Chapter 1040: Mei Suyao’s Beauty

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Chapter 1040: Mei Suyao’s Beauty

“Would any attempt at negotiation be useful?” She smiled wryly and slightly shook her head: “Do I have any room to bargain?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while looking at her to leisurely say: “I’m actually curious, what did the old geezer tell you?”

She smiled without responding like a flower bud on the verge of blossoming. It was of transcendent beauty and boundless charm.

Li Qiye stood up and wanted to leave, but Mei Suyao spoke: “If you don’t have a place to stay, you can stay here. Our school is willing to offer our humble abode to you.”

He looked back at her and smiled before sitting down again to say: “Girl, what ideas are you having? What are your plans?”

Mei Suyao chuckled. She spoke in a playful tone: “It seems like you are still cautious of me. I suppose I can’t really blame you. It is my fault for being naive back then and leaving you with a bad impression.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Girl, you are a beauty capable of causing disasters. Of course, I understand what the old geezers from your school are thinking. However, I’m even more curious about your thoughts.” 1

The alluring beauty smiled in response: “I am not someone who is unduly humble. Of course, I am not saying that I want to marry you and seek the position of Imperial Queen either. In my mind, I am more than happy to be friends with you; whether it be as a close female friend, a friendship without taking age into consideration, or just an acquaintance.” 2

Li Qiye stared at her while she directly met his gaze in a frank and natural manner.

“I believe you.” Li Qiye slowly said: “However, your old geezers are counting their chickens before they have hatched.”

“I don’t blame them. As the main descendant, I have the great responsibility to implement a plan of paramount importance for the growth of the school.” She spoke in a serious manner: “The ancestors do hope to arrange a marriage between us, regardless of your identity. In short, he values you much more than me.”

Li Qiye smiled. He knew the old geezer from the school. After he reclaimed the emperor formation, this old man should have guessed his identity. It was understandable that he would try to curry some favor.

“Do you want to marry me?” He directly asked with a smile towards the peerlessly beautiful Mei Suyao.

Her face flushed. She was already pretty enough, but she now became even more enchanting with this shade of red. People would become intoxicated with a single glance.

She smiled and met his eyes to speak frankly: “I trust that you have no lack of women. If I marry you or if you are willing to marry me, I’m afraid the position of wife is not for me to take, am I right?”

“Smart girl.” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t say anything else.

She smiled back to say: “No matter what, I don’t hope to trouble you with this matter. Let it be up to fate, I’m confident that you will have a different view of me in the future.”

“There’s no need to wait for the future.” He looked at her to say: “I have a new view of you now. If, say, you were a smart woman before, then you are definitely a wise woman now.”

“I’m honored to hear such praise.” She was graceful and natural as she gave him a feminine blessing. 3

Li Qiye was quite pleased. The past was now gone with the wind. He was not a petty person; since Mei Suyao had maintained a humble posture today, it was more than enough to show her sincerity.

“I think you already know, but the people from the Soaring Immortal Sect are coming.” She told him as he was about to leave.

“What level of character?” He nonchalantly asked since he didn’t really care.

The Soaring Immortal Sect was a monstrous behemoth to anyone, no matter who they may be. Anyone would be alarmed after hearing about it.

“I don’t know what will happen in the future, but right now, it is someone of high status, an emissary.” With that, she looked at him with an implicative stare and said: “I heard this emissary has deep ties with the Heavenly God Sect.”

“Deep? What do you mean?” He asked with a smile.

Mei Suyao explained: “Rumor has it that this emissary married the saintess of the Heavenly God Sect when he was younger back in the Difficult Dao Era.”

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin amusingly. The Heavenly God Sect and Cleansing Incense used to be mortal enemies. Back then, the Heavenly God Sect defeated Cleansing Incense and took its territory.

Mei Suyao went on: “The current saintess of the Heavenly God Sect is called the Soaring Heavenly Saintess while her aunt is the first wife of this emissary.” She looked at him at this point and added: “A while ago, the young king of the Nantian Clan formed a great relationship with the Soaring Heavenly Saintess as well.”

“I hear you.” Li Qiye smiled and narrowed his eyes: “These old geezers from the Soaring Immortal Sect can’t handle the boredom anymore.”

“There is a chance that the Soaring Immortal Sect might descend in this generation.” She seriously nodded and spoke with gravity: “I heard the sect managed to groom an extremely heaven-defying descendant.”

“The descendants from Soaring Immortal have always been extraordinary.” Li Qiye did not refute this point. For many generations, the sect’s descendants had always been exceptional.

“The ancestors in my sect also received some secret information.” Mei Suyao’s expression turned austere: “They speculate that this descendant’s Immortal Physique is not yet at grand completion, but it might be within a few years.”

Grand Completion Immortal Physique — this was a very heavy topic. Rumor has it that at grand completion, its user could assail an Immortal Emperor. If anyone could reach this level in the contemporary times, it would be quite frightening.

“I see, grand completion.” Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t comment.

Mei Suyao looked at him and continued: “I know Young Noble is unbeatable, but I wonder if I should say one more thing.”

“Go for it.” He gently nodded.

She maintained her austere demeanor: “It doesn’t matter whether you are Evil Buddha or Li Qiye, a few people consider you to be a thorn in their eyes. Some even invited me to join them to eradicate you for a simpler future. I hope you will be careful.”

“I can count those who are qualified to work together with you with my fingers. Maybe just two are enough.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

Mei Suyao chuckled in response. She didn’t say who it was, but any discerning person could figure it out.

“Girl, I won’t take your item without giving something back. Since you have given it to me, I will give you a creation.” Before leaving, he told her: “Before entering the lesser world, come find me. I will point you to the right path.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She charmingly bowed: “I speak on behalf of my ancestors when I say: just say the word if you ever need my school for anything. We will assist you at any moment.”

“Your old geezers indeed have a little foresight.” He laughed and left.

Mei Suyao watched him leave then ordered an elder from the school: “Elder, please go back to the school and bring the other half of the treasure here for Young Noble Li as fast as possible.”

The elder acknowledged this command and immediately went to carry it out.

Because Li Shuangyan and the others hadn’t come, Li Qiye stayed behind at the Rainflower Terrace again. The moment he arrived, he sent Sikong Toutian a message.

In the shortest amount of time, Sikong Toutian appeared before Li Qiye and immediately spoke: “Boss, you have an order? Is it about the Heavenly God Sect?”

He looked at Sikong Toutian and asked: “Heavenly God Sect? What’s going on with them?”

Sikong Toutian answered right away: “Boss, I received a direct message that there has been some friction between Cleansing Incense and Heavenly God. This news has yet to reach the Barren Earth.”

“The Heavenly God Sect is quite brave now. They finally can’t stay patient anymore.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Boss has probably heard about it too. Right now, their backing is even stronger than before. It was the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom back then, and now it’s the Soaring Immortal Sect.” Sikong Toutian spoke: “Right now, even the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom has to show the Heavenly God Sect some consideration.”

“Not to mention the Soaring Immortal Sect hasn’t descended yet, even if they did, I still wouldn’t give a damn.” Li Qiye freely smiled: “They have already started sharpening their blades before Soaring Immortal is even here. Wait until I return to the Grand Middle Territory, the first thing I will do is destroy their Heavenly God Sect!”

Li Qiye was not worried about Cleansing Incense at this moment. Because of Peng Keng’s group, nothing big should happen.

“Just give me the command and I shall be your vanguard, the first to kill my way into the Heavenly God Sect.” Sikong Toutian smacked his chest loudly three times.

Li Qiye gave him a look: “Will you be there to kill or to grab the treasures? I definitely believe that you will be the first to charge into the Heavenly God Sect. Their treasury, to be specific.”

“Hahaha, Boss, I will be killing and plundering, not stealing!” He didn’t blush at all and spoke with incredibly thick skin.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t scold him: “This time, I didn’t call you to tell you to go kill the Heavenly God Sect. I want you to do something else.”

“Boss, just say the words. Tell me what you want and I shall carry it out perfectly. You can rest assured when I am the man doing the job.” He smacked his chest loudly again and confidently assured Li Qiye.

1. Femme fatale, Helen of Troy — these would be the localization for this common idiom. ↩

2. The last line seems really silly in English, but they are all idioms that flow much better in Chinese. Basically, she is saying that she is content to be his friend in a flowery manner. ↩

3. This will be dependent on the era/dynasty, but women have special gestures that they would perform in China. One example is having both hands placed before their chest then a bow. A lot of examples are shown in the period dramas.

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