpse still had obsessive intent left so Li Qiye decided to give it some power. The intent woke up and was strong enough to fulfill its desire and mission. Thus, it dispersed along with the Vajra’s body.

From now on, the heinous villain and the devout Buddhist were no more.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Li Qiye said softly.

This was also the case for the area. It was no longer the holy land of Buddhism nor the dreadful burial ground. The future descendants would no longer know the stories of Buddhist Funeral Plateau.

1. Chapter 1038

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