Chapter 94: Master is a Beautiful Woman (2)

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Chapter 94: Master is a Beautiful Woman (2)

Su Yonghuang suspiciously observed Li Qiye since she also didn’t believe in Li Qiye’s words.

“I know why the previous sect master and the Supreme Elders chose you to be the sect master.”

Li Qiye slowly continued:

“Being a descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, of course you have the qualification to be the sect master of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

“How do you know about this matter!”

Su Yonghuang’s expression greatly changed. The Heaven’s Edge Su Clan was what they called themselves, but the world definitely did not know that the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan was made up of the descendants of Immortal Emperor Min Ren!

“The Patriarch told me in my dreams.”

Li Qiye smilingly said.

Su Yonghuang shook her head since she naturally didn’t believe in this type of explanation. However, if the Patriarch didn’t tell him in his dreams, how would a fourteen year old boy know about this matter?

“The Heaven’s Edge Su Clan…”

In the end, Li Qiye was unable to hold back his lamenting sigh as he remembered a distant memory. Even though he always knew that the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan was growing strong, after that year, he never went to visit it.

The Heaven’s Edge Su Clan… Even when he was the Dark Crow, he didn’t want to speak too much about it. This matter almost made Immortal Emperor Min Ren turn against him.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren was a little brat with nothing at first. Then, he finally shouldered the Heaven’s Will, becoming an Immortal Emperor. This was not an easy task and outside of his own efforts, it was also due to Li Qiye leading the road, along with the help of many brothers and friends.

That year, there was a female general who had followed Immortal Emperor Min Ren for a long time. It could even be said that, before he became an Immortal Emperor, regarding the places that he had treaded on, her footsteps were also present.

This woman could be said to come from a famous clan. At that time, Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, noticed her talents and he expended a lot of blood and effort in order to bring this woman to be by Min Ren’s side.

The effort of Li Qiye was not wasted. This woman, by Min Ren’s side, was like a gentle wife, always helping Immortal Emperor Min Ren. With her talents, she recruited many geniuses to Min Ren’s side. His heavenly declaration to the world, when he became an Immortal Emperor, was also written by her.

From Li Qiye’s perspective, she was the most suitable candidate to become the Empress. Plus, for many hundreds of years, she was always meticulously standing by Min Ren’s side. Him becoming an Immortal Emperor was marked by her unerasable presence and effort. What was even more valuable was that she had always loved Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

This was why, as the mentor of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Li Qiye had always hoped that Min Ren would marry her and declare her to be the Empress.

However, what almost killed Li Qiye was that Min Ren fell in love with a different woman. Regarding this girl, Li Qiye once held this criticism:

“Pure to the point of stupidity!”

This was not the most staggering part. For an Immortal Emperor, three wives and four concubines could not be considered anything. Li Qiye could allow Immortal Emperor Min Ren to marry many virtuous wives!

The most murderous part was that this simple woman, to the point of stupidity, did not like Min Ren. She was in love with an enemy of Min Ren, someone who was considered Min Ren’s strongest opponent when he was still a teen!

Immortal Emperor Min Ren, time after time, was in love with this simple woman. Li Qiye had nothing but praise for Min Ren throughout his life, but, in regards with only this matter, Min Ren made him want to raise his foot and kick him! When Min Ren was still a teen, Li Qiye scolded him many times by calling him a blockhead! There were even times when Li Qiye wanted to break open his head and erase the memories of the simple woman!

No matter how much Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, scolded him, the young Min Ren was extremely loyal to the simple woman with his heart. Li Qiye didn’t have any other choice as there was no medicine for this Min Ren.

After Min Ren shouldered the Heaven’s Will and became an Immortal Emperor, he didn’t marry anyone. Li Qiye naturally knew the reason. However, this was not something Li Qiye wanted to see, especially when he, as the Dark Crow, was not stable as he could fall into a deep hibernation at any given point.

At that moment, he didn’t know how long his next hibernation would be so before he fell asleep, he decided to do something… Leaving a descendant for Immortal Emperor Min Ren!

Of course, the best candidate for this matter would be Su Ru![1] Li Qiye expended a huge amount of effort in his schemes to trick Min Ren into the honey-pot. Of course, as an Immortal Emperor, Min Ren didn’t expect his mentor to throw him into a hole.

The moment when Min Ren’s godly spirit traveled to the most dangerous area of the Nine Worlds, Li Qiye made his physical body sleep together with General Su on the same bed; the borrowing of Min Ren’s seed was successful.

When Min Ren came back from fighting at the most dangerous place, this matter was already completed; the grains had become rice!

This matter caused Immortal Emperor Min Ren and Li Qiye to almost completely break up. Both sides loudly roared, and the sound reverberated throughout the entire heaven. At that moment, Min Ren was enraged and there was also a storm brewing inside Li Qiye. This monstrous atmosphere swept through the entire nine heavens and ten worlds. Under the fury of the Immortal Emperor, all existences in this world were anxiously trembling.

Of course, everyone was afraid to ask what happened. All in all, even the heavens’ curtain was pierced through after this matter.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s attitude caused Su Ru to be dispirited. In the end, Su Ru left Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Regarding this matter, Li Qiye always felt guilty towards Su Ru. That year, he personally brought her to Min Ren’s side when her family completely opposed it; she ultimately still chose to be in Min Ren’s camp.

One has to remember that that year, Min Ren was only a boy with absolutely nothing, but Su Ru came from a prestigious clan and had a peerless beauty. More importantly, her own talents could have soared in the sky with a wisdom as deep as the sea!

At that time, Su Ru’s clan naturally didn’t want her to be an assistant for Min Ren, a boy who only had empty hands.

Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, finally convinced Su Ru to stay behind, and this resulted in Su Ru being deserted by her family and friends.

After this matter happened, Li Qiye had always felt guilty. She paid so much, but in the end, she could only leave in sadness.

He knew that his hibernation was not far off, so he used his most priceless treasures and a heaven defying method to create a home for Su Ru. Eventually, this place was called the “Heaven’s Edge Su Clan.”

Li Qiye also knew that this name that was chosen by Su Ru had a hidden meaning. No matter how far the Heaven’s Edge was, her love for Min Ren would never change!

Unfortunately, the god of all creations like to tease human beings. Nevertheless, Su Ru still raised Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s son into a man that was able to spread his own wings!

In later generations, people believed that Immortal Emperor Min Ren never married, and he didn’t have any descendants. However, no one knew that Min Ren’s direct bloodline had always been passed down! This secret was only known by the generations of the Su Clan and the immortal Li Qiye.

“What’s wrong?”

The moment Li Qiye was lost in his memories, Su Yonghuang, who was sitting in front of him, called out to him, causing Li Qiye to return to the present.

Regaining his wits, he stared at Su Yonghuang, then at Tu Buyu for a little bit. Then, he said:

“I am very clear on your origin. Young Brother Tu cannot be your disciple, ah? From my perspective, Young Brother Tu is not someone from the Su Clan, even if he practices the God of War Formula.”

The God of War Formula was Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s main cultivation method, but Min Ren did not pass it down. Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, allowed for Su Ru to pass down this art instead.

The God of War Formula came from the God of War Temple. Even though he as the Dark Crow taught it to Min Ren, in principle, Min Ren was not allowed to pass down this method. However, Li Qiye broke the rule for Su Ru, and he allowed her to pass it down to her and Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s son!

Because of this, the God of War Formula was always an ultimate generational method of the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan!

Tu Buyu smiled, and he replied:

“Respectful Older Brother, I am a Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s disciple, and this has always been the case. However, my situation is a bit special. After I joined the sect, I rarely stayed inside; I was always traveling outside. As for the God of War Formula, I started cultivating it later on.”

Li Qiye glanced at Tu Buyu, and he said:

“I see, so you were always searching for the Su Clan!”

Tu Buyu embarrassingly coughed, and he felt that he had to tell the truth:

“At that point, I was under the order to find the descendants of the Patriarch. Even though we were in decline, there were Supreme Elders who found clues within the writings of our sect. They said that the Patriarch had descendants in this world. When I joined the sect, I was chosen to be the one to find the Patriarch’s descendants, in order to find the Patriarch’s Emperor merit laws. That is why Elder Gu’s group didn’t really know about me since they only know that I am a disciple of the sect.”

Li Qiye shook his head, and he said:

“The Heaven’s Edge Su Clan… It does not have Emperor merit laws!”

Tu Buyu slightly sighed, and he spoke:

“The descendants of the Su Clan, after knowing our situation, agreed with the sect master to help the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. I was given an exception, and I was given the God of War Formula. At that point, my own cultivation method was limited and I had reached a bottleneck. Therefore, I destroyed my cultivation foundation and started from the beginning once again.”

Hearing this, Li Qiye couldn’t help but to take a second look at him. Having lived for so long and with such a deep cultivation, yet he destroyed everything… This was determination and courage.

Li Qiye finally looked at Su Yonghuang, and he said:

“You are the prime descendant of the Su Clan!”

“How did you know?”

Li Qiye revealing her origin with one phrase caused her to be surprised yet again. At the moment, there were many disciples of the Su Clan, but only the descendant could become the clan master of the Su Clan!

“The Solar Immortal Physique.”

Li Qiye continued:

“Only the prime descendant of the Su Clan can cultivate the Immortal merit law, ‘Solar Immortal Physique’.”

[1] Su Ru = General Su = the general mentioned earlier

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