Chapter 1090: Pinnacle Lifewater

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Chapter 1090: Pinnacle Lifewater

Li Qiye looked at the treasure in his palm then back at the Myriad Star Egg: “It’s not like I can’t give this to you.”

Li Qiye had obtained many treasures without getting a single reaction from this egg. However, it had a particularly strong response to this item. This meant that this item had an extraordinary importance to the egg.

“However, there is no free lunch in this world.” Li Qiye smiled: “I know the value of this item so I can’t just give it out for no reason.”

After hearing this, the girls were quite astonished. Li Qiye would give imperial weapons to them as if they were mere cabbages. However, he held this item in such great esteem, signifying its great worth.

He continued on while looking at the egg: “If I give this treasure to you, you would first have to give me a good item of the same value in turn. Second, I will be the boss from now on, everything will be up to me.”

The egg didn’t respond for a while. Eventually, it quaked to show that it agreed with Li Qiye’s proposal.

“Fine, for you then.” Li Qiye let go of the treasure.

The item floated up and instantly rushed for the egg. After hearing a poof, contrary to everyone’s expectations, there was no impact. The item looked as if it had fallen into water as it entered the egg.

At this time, the egg’s shell seemed to be rippling with something oozing out. Li Qiye turned serious and used his unrivaled speed to take out a treasure bottle.

A crystal clear liquid of an indescribable color dripped down from the egg. It had the blue of the sky as well as a yellow tint of gold along with the gorgeous shades of the mortal realm… This was a dreamy color that no one could accurately describe.

The girls also smelled a faint water fragrance and had an incomparable reaction to it. The smell was so faint that it was almost undetectable. However, once it made its presence, a pure lotus flower blossomed around Li Shuangyan’s body. The petals of the flower slowly fanned out as she was drowned in a holy light. This light resembled flowing water washing every fiber of her being.

Chen Baojiao was greatly affected as well. An immortal spring full of life gushed out. This was the magical property of the Tyrannical Immortal Spring Physique. She was immersed in an ocean of life as her body was brimming with life force, giving her an unspeakable relaxation.

As for Bai Jianzhen, a sword hymn echoed across the nine heavens. One sword ray soared into the sky after another. Next, these heavenly swords emerged around her body. The sword dao in this world was all beneath her feet.

Mei Suyao had a tranquil feeling as immortal flowers descended from the sky. A transcendent portal opened above and illuminated her body. This made her even more otherworldly and refined. At this second, she gave off a feeling of ascension.

These strange phenomena left the girls shocked. They didn’t channel any merit laws, yet these visions were emerging all the same.

Just smelling the fragrance of the immortal water bestowed them such great benefits. If they were to drink it, wouldn’t this mean they could ascend and become immortals right away?!

The Myriad Star Egg gave Li Qiye a fair amount of immortal water before flying back into his fate palace.

“What kind of water is this?” Chen Baojiao emotionally asked after Li Qiye put away the water.

Li Qiye answered slowly: “Pinnacle Lifewater…”

After hearing this, Mei Suyao loudly exclaimed in disbelief: “Pinnacle Lifewater! Don’t people say that it doesn’t exist?!”

The others didn’t know about this water, but Mei Suyao did. However, she had only heard about it in legends and had never seen it before.

“It didn’t exist before, but it does now.” He slightly chuckled.

“What is this Pinnacle Lifewater?” Chen Baojiao asked with interest.

Mei Suyao explained: “An item of legends. The world has never heard of someone who has seen it, at least not in writings. Even though there had been rumors about its appearance or people who claimed to have obtained some, they were all fake or it wasn’t the real deal.”

She paused for a bit before continuing: “It is said that Pinnacle Lifewater is a transformation of Myriad Star Water. One particular record states that one thousand drops of Myriad Star Water can turn into one drop of Pinnacle Lifewater. However, no one really knows the transformation process. Rumor has it that some Immortal Emperors had tried to research it to no avail. Thus, Pinnacle Lifewater is the finest type of Myriad Star Water, it is truly supreme with no equals.”

Li Qiye nodded approvingly: “You are correct about that, it is indeed the finest type of Myriad Star Water. One would be hardpressed to find a more precious immortal water. Even real immortal water would have a hard time comparing to it. Outside of stealing the creation of this universe, this transformation also requires the power of time!”

Back then, the Myriad Star Egg sucked out all the Myriad Star Water, resulting in a huge reservoir within its body. Because of this, it was able to perform this conversion.

“This is actually a good thing. It is fortunate that the egg gave me Pinnacle Lifewater. Otherwise, things would be quite troublesome.” Li Qiye added.

“Troublesome? What kind of trouble?” Bai Jianzhen was surprised. It seemed that there was nothing in this world that could make it difficult for him.

“This old root.” Li Qiye slightly lifted his chin and looked at the tree that the tiny old man was leaning on.

This diverted all the girls’ attention to the broken tree. The truth was that prior to this, they didn’t really see what was magical about this old tree.

It was a broken tree with nothing special about it. Moreover, it was on the verge of dying with only three leaves left. No matter how one looked at it, it was not worthy of attention.

“What kind of tree is this?” After a careful observation, Mei Suyao failed to see through it despite hailing from a lineage with three emperors.

Li Qiye spoke while looking at the tree: “Myriad Age Tree, an existence of legends.”

“Myriad Age Tree… that, that isn’t possible!” After hearing this name, Mei Suyao, who had been through countless storms, shouted out loud. She was even more shaken than when she heard about the Pinnacle Lifewater.

Li Qiye continued on: “He was seriously injured with only one breath remaining, so why was it possible for him to live on? It’s because the Myriad Age Tree was supporting him so that his last breath wouldn’t come until today. Unfortunately, this tree was grievously hurt back then as well and is now on the verge of death.”

The dazed Mei Suyao calmed down and murmured: “If there is something in this world that is capable of allowing him to live on for millions of years in that state, then the Myriad Age Tree would indeed be the only existence.”

“What is it?” Chen Baojiao asked.

Mei Suyao let out a wry smile and replied: “It is also a thing of legend, just like the Pinnacle Lifewater. You can also call it the Longevity Tree, the only item in this world comparable to the Longevity Grass. Nothing else in this world can live longer than these two existences.”

“Longevity Grass… one of the legendary Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures!” Li Shuangyan almost jumped from astonishment.

She had heard Li Qiye talk about the Longevity Grass before.

“Yes, that’s it.” Mei Suyao went on: “In the legends, the Longevity Grass can grant eternal life. The same goes for the Myriad Age Tree.”

“There is a big gap.” Li Qiye slightly shook his head: “If you can obtain the Longevity Grass and understand its true mysticisms, then there won’t be certain restraints like other types of immortality. By understanding its true secret of eternal life, its user will have real immortality! No matter what happens, they will not die unless they lose the grass.”

The girls took deep breaths after hearing this. Eternal life was the pursuit of everyone, including Immortal Emperors. However, no one had ever truly become immortal.

Mei Suyao asked: “Then what about the Myriad Age Tree?”

Li Qiye glanced at the broken tree and replied: “This tree can also grant immortality, but there is still a big gap between it and the Longevity Grass. With this tree, its user will still die from old age one day. Of course, that day is very far away. However, the Longevity Grass is different. Even if the heaven and earth are annihilated, its owner would still be able to live on.”

“Eternal life really exists in this world?” Bai Jianzhen asked since she wasn’t exposed to this question as often as the other girls.

“Who knows?” Li Qiye glanced towards the horizon and slowly uttered: “Everyone has a different definition of eternal life. For mortals, people like us who can live for several thousand years or even tens of thousands of years have eternal life. For cultivators like us, existences who can live from one generation to another are also everlasting…”

“… As for beings who have lived for a very long time, immortality is being able to live until the heaven and earth collapse. And finally, for people who can live until the heaven and earth collapse, the ones who are able to survive even though myriad ages are annihilated, that is eternal life. No one truly knows what eternal life is.” With that, Li Qiye let out a quiet sigh.

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