Chapter 1139: The Invincible Magu

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Chapter 1139: The Invincible Magu

Li Qiye stared at Magu in the sky and couldn’t help but smile. It was a smile that even he couldn’t describe. He suddenly felt a bit dazed while murmuring: “You are my pride, a reason for my arrogance.”

Throughout the countless moons, he had trained too many invincible existences. For him, even producing an Immortal Emperor was not difficult. All along, the thing he thought to be the most challenging was training someone who could reach grand completion with the Eternal Physique.

He had tried many times. Regardless of how great their dao heart and talents were, they all ultimately failed in cultivating the Eternal Physique.

However, this unpromising little girl whom many deemed to be stupid and forsaken by her parents went against all expectations. She persevered to the end and created an unprecedented miracle across the eons, one that belonged only to her.

In the distant years when Li Qiye used to be the Dark Crow, he had no hope for this little girl who couldn’t even remember a single incantation. Nevertheless, the thirst for knowledge in her eyes moved him. In a sense, he simply felt pity for her.

Who would have thought that this girl who couldn’t remember anything managed to cultivate the Eternal Physique to grand completion? This was something that had never been done before. Even Immortal Emperors couldn’t do it!

“This is who I’m most proud of in my life.” Li Qiye murmured while peering at Magu. Even the unrelenting Dark Crow would feel like giving up after numerous failures, but Magu gave him hope and allowed him to test and see a miracle of the eons.

The shocked Old Devil murmured to himself: “A peak Virtuous Paragon with a grand completion Eternal Physique! She is too powerful and can definitely assail even a living Immortal Emperor!”

The title “Emperor Assailant” carried a heavy weight. Not just anyone could claim to be able to harm an emperor, not even invincible Godkings.

Old Devil was not one who jumped to conclusions quickly, but he understood just how terrifying the woman in the sky was. The grand completion Eternal Physique wouldn’t fear even a living emperor.

“Heavenly Dao Academy’s Magu — I’ve only heard of her fame but haven’t met her yet. To see her today is the blessing of three lifetimes.” South Emperor was also full of admiration.

In fact, anyone who could reach grand completion with this physique was worthy of reverence.

Someone like Bu Lianxiang was shaken as well after seeing Magu as she exclaimed: “A flawless Eternal Physique — this is truly unbelievable. This level of Immortal Physique is untouchable. Her current state can harm an Immortal Emperor without a doubt!”

Having said that, she glanced over at Li Qiye. She had triple saint attributes and was someone who was cultivating an Immortal Physique as well. She had a profound understanding of these physiques, so after seeing Magu’s Eternal Physique, she understood the implications within.

The Eternal Physique had never appeared before. She recognized that in order to cultivate a flawless physique like this, one would require a perfect immortal physique law. In this regard, no physique law could exceed those found in the Physique Scripture, the most immaculate physique manual in the world. Thus, Bu Lianxiang understood after seeing Magu that this supreme masterpiece must have come from Li Qiye.

“Emperor Assailant!” Everyone was astonished after hearing Old Devil. The power of this realm had exceeded their scope of imagination. It was not a field that they could reach.

“Buzz!” Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s corpse finally took action. He didn’t use an imperial law or suppress the heavens. His hand simply pierced the void and headed straight for Magu’s heart.

This ordinary and direct attack made the crowd tremble. A Godking couldn’t block this attack. Their chest would be pierced right away.

However, Magu didn’t budge before this move. She didn’t even need to do anything; the light that was being shot out from her body was flashing continuously.

Just like that, time seemed to pass extremely slowly. Countless years went by in just the blink of an eye. Everyone felt this disturbance in time.

It didn’t matter that the corpse’s hand was very close to Magu, they knew that distance was not an issue. This hand was hundreds of thousands of years away from Magu.

The hand needed to cross the long river of time, but time would deteriorate all things.

Everyone could see a bizarre scene. Even though the hand was inches from her, it moved slower than a snail. The more freakish part was that the hand started to change. It became full of wrinkles and then the skin started to peel. Eventually, even the muscles of the palm began to fall off.

Even though this hand was extremely pale prior to this, there was no sign of aging. However, once it tried to cross this area of space, even this hand of an emperor started to wither.

The crowd took deep breaths when they saw the emperor’s hand falling apart. The body of an emperor was indestructible. It could even be said that it was tougher than Immortal Emperor True Treasures. But now, the skin and muscles on this hand were shedding from aging. Just how terrifying was this scene?

“The power of time!” A big shot realized something and murmured: “For the Eternal Physique, time is the most worthless concept, but it is also the most precious!”

This small distance was separated by thousands of years. If Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was alive, he would definitely be able to cross this temporal space, but not his corpse.

In an instant, the corpse withdrew its hand. This was when Magu decided to take action; however, it wasn’t in the form of an attack.

She simply stepped forward at a rapid pace, leaving a footprint behind each time. A grand pathway began to form below her feet. It was a path that even emperors couldn’t evade for it was a dao path of time.

The corpse fell into this new dao pathway. Sizzling sounds suddenly came about while it was trapped in the middle. Its body began to change with more wrinkles and shedding.

This was the power of time. There was no attack or suppression; Magu only had to wait for time to quietly flow.

However, there was nothing more frightening in this world than time. Time accelerated the aging process. Once it finished its flow, it meant that one would reach the lamentable path of death.

“Boom!” The corpse recalled all of its fiery flames. They turned into a giant cocoon that contained the forces of the heaven and earth. It was repelling the passage of time.

“Zzz—” However, despite the protection from the cocoon, it still couldn’t stop time. Time was invisible and indiscernible. Regardless of one’s defensive method, they wouldn’t be able to stop the flow of time.

“Hum!” When the cocoon couldn’t stop time any longer, all the flames spread out again. The corpse began to walk faster to chase after Magu.

The corpse only had one thing on its mind: only by catching up and killing Magu would it be able to solve this time crisis. Otherwise, even the strongest attack or an invincible defense wouldn’t be able to stop this temporal phenomenon.

How fast was an Immortal Emperor? One could cross the nine worlds with just one step. However, distance was not the problem in this temporal dao path. The main separator between Magu and the corpse was several hundred thousand years of time!

Regardless of how fast the corpse was, it couldn’t catch up to Magu. Meanwhile, the faster it was, the faster the process of aging it experienced. Ten thousand years passed in just the blink of an eye.

More sizzling noises came about. The muscles on this corpse began to fall off. This body that couldn’t be cut by a true treasure was on a steady decline inside this pathway. It was not able to withstand the power of time.

“Boom!” The corpse decided to stop chasing at this moment. It waved its hand and myriad dao of this world converged together to form a portal.

“Buzz!” This portal refined by an emperor opened. The corpse immediately went through the portal to appear in a different area. However, time continued to pass. It didn’t matter that it had entered a new spatial zone. Time was still passing for he was still inside the temporal dao path.

There was no way to evade this level of confrontation unless it could escape to a location without time; there had to be no beginning and no end. Unfortunately, both the nine worlds and outer space had no places that could avoid the dao of time.

“Bang!” All of the corpse’s flames came together once more to form an attack. It derived the ultimate profundity of the grand dao. The nine worlds shook before the oncoming calamity. Countless living beings in the Mortal Emperor World kneeled and were scared for their lives.

This blow from an Immortal Emperor carried an unimaginable power! Many thought that the world was about to collapse before this attack.

“Crack!’ The corpse managed to smash apart a section of the dao of time. However, this was of no use. The fragmented part was simply replaced in a second. Time would always exist. Even if one broke some of it off, the flow would still continue to affect them just like before.

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