Chapter 994: Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation

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Chapter 994: Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation

“Zzz—” Li Qiye opened his mind. The most mysterious and frightening universal law in this world came together.

“Clank!” An arrow made from intertwining laws appeared in his hand.

“Pop!” He threw the arrow down into the red soil without any hesitation.

“Buzz!” The arrow was the center and the mystical dao runes were like rippling waves engulfing the entire Godwar Mountain.

“Bumm—” An overwhelming wave of sound emerged. When these mysterious dao runes covered the Godwar Mountain, endless lights rushed out of many of the peaks.

“Just what is going on?” The majority of the experts were all shocked due to the blinding light in the sky.

At this point, war banners soaring in the divine lights with rumbling war drums. A majestic army trampled across the world with an all-engulfing heroic aura. It was a force capable of destroying gods and devils as well as myriad worlds.

The sudden visual phenomenon in the sky caused everyone to tremble; they dropped straight to the ground with weakened knees.

Those who were watching carefully would find that the peaks that were emitting these lights were all places that Li Qiye had buried items at before.

The images in the divine lights disappeared very quickly. After a pop, the endless light instantly exploded and illuminated the world with a dazzling fireworks show.

The majority of the spectators here didn’t know the significance behind this, but the ancient clans in the Holy City were completely immersed in this scene. These reclusive clans understood the meaning behind it.

“The supreme glory of the eons. How many people in this world right now know that in that place, even an Immortal Emperor was crucified to death.” An ancestor in one of the mysterious clans was excited and passionately murmured: “Without His Excellency’s protection, there would be no light in the nine worlds! All of the races back then were only the Ancient Ming’s slaves.”

As the crowd was still astonished by the sudden change, humming noises came from the summit of the Prime Peak. A silver light rushed out from the ground. It looked like mercury and slowly came together to take form.

In a short period of time, a silver arrow emerged and was stuck in the ground. Meanwhile, the supreme law in the form of an arrow instantly fused together with this silver arrow.

It emitted a flashing silver brilliance. Each wisp of light instilled a primal fear to all the spectators since these lights were capable of piercing through all things in this world.

Numerous dao runes were carved on this silver arrow. They were highly complicated and profound runes. Even the most brilliant genius wouldn’t be able to understand them!

With a closer look, one would find that these dao runes were not actually carved on the arrow and instead were formed via a natural process. Or rather, these runes were the things that this silver arrow was made from.

Li Qiye emotionally commented: “Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation! The effort took to cast this thing…” This silver arrow required an unrealistic amount of effort from him and the wisdom of many sages. From one generation to the next, he continuously worked on this arrow by using an immense amount of natural treasures from this world.

It was not just a silver arrow. The things inside were priceless, making it much more valuable than Immortal Emperor True Treasures. Who knew that the supreme formation capable of killing Immortal Emperors was just a silver arrow?

Li Qiye took it out. In this world, he was the only one capable of pulling it out from the ground. He carefully looked at it before finally being at ease. He heaved a long sigh and murmured: “Very good, the tremendous amount of effort I spent in casting you was not in vain.”

He solemnly put it away. In his eyes, it was of incomparable value. Imperial weapons were nowhere close to it.

“This is…” After putting it away, he noticed something in the red mud and decided to dig it out.

After the soil was dug out, an item showed itself. Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious as he looked at it. After a careful observation, he murmured: “Incredible, their ultimate resources are too frightening. No wonder why the Ancient Ming were so heaven-defying. They truly are the favored children of the heavens; they have too many great items!”

With that, he put this item away as well. He turned back and looked at this location before gently sighing with an indescribable emotion. Too many unbearable memories were created in this place.

In the end, he softly spoke with an untold sadness: “Goodbye…” He decisively walked away without turning back.

Inside the mountain, many glares were on him. When he appeared before the crowd, someone couldn’t help but shout: “He’s coming down, he’s coming down now!”

“Amazing, the title of the greatest genius across all the eons should belong to Li Qiye. He has broken the taboo, the only person to climb the Prime Peak and come back alive!” Someone loudly applauded. The human cultivators were jumping up and down in celebration.

The few Blood cultivators here were quite unhappy. They did not like the sound of him being the greatest genius across all the eons and responded with loud grunts. However, they didn’t dispute this claim.

“The pride of us humans…” The human experts shouted as Li Qiye walked down from the Prime Peak.

A joyous atmosphere spread across the mountains. Many from the other races were excited to see Li Qiye break the unbreakable taboo. The humans were only short of firing off fireworks to celebrate this occasion.

A large group of cultivators came together, the vast majority being humans. They excitedly yelled at Li Qiye: “Young Master Li, you are too amazing. Winning glory for our human race, you are our pride!”

Another human cultivator quickly added: “Yes, yes, we’ll count on Young Noble Li to revitalize the human race in the Barren Earth!”

In just a moment, many cultivators continuously congratulated him. Li Qiye only smiled in response since he wasn’t interested in the glory of being the pride of the human race!

“Young Noble Li, this is not good.” In the midst of the celebration, a human expert quickly rushed forward to tell Li Qiye a message.

“I just arrived at the Holy City, but the situation isn’t looking optimistic.” He said: “The Storm God has arrived. She captured the disciples from the Suhuang Country and entered the Thunder Tower. She declared that if you don’t surrender in three days, she will kill anyone who is related to you.”

“Storm God!” Many people were shocked to hear this name! The initially lively atmosphere cooled down all of a sudden. It was as if everyone was splashed with a pot of cold water over their heads.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold. He didn’t say anything but turned around towards the Holy City.

“This is not good, a bloody battle is about to start.” Many people quickly followed him. Of course, the majority of them only wanted to watch the fun.

“The Storm God is finally here.” A Blood expert saw Li Qiye’s departure and sneered coldly: “Killing Chi Zixian and opposing Crimson Night will not end well for him. Who in the Barren Earth wouldn’t give the Storm God some respect?! Even a Godking would have to back down, let alone a junior!”

The atmosphere of the Holy City was incredibly solemn. The news of the Storm God’s arrival quickly spread, and the cultivators in the city didn’t make a single sound. Many of them even left the city to avoid being caught in the storm.

The Storm God was an embellished title in the eyes of many people. It was more accurate to call her a tyrant. Some even secretly called her a witch!

She had control over the Crimson Night Kingdom, so everyone was quite fearful of her. This was not only due to her authority, what was more important was that her father was Immortal Emperor Chen Xue!

Even though it has been quite some time since the emperor was in this world, many ancestors and ancient lineages in the Barren Earth or even the entire Mortal Emperor World had received his favors and kindness before.

This was especially true for the Blood Race. Many ancient existences that stayed away from the mundane world were once his generals!

As the emperor’s daughter, Feng Piaoluo had quite an influence when she wanted to rally supporters, unlike others. Not even Godkings could compare to her in this regard.

According to the legends, when the emperor was still in this world, he entrusted his generals to take care of the Storm God in the future.

Although many of his generals were buried underground and slumbering, their descendants and sects still supported her. Who was to blame for her being the emperor’s daughter, an imperial princess that was still alive to this day?!

Despite being known as a Godking, she was definitely not the most powerful existence in the southern region. Nevertheless, other Godkings wouldn’t want to provoke her because it was the same as poking a hornet’s nest.

To be frank, offending the Storm God was the same as offending the entire Blood Race in the Barren Earth!

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