Chapter 688: Maple King

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Chapter 688: Maple King

Li Qiye’s technique from earlier was from the “Grass Sword Attacking the Immortal Law”, but it was unleashed by the girl in the exact same manner as Li Qiye as if she had learned it before.

“Interesting.” Li Qiye turned his palm into a saber in the face of this sweeping sword attack and set off the blade in a domineering manner. Li Qiye’s power was already extremely mighty, so when this one saber technique from the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber was casually performed, it carried a ferocious and tyrannical momentum!

“Pop!” Although the supreme girl used the grass sword technique, she was still on the losing end against Li Qiye, just like before, and she had to take several staggered steps backward.

“Although you learned the sword technique, you didn’t grasp its true essence.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Nevertheless, this is already quite amazing. To be able to learn from just a single glance… This is almost better than Little Mei’s Immortal Bone.”

The “Little Mei” Li Qiye referred to was Mei Suyao from the Eternal River School!

“Hmph! You think you are so special? Who said that I can’t learn its true essence?” The peerless girl snorted and was completely unconvinced. At this moment, her demeanor was very serious as her eyes narrowed. At this second, she changed her palm into a saber and sent it straight towards Li Qiye. This was the same technique from the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber that Li Qiye used earlier.

What was even more astonishing was that this saber from her hand also had the very domineering momentum.

Li Qiye swiftly shifted his figure with an unparalleled speed and easily dodged her attack.

This scene left Madam Zi Yan, who was standing to the side, astonished. This girl was able to learn anyone’s technique with a single glance — too frightening! What kind of monstrous aptitude was this?!

The girl immediately stopped after Li Qiye dodged the saber within the blink of an eye. She was taken off guard and stared at Li Qiye to say: “What kind of step technique is that? Or what kind of merit law is it? I actually can’t see through it and am unable to learn it!”

It was not strange for the girl to be unable to understand the movement technique Li Qiye used because it was his Soaring Immortal Physique! Moreover, his physique came from the most profound scripture in the world. Even the most unrivaled genius across the eons would not be able to understand it with a single glance.

“It is normal that you can’t see through it.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “If you could grasp it with a single glance, then that would truly be strange. You would cause countless people across the eons to jump into a river and off themselves if they knew you could do such a thing.”

“Hmph, you think you are cool?” The supreme girl snorted and said: “Isn’t it just a physique law? I know quite a few physique laws.”

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled and asked: “So you want to try again?”

The girl couldn’t help but glare at him with her pretty eyes. She became a bit impatient as if she still wanted to see Li Qiye’s Soaring Immortal Physique one more time. However, she quickly buried this anxious urge and shook her head to say: “I’m not playing with you anymore since I hate fighting the most. Hmph, I’m gonna go now, I’m not going to waste more time with you.”

“But you still haven’t thanked me.” Said Li Qiye as he smiled at the girl.

The girl who was about to leave gave Li Qiye a look of disdain and said: “Hmph, now that I know you are a scoundrel with no good intentions from the start, why should I thank you? Why should I repay my debt?”

Her answer made Li Qiye burst out in laughter while the girl ignored him and left.

“If you are truly clever, then your best opportunity is to follow right behind them. Then, maybe you will have a chance to escape the Allpine Mountain. Otherwise, you must pray for the Allpine Treefather to not take action or else you won’t be able to escape even if you grew wings.” Li Qiye shouted towards the pretty girl’s departing shadow.

“I know that already since I’m much smarter than you.” The girl didn’t turn around and quickly disappeared as if she was anxious to leave this place.

“Young Master knows her?” The madam asked Li Qiye who was now lying back down in his armchair.

Li Qiye slightly shook his head and replied: “I don’t know her, but that girl is indeed interesting and absolutely incredible.”

Madam Zi Yan was worried, so she said: “I haven’t seen that young miss before. However, the middle-aged man earlier is very famous as he is from the Beastmaster Citadel.”

“Beastmaster Citadel?” Li Qiye only narrowed his eyes and revealed a faint smile without commenting further.

The citadel was renowned in the Stone Medicine World as a sect with two emperors. Outsiders even told legends of them having a divine beast in the form of a true dragon. However, no one could verify this statement.

“It is not strange for the Beastmaster Citadel to come celebrate the treefather’s birthday. However, it along with the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan have not cared for the secular world in a very long time.” The madam couldn’t help but muse for a moment before gently speaking: “Why is the Beastmaster Citadel chasing a girl like her?”

“That is their business. The girl is extremely smart, so let her be.” Li Qiye smiled and showed that he didn’t really care, he only lazed around in his chair.

The madam looked at her Young Master and said: “Young Master is a great strategist who knows everything in the world like the palm of your hand. There is one thing that I don’t quite understand. Why do all of these imperial lineages maintain such a low profile? What is the reasoning behind this?”

This was indeed uncommon in the Stone Medicine World. The Beastmaster Citadel had two emperors, the Jianlong Clan had three, and of course, the Alchemy Kingdom was even more frightening with three Immortal Emperors and three Alchemy Emperors. Nevertheless, these monstrous existences were always low-key and ignored what happened in the world.

In fact, many great powers and cultivators slowly got used to this. They felt that only such supreme existences had no need for competition since they were already at the peak of the world, thus they chose to live in seclusion instead.

However, the madam disagreed with this notion and felt that there was a particular reason despite not knowing the exact details.

Today, she couldn’t help but ask Li Qiye this question that had been plaguing her mind for a very long time. In her view, there was nothing Li Qiye didn’t know.

“Being low-key is not necessarily a bad thing. They have seen many things and understood that there is always a higher mountain and always a stronger man. Lineages like the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family had been around since the Desolate Era, and after millions of years of experience without falling, they have seen a lot and understood the dangers of the world.” Li Qiye explained with a grin.

Although her Young Master didn’t give her an answer, she didn’t inquire any further. Instead, she softly spoke: “Tomorrow, the Maple King will come to meet Young Master.”

Li Qiye only slightly nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Sure enough, on the next day, the Maple King came to visit their valley. He was an old looking expert. However, despite his old age, his blood energy was still strong as if he was still middle-aged. People would know after seeing this energy that he would be able to live on for 2,000 to 3,000 more years without any problems.

He was a grand disciple of the Allpine Treefather and was rumored to have an unfathomable cultivation. Moreover, he was currently the person in charge of the Allpine Mountain. With such status, even the sect master of an imperial lineage wouldn’t dare to show him disdain.

However, no matter who the person might be or what their origin was, it was very difficult to shock Li Qiye. Therefore, upon the Maple King’s arrival, Li Qiye was still calmly seated in his chair.

However, the Maple King did not put on airs. Even as the ruler of the mountain, he still revealed an approachable and humble attitude the moment he met Li Qiye. Most likely, he had heard a few things about Li Qiye before, so he didn’t dare to show any contempt.

They met and exchanged a few cordial remarks before he smiled and asked Li Qiye: “I heard that Young Noble Li’s alchemy is supreme, so I wonder if I may have the honor of seeing it once?”

Li Qiye looked at the king and said: “Since you specifically wanted to meet me, we don’t have to go around in circles. Go ahead and state your business.”

The Maple King went quiet for a moment before speaking: “I came to meet Young Noble Li without any malicious intent. I heard that your country’s deity had taken action recently, so I want to ask about its recent status.”

Li Qiye’s brows slightly lifted as he calmly said: “Get to the point, there is no need for drag this on.”

The king pondered for a moment and had to say: “I heard that Young Noble can communicate with your deity, and my grand master wants to talk to your deity. Will Young Noble be willing to help?”

“This is not what I wanted to hear.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “It seems that we have nothing to talk about, so please return. Come back after you have thought about it carefully. However, my patience is limited. You will still have a chance before I leave.”

The Maple King couldn’t help but be a bit stunned. He had heard about Li Qiye’s arrogance, but he didn’t expect for it to reach this magnitude — truly unbelievable. One had to know that with his status, just him personally coming to visit Li Qiye was already showing more than enough consideration. But now, after a few undesirable exchanges, Li Qiye immediately wanted to send him away. Even the sect master of an imperial lineage wouldn’t dare to do this to him.

Although he was very dissatisfied in his mind, he was still a grand character and was able to retain his calm demeanor. He said with a deepened tone: “Young Noble Li, I came with great sincerity this time.”

Li Qiye was too lazy to even glance at him again as he responded: “If you came with sincerity, then just directly state what you need, there is no need to walk in circles. Such tricks might deceive someone else, but not me. If you don’t want to say it, then I won’t force you, but don’t try to test me, my patience is limited.”

“If Young Noble Li believes so, then I can’t do anything about it. I’ll take my leave now.” Said the unhappy Maple King as he cupped his hands before quickly taking his leave.

Anyone else would have exploded on the spot. However, despite his dissatisfaction, he had to maintain decorum as the ruler of the Allpine Mountain.

The madam was startled by the exchange as well. She did not expect for the meeting to go sour like this.

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