Chapter 1091: Transplanting The Myriad Age Tree

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Chapter 1091: Transplanting The Myriad Age Tree

The girls became absent-minded after hearing Li Qiye. Eternal life was too far away for them since they were still young and felt no pressure about growing older.

But as for cultivators with feeble blood energies, especially the invincible ones, eternal life became their only pursuit.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and said: “Okay, I want to save this Myriad Age Tree.”

Li Shuangyan looked at the broken tree and asked: “Is it still savable?”

“Without the Pinnacle Lifewater, it would definitely be troublesome, very troublesome and require many heaven-defying means.” Li Qiye smirked: “But with this water, it will be simple.”

There wasn’t a need for Li Qiye’s command, the girls buried the old man in the ruins and erected a nameless tombstone for him. They didn’t know his name or his origin.

However, after the tombstone was erected, Li Qiye personally carved several words on it — Overlord of the Machine World.

“Overlord of the Machine World…” Mei Suyao murmured: “What kind of existence was this?”

Despite being very well-informed, she had never heard of such a title.

“An existence that had reigned over all things.” Li Qiye only said this and was not willing to dwell more on the old man’s origin.

Back at the platform, Li Qiye opened his fate palace. The alchemy field and divine earth emerged. At this time, the Immortal Injury Peony, the Ancestor Ginseng, the Yang Vine… all of these immortal vegetations jumped down one after another.

“Mmm…” The Yang Vine took a whiff and looked at the broken old tree in shock: ”What kind of immortal tree is this? Why is it so wondrous?”

“Definitely a longevity type.” The Ancestor Ginseng circled around the tree and declared his verdict.

“Myriad Age Tree.” Li Qiye answered: “I want to save it from death, so I require your assistance.”

The Alchemy Fowl shouted in disbelief: “Mommy! This is the ancestor of all divine grasses and immortal medicines, only the Longevity Grass is above it.”

“Damn! Finding an amazing item like this is the same as becoming extremely rich.” The Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine was salivating with greed as well.

Bai Jianzhen was tongue-tied after seeing so many immortal medicines. This was too unbelievable for her. Even having just one immortal grass would be amazing for an imperial lineage, yet Li Qiye actually had so many. This was more than enough to make the whole world jealous.

Mei Suyao only gently sighed. She wouldn’t be surprised nowadays regardless of what Li Qiye had in his possession.

“Okay, stop chatting. Let’s do it.” Li Qiye commanded.

“It’s impossible, it is running out of vitality since it was gravely wounded. Its assailant is of the emperor level or even the old heavens itself, this is simply incurable. If it was some other immortal medicine, it would have died already. It was only able to live till now because it is the Myriad Age Tree.” The Immortal Injury Peony carefully diagnosed the tree and made an assessment.

Li Qiye took out the Pinnacle Lifewater and stated: “With this, everything will be easy.”

“Wow, Pinnacle Lifewater, something only in legends!” The immortal medicines’ saliva dripped to the ground after seeing this.

Li Qiye summoned the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. The cauldron actually turned into flowing water and seeped into the ground. He then commanded: “Peony, check its wound. Ancestor Ginseng, replenish its energy. Soulvine, stabilize it for me to avoid new injuries. Alchemy Fowl, go loosen the soil and open its roots…”

With his command, the immortal medicines quickly busied themselves without the slightest delay.

The girls weren’t versed in alchemy so they couldn’t help and had to watch on the sideline. However, they soon found something to do as well.

Saving the Myriad Age Tree wasn’t something that could be done in one or two days, so the idle girls decided to clean up this world.

They were all powerful experts capable of moving the land and sea. Such a matter was nothing more than an exercise for them.

Meanwhile, in order to save the tree, Li Qiye exerted many heaven-defying means, including using a divine item like the Heaven Restoration Salve. He wanted to take it a step further as well by moving the tree into the alchemy field.

The entire process was quite difficult, it was a trial for his dao of alchemy. If one only had immortal medicines and didn’t have sufficient mastery of the alchemy dao, they wouldn’t be able to save the tree, let alone replant it.

In this lost world, the sun and moon were shattered, thus the concept of time was gone. Everything seemed to have stopped. In this place, there were only the busy shadows of Li Qiye’s group and the girls.

Eventually, under Li Qiye’s great methods and the help from the Ancestor Ginseng’s group, they were finally successful in saving and replanting the Myriad Age Tree.

“We did it…” The medicines excitedly shouted after seeing the tree being successfully moved into the alchemy field.

They instantly forgot about their fatigue while looking at the three green leaves slowly stretching from the tree and heaved sighs of relief.

Prior to this, these leaves were wilted and seemed as if they would fall down at any moment. Now, their vitality was restored.

“Finally done.” Li Qiye was relieved as well. This was a magnificent project. He could even guarantee that no one in history had been successful in saving a Myriad Age Tree!

“Okay, all of you have worked hard, so divide this ginseng root among yourself.” Li Qiye took out a Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng Root, the very last one. Moreover, he gave each of them one drop of Pinnacle Lifewater as well.

“Wow, our boss is still the most generous. We’ve been wanting to try this thing for forever now.” The medicines applauded.

They all had illustrious contributions in saving the tree, so it was natural that Li Qiye rewarded them.

In the beginning, they were slightly unwilling to follow Li Qiye. But from today on, they would be quite eager to follow him. If they stayed back at their old place, they wouldn’t have been able to try this supreme item.

They did pay a big price to save the tree, but with the ginseng root and the lifewater, they had enough nutrients to help them break through again in the future.

In the end, Li Qiye recalled his fate palaces and let out a long sigh while sitting on the high platform. At this moment, the girls were not here.

He knew that they had been keeping themselves busy, but he didn’t pay much attention since his focus was completely on the tree. He was enjoying this moment of rest since the process of saving the tree was even more arduous than a great battle.

Li Qiye stood up and walked outside. Before he could leave the ruins, the girls came back.

“We are done as well.” After seeing Li Qiye, Chen Baojiao couldn’t hide her excitement.

“Done digging out everything?” Li Qiye smiled as well after seeing the girls’ dusty and fatigued appearances.

“Just go and have a look.” She enthusiastically dragged him outside.

The others smiled as well with an inconcealable excitement as they followed the two.

After leaving the ruins, the scene ahead was truly shocking no matter who the spectator may be.

There were countless giant metal corpses standing on the golden sand as far as the eye could see. These corpses varied in shape and size. Some had divine swords while others had steel hammers; spears could be found as well…

Each of these iron men was extremely mighty and terrifying while standing there in a mass. It was a great army of steel!

Although they were only corpses without an aura suppressing the heavens, spectators would still be shocked and tongue-tied by their sheer number.

“Truly incredible. Just how amazing was that era?” Li Qiye emotionally commented after seeing this.

“We have excavated all the metal corpses from the sand and fixed them to an extent. Sister Mei was putting a couple together before bringing them here.” Chen Baojiao spoke excitedly.

“I am merely replicating their forms with minor mends. This is possible thanks to the huge number of corpses present. However, there are a few areas beyond my ability to repair, such as the injuries on their heads. That area is too complex.” Mei Suyao had a natural Immortal Bone so she had advantages not found in others. Nevertheless, it still took her a while to understand a few structures of these iron men.

Luckily, there were materials right here in the golden sand, allowing her to fix many of them. Just imagine, the prettiest beauty in the Mortal Emperor World doing such hard work as a mechanic — this was an unimaginably charming scene.

“I can see that.” Li Qiye looked at her and revealed a slight smirk.

“Don’t think about that, I was only curious about what kind of lifeforms they were.” Mei Suyao couldn’t help but blush. Ever since her childhood, this was her first time taking up the task of labor!

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