Chapter 1092: Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador

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Chapter 1092: Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador

In fact, Mei Suyao was not the only one who was curious about the life of these iron men, the other girls were quite interested as well.

The reserved Bai Jianzhen asked: “After cleaning up all of these metal bodies, we noticed that they don’t have flesh and blood, so what kind of lifeforms are they?”

There were many stones and metals that turned into demons among cultivators. However, stones and metals all had a particular characteristic after being enlightened by the dao — a physical body with flesh and blood.

This was because nothing else was more suitable to resonate with the grand dao while bearing its power than this medium.

For millions of years, the majority of cultivators and wise sages believed that the physical flesh was the best spiritual carrier!

But now, after digging out these iron men, the common sense of cultivators was challenged. Their entire body was made from exquisite metal pieces assembled together, not just a simple mold-cast.

It was more suitable to call this type of body a machine rather than man.

Li Qiye glanced at the giants and slowly spoke: “Who knows? Maybe this will forever be a mystery. It will be buried along the river of time with the death of the Machine World Overlord.”

“Young Noble is saying that these iron men were only metal puppets created by this overlord?” Li Shuangyan was quite startled by this thought.

“No, that’s not the case here. They were neither machine nor puppets.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “They were all living existences with life. Even though their bodies were made in a different manner, they did have life, just like us with their own souls and sentience.” He pointed at his head at this point.

“Moreover, they weren’t created by the Machine World Overlord.” Li Qiye said: “This overlord couldn’t create life. This is a matter left to the villainous heavens alone. Despite not having the ability to do so, he indeed made some changes in this world during that era.”

“The Machine World Overlord was in charge?” Chen Baojiao was confused: “He seemed more like a human, but outside of him, the rest are all iron men. Just what is his background?”

Li Qiye didn’t answer the question and gazed into the distance. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze and murmured: “The Machine World Overlord is a legend in the river of time. Unfortunately, he still failed in the end.”

Even though the girls didn’t know what happened in that distant era, they could imagine just how terrifying the calamity was back then. An entire era was destroyed and forsaken by history. This was an era with countless other experts and existences similar to Immortal Emperors.

However, such an era was still annihilated by an unbelievably powerful and unknown enemy.

Eventually, Li Qiye looked at the forest of machines ahead and ordered: “Take all of these iron men along.”

“All of them?” Even Mei Suyao was taken aback: “Are they still useful?”

“They are pretty much scrap metal at this moment.” Li Qiye explained: “However, there are still many things worth testing despite my inability to create life.”

“Perhaps one day, there will be a legion of metal beings!” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile.

The girls were jolted after hearing this. If this gigantic metal legion came out one day, they would be able to sweep through this world.

Eventually, the group brought along all the iron men and even many of the broken ones. Li Qiye hoped that these things would come in handy in the future.


While Li Qiye’s group was inside the Machine World, a grand character came to the Lesser Imperial Devil World!

“The Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador personally came…” Before this person arrived, someone had already delivered the news to the lesser world.

“The Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador?” The younger generation didn’t know the significance of this name, but the older cultivators were all shaken!

“The Chief Ambassador hasn’t shown up for several generations, what is he here for this time?” A demon king pondered after receiving this message.

Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador could be said to be an extremely arrogant title. Even an invincible Godking wouldn’t dare to claim this title.

Having this title didn’t mean that the person was powerful and unbeatable. This identity and title represented his status and position.

The Soaring Immortal Sect’s Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador — this meant that the person represented the soaring sect in the nine worlds. He was able to deal with all the sect’s business in these realms.

The Soaring Immortal Sect was illustrious with its five emperors. However, for millions of years, no one knew where the sect and its ancestral ground were located.

Some people even speculated that it was erected in a mysterious lesser world that no one knew about. Others believed that it was a floating continent, forever moving in the nine worlds.

The arrival of this sect would definitely be a grand matter. Ancestors of this sect normally wouldn’t show up or come to the nine worlds. The majority of affairs were dealt with by the chief ambassador.

If, say, all nine of its ancestors personally came out, then an earth-shattering event would definitely ensue.

Someone murmured: “If the chief ambassador is coming himself, then it looks like the Soaring Immortal Sect will definitely be coming to the Mortal Emperor World.”

Not everyone was happy to see this happen, especially the imperial lineages. If the soaring sect truly descended and personally interfered with the Mortal Emperor World’s affairs, the imperial lineages would be quite displeased.

Everyone understood that without the soaring sect, the other imperial lineages ruled their own domains. However, once the sect came down, it would be a different story. Even these great imperial lineages would be affected.

“Here comes the chief ambassador…” The ambassador finally entered the lesser world at this time.

A divine carriage slowly arrived with an illuminating brilliance. It emitted an aura that made no one dare to approach. It was actually pulled by a huge White Tiger.

The tiger was the size of a mountain. Each of its steps would cause the earth to tremble. What was even more frightening was that its tyrannical aura resembled a primordial beast. A normal demon king wouldn’t have such an aura that could instill a primal fear in other living beings.

“This White Tiger has some divine blood.” People shivered before its might.

To have a White Tiger with some divine blood as one’s mount proved the person’s great status. If the Soaring Immortal Sect Master himself arrived, just what kind of beast would he have?

Around the carriage were many accompanying Soaring Immortal disciples. The person sitting in the carriage was a middle-aged man.

He wore a Confucian robe and had an elegant and scholarly appearance. However, he emitted the suffocating aura of a God-Monarch.

He didn’t put on airs and only quietly sat on the carriage with both hands naturally placed on his knees. This was the Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador. This quiet posture alone made many experts tremble.

This was absolutely a real God-Monarch at an extremely powerful level; he wasn’t someone a fake God-Monarch like the self-proclaimed Storm God could compare to.

“Greetings to the chief ambassador…” Many great powers in the lesser world all sent experts for the reception. Even a few imperial lineages did the same.

The chief ambassador, in his unreachable carriage up high, gently nodded and slowly spoke: “Gentlemen, you all have worked hard.”

After everyone stood up straight, he began to speak: “I came here this time not to hunt treasures or out of curiosity, but to deal with a few matters.”

These words made many people nervous because they could vaguely guess a few things.

The chief ambassador glanced over the experts here and stated: “I heard a junior named Li Qiye killed an emissary from my sect.”

The hearts of everyone in the crowd skipped a beat. They had a faint guess that this was the reason, but now, the ambassador had stated it publicly. Not many dared to respond at this moment.

An expert from a great power spoke: “Yes, that did happen.”

“Very well, since everyone is here, you all can send a message on my behalf.” The ambassador spoke: “Tell Li Qiye that I will give him five days to come and meet me. The Soaring Immortal Sect will determine who is right and who is wrong, then we will give him a fair answer. If not, tell him to prepare for the consequences.”

The experts here felt their scalps tingling. No one wanted to offend the Soaring Immortal Sect, but nowadays, not many wanted to offend Fiercest either.

They all knew that offending Fiercest Li Qiye would absolutely not end well. He was someone who liked to clean with blood. But at this moment, if they didn’t help the Soaring Immortal Sect, they would have lost a good opportunity once the sect actually descends.

“We, we will be sure to send the message.” Eventually, an expert from a great power complied.

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