Chapter 773: Close Conversation

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Chapter 773: Close Conversation

Li Qiye nodded with narrowed eyes: “Good, since Hundred-Life is still alive, everything will be easy for me. I want to meet Hundred-Life!”

“I’m afraid Young Noble misunderstood something.” The moment Li Qiye put on this expression, Ming Yexue had an unspeakable feeling of familiarity: “Forefather knows nothing about this conflict. Moreover, he has not asked about the world in a very long time.”

“No matter.” Li Qiye smiled: “If you didn’t come forward, I was more than happy to flip over the Alchemy Kingdom. Your kingdom has maintained a low profile for too long and has forgotten a couple things. A few people have become restless!”

Ming Yexue paused for a moment. She didn’t wish to discuss this matter further, so she softly said: “We can try to arrange a meeting if Young Noble wants to meet our forefather. However, this will take some time, I hope Young Noble can wait.”

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else while looking at Ming Yexue. A moment later, he gently reached out and lifted Ming Yexue’s finely sculpted chin.

Such an action was extremely frivolous. No one had ever dared to treat Ming Yexue this way, but she didn’t reject him. She closed her pretty eyes to embrace this atmosphere.

The two of them were inches from each other, and they could even hear each other’s breaths. It seemed as if time stood still. A long while later, Li Qiye gently caressed her soft and beautiful face.

In the minds of many, Ming Yexue was an untouchable fairy. She could only be worshiped from afar and was not to be tainted with obscene thoughts!

Ming Yexue, with her eyes closed, sensed Li Qiye’s rhythm and aura. An indescribable sense of familiarity invaded and overwhelmed her mind.

“Young Noble, there are many things I don’t understand.” After a long time, she lifted her head to look at him, a hint of doubt in her charming eyes.

Li Qiye withdrew his hand that still carried her sweet fragrance: “I will tell you later. At least, not before this matter with the Alchemy Kingdom concludes.”

“Can Young Noble not live in peace with the kingdom?” Even someone as supreme as Ming Yexue couldn’t help but sigh. When she sighed softly, the whole world would swoon over her. Her sentimental demeanor would break the hearts of countless cultivators.

Li Qiye dismissively replied: “Peaceful coexistence cannot be achieved. To put it bluntly, when the kingdom sees me, it should retreat or act as my subservient subjects!”

Ming Yexue was slightly startled; she knew that this had something to do with a past unknown to her!

Li Qiye continued: “You know, if I really wanted to take you away, the Alchemy Kingdom wouldn’t be able to stop me. I can even erase your memories of anything related to the Alchemy Kingdom. However, I would only do so if there was no other way; I do not want this to happen because you are still you, you are not a puppet but rather a living being with your own mind!”

He wistfully sighed at this point. After millions of years, some changes were inevitable.

“I am very grateful for your consideration.” Ming Yexue answered slowly, her words full of sincerity.

Li Qiye said dismissively: “Very well, this time will be a warning to your kingdom. If I truly wanted to destroy it, then I wouldn’t be sitting here with you! Tell those old-timers for me that this is not the time for your kingdom to have any funny ideas and use this chance to break the promise from the past. If it wasn’t for Hundred-Life, your Alchemy Kingdom would have ceased to exist!”

Li Qiye’s eyes became serious as he sneered. To outsiders, the ancestors of the kingdom appearing was to suppress Li Qiye and to take revenge for the deceased Alchemy Ancestor! However, Li Qiye was well aware of the true reasons behind the whole thing!

“Young Noble, I will certainly convey your message.” Ming Yexue was able to guess some of the details, but she was not completely clear. Only ancestor level characters knew this matter completely.

“What about the Phoenix’s heart?” Ming Yexue had to ask. The heart was too important to the kingdom. It was a priceless treasure that had been gestated by the kingdom for countless moons. Its value was no less than an imperial true treasure!

“I want the heart of the Phoenix.” Li Qiye lightly said: “The Alchemy Kingdom should remember this matter! A few people do not need to play dumb!”

“I’m afraid it is not up for me to decide this matter.” Ming Yexue bitterly smiled, but even her bitter smile was very beautiful.

“It is not up to the Alchemy Kingdom either.” Li Qiye said: “Even if your group of geezers do not want to do so, they must give it up regardless! You can tell Wushuang! It doesn’t matter whether old Wushuang is in charge or if Hundred-Life is in charge or anyone else for that matter! In short, the sole reason why I am stopping for now is out of consideration for you. Your kingdom shouldn’t try me again, or else I’ll massacre a whole group before you can even respond!”

Ming Yexue gently sighed. It seemed that there was no room for negotiation regarding the Phoenix’s heart: “Can Young Noble talk about the Phoenix? Can you really revive it?”

“Revive?” Li Qiye stroked his chin as his gaze wandered towards the horizon.

The legend regarding Phoenix City was true. In a very ancient age at Phoenix City, there was a divine tree and a Phoenix.

A very long time later, both of these existences neared their ends. The Phoenix burned the divine tree in order to use it to attempt rebirth. Although there were no Immortal Emperors during this era, this Phoenix was a real and matured Immortal Bird. Its power was definitely no less than an emperor’s.

However, it still failed to be reborn in fire. Under the endless divine flames and the boundless tribulation, it was completely annihilated! The divine tree shared a similar fate.

However, it left behind a certain something despite its failure and subsequent demise. There was still a little piece of its heart that was not turned into ashes in addition to some bone fragments.

However, these burnt bone fragments were far less impressive than the small piece of the heart. This heart was lost in the deepest parts of the earth and guarded by countless dangerous sealing formations after this disaster!

Later on, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu found the path to the Alchemy Vein and built the ancestral foundation for the Alchemy Kingdom. He obtained that piece of the heart below Alchemy City!

Moreover, he was quite lucky since he coincidentally had a supreme Immortal Medicine. He used it after obtaining the heart to actually revive it and formed one drop of Phoenix’s Blood.

With this first blood drop as well as the heart, the emperor was able to use this land to gestate this little heart. After many years of nurturing, a complete Phoenix’s heart finally appeared.

In a future generation, Li Qiye also explored this land. However, he gave up after finding the bone remnants. Although these bones belonged to a Phoenix, they had become useless after being refined countless times by the tribulation and fire; they were no different from animal bones. Even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to instill any divinity into them.

However, in this generation, Li Qiye had obtained the Death Scripture, shifting the entire paradigm. After coming to Alchemy City, he specifically chose this mountain, the old roost of the Phoenix.

He once again found the useless bones underground and used the Death Chapter to communicate with this land before immersing it in his death energy.

The Phoenix’s rebirth ultimately failed, but its divinity returned to the land. Normally, nothing could revive one’s dead divinity. However, the Death Chapter was able to do so. This was the mystical and frightening aspect of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures!

Through the mysticisms of the Death Chapter, Li Qiye finally reached through this earth with his death energy and allowed the Phoenix’s bone fragments to reform to defeat the monarchs of the kingdom!

This process was easier said than done. In fact, if Li Qiye was not already familiar with its mysteries from his past efforts, he wouldn’t be able to reproduce the Phoenix despite cultivating the Death Scripture!

“Can the Phoenix come back to life?” Ming Yexue asked again. Curiosity got the better of even a fairy-like lady like her. A Phoenix! This was a real Immortal Bird that did not exist in this world!

The big question was about the past Phoenix in this land. Where did it come from? This would remain an unsolvable mystery! The rebirth of a Phoenix would be completely unfathomable!

“Although your Alchemy Kingdom has gestated the heart for many years to the extent that it has completely recovered, it is still difficult beyond words to revive a real Phoenix.” Li Qiye said: “This process requires massive effort from your kingdom! Moreover, success is not certain.”

He chuckled here before continuing: “If your kingdom really wants to try, then I can attempt it once. Of course, the cost will be beyond your imagination. I can even say that when the creature revives, I won’t need it and will give it to your kingdom!”

Ming Yexue was slightly jolted after hearing this. A Phoenix was definitely something that could drive the world crazy. The kingdom would surely want it if Li Qiye was willing to hand it over!

However, as Li Qiye said, the cost must be beyond imagination. Even their kingdom would not be able to bear this price!

“Fate cannot be forced.” Ming Yexue gently shook her head: “In that case, just let it be.”

“I won’t force it.” Li Qiye gently caressed her cheek: “Well, because of you, forget it. I only need the Phoenix’s heart this time, nothing else! Just tell those old men to not provoke me again!”

Ming Yexue quietly bemoaned the situation. Although she hoped for this outcome, it still wouldn’t be so easy.

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