Chapter 1041: Soaring Heavenly Saintess

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Chapter 1041: Soaring Heavenly Saintess

Li Qiye looked at the boasting thief and said: “Okay, stop messing around. This is an important matter.”

Sikong Toutian stopped messing around and solemnly stated: “Boss, don’t worry, I will definitely successfully carry it out.”

Li Qiye asked: “How much time will it take for you to return to the Heaven’s Secret Valley?”

Sikong Toutian immediately responded: “How fast do you want, Boss? I can go as fast as you want.”

“The fastest.” Li Qiye said: “I will give you a deadline of five days, you must return to me. Both ways, got it?”

“Roger, Boss. I’ll give you my assurance that I won’t need five days to do this, just three for both ways.” Sikong Toutian accepted the order.

“Very good, tell the Mortal Monarch to come to me.” Li Qiye commanded.

“Uh, that…” Sikong Toutian was jolted: “Boss, call, call for the Mortal Ancestor? This, this might be a bit difficult.”

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said: “Oh? Didn’t you pat your chest and guarantee me earlier?”

The thief smiled wryly and awkwardly spoke: “Boss, you should know that although this little one does have a bit of status at the valley, His Venerable Mortal Ancestor does not come out anymore. He wouldn’t answer the call of the other ancestors, let alone a junior like me.”

The Mortal Monarch was called the Mortal Ancestor by the disciples in the Heaven’s Secret Valley. He was the most ancient ancestor there, completely unfathomable. It could be said that even the disciples there had never seen him before and had only heard of his prestige.

“Take this.” Li Qiye took out an item and handed it to him: “Take it to the Mortal Monarch and show it to him. Tell him to come see me right away without error.”

He accepted the item that seemed quite normal. However, after hearing Li Qiye, his mind trembled a bit.

The Mortal Monarch was a grand character, yet Li Qiye was speaking with the tone of a commander. How could he not be shocked by this?

He didn’t dare to waste words and carefully put away the item. He clasped his fists and said: “Boss, I got it. I shall return within three days.” With that, he turned and left.

After his departure, Li Qiye took out the old box he received from Mei Suyao. He took out the item inside for a careful look.

This item was completely fragmented and seemed to have been put together by someone, but the person failed to do so perfectly.

These bits and pieces were only one half of the entire thing. Only when they were perfectly combined with the other half would it be complete again.

In the past, Vedas Vajra obtained it from the Lesser Deva World by complete accident. Li Qiye knew about it a long time ago, but he didn’t expect the Vajra to be so lucky to actually get it.

After looking at the pieces, he began to stitch. Of course, he wasn’t stitching with fabric and threads but rather extremely tiny strings of universal laws.

It was a meticulous and long process, not to mention being extremely difficult. Each universal law combined and intertwined only to increase the process’s difficulty as time went on. It didn’t only involve the mysteries of the grand dao but also a secret from the ancient era. There were totems here that the world had never seen before.

Li Qiye locked himself in the room like a seamstress busy at work. Meanwhile, the Buddhist City became quite lively since two pieces of news had spread out.

The first was from an unknown source. Some people believed it came from Spirit Mountain.

“Did you hear? Nalanda wants to open the Evil Den.” After this news came out, many people immediately told their friends and seniors.

“Evil Den? Isn’t it that fiendish world of the legends? Also known as the Lesser Deva World?” A cultivator heard this from his friend and immediately became excited.

This was a cause for excitement because many people knew that Nalanda opening the Lesser Deva World was a rare opportunity.

“When Nalanda opens its Buddhist gates, the lesser world will be there as well.” An old paragon commented: “What’s truly interesting is why a powerful existence like Spirit Mountain would allow the Lesser Deva World to exist. Why is it that they want to open the lesser world every generation?”

The older generation that had lived for a long time found it quite strange due to Nalanda’s stance on the lesser world.

The second piece of news quietly spread after this one.

“I heard people from the Soaring Immortal Sect are about to enter the Mortal Emperor World.” Many sects and cultivators discussed this secret message.

Many people including ancestors quivered after hearing this.

An ancestor couldn’t help but murmur: “Is the Soaring Immortal Sect really coming? It’s the only giant in the nine worlds that can control each generation.”

It was the only sect with five emperors in the nine worlds. Legend states that among the river of time, it had controlled many generations of the nine worlds. It left its mark in history across time itself.

“I heard the sect has not appeared for at least three generations, which is the era of the Black Dragon King. But now, its sudden appearance… don’t tell me it wants to groom the next successor to the throne?” A few ancestors discussed it within their group.

In fact, anyone would be alarmed after coming up with this possibility because if the sect truly groomed a successor, no one in the contemporary would be able to compete with them.

“Is a lineage with six emperors about to appear?” An ancestor absent-mindedly mumbled after thinking about it.

“Is it true that the Soaring Immortal Sect is coming to the Mortal Emperor World?” Many people didn’t believe this because it hadn’t shown itself for three generations.

A well-informed person clarified some points: “It’s not certain for now, but an emissary is coming. I heard he went to the Heavenly God Sect already. Also, I heard that the Soaring Heavenly Saintess has arrived at the Buddhist Funeral Plateau.”

Sure enough, on the same day, a rainbow swept over the sky. A golden vessel emerged right outside of the Buddhist City and poured down an auspicious light.

It made no effort of containing its overbearing brilliance. It came into the city with great fanfare and zero restraint.

On top of the vessel was a gorgeous woman. She wore a golden robe, making her seem like a golden phoenix perched on a branch. Her brows had an air of arrogance as if she was on top of the world.

Several old men stood right behind her. They emitted a terrifying aura, making it clear that they were paragons that had entered the path of the grand era.

“The Soaring Heavenly Saintess is here.” Someone cried out after seeing the woman on the ship.

Many in the city quickly came out to greet her. Among them were leaders and tyrants; there were even Virtuous Paragons from the previous generation.

At this time, even though Jikong Wudi’s group of geniuses didn’t personally come out for the reception, they still sent their followers to greet her.

“Even Jikong Wudi’s group sent disciples to see her, her reputation is quite renowned.” Someone was surprised to see this scene.

However, others were full of disdain, especially the young geniuses. One of them sneered: “Hmph, this Soaring Heavenly Saintess, her talents aren’t that bad and can even be considered a genius, but she is still far from being a true genius. Just her alone isn’t qualified for this grand act. She is simply borrowing the prestige of her backers!”

“Shh, quiet down.” His friend immediately stopped him and whispered: “Though the Heavenly God Sect and this saintess might not be all that powerful, no one can mess with her right now. Her aunt married the emissary and she is partially considered a disciple from the Soaring Immortal Sect. Rumor has it that this emissary wants to take her in as a disciple as well! In the future, she will be part of that sect.”

“Hmph, then how is she not a fox borrowing the tiger’s might?!” The genius saw her pompous attitude while accepting the reception from the sects and big shots. He became very annoyed and sneered.

“We’ll just keep this between us.” The friend warned him: “I know you’re not convinced, but who can provoke the Soaring Immortal Sect? Plus, if she truly joins the sect, she will become a God-Monarch or even a Godking sooner or later with her talents after being taught by the masters there! So, even if you don’t like her, don’t say it in public lest you offend her. It would be the same as courting death! No one will protect you and risk antagonizing the Soaring Immortal Sect. Your master might be the first one to punish you, got it?”

Despite his grievance and disdain towards the saintess, the genius didn’t dare to say anything else.

The saintness that was receiving the grand reception from the other sects and Jikong Wudi’s group made many people envious.

Someone spoke with envy: “It’s so nice to be able to hug the Soaring Immortal Sect’s thighs, just like a carp leaping over the dragon gate and flying to the nine heavens.”

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