Chapter 1141: I Alone Am Invincible

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Chapter 1141: I Alone Am Invincible

Someone looked at South Emperor in the sky, then glanced over at Magu and finally stopped on Bu Lianxiang next to Li Qiye. He was shocked and murmured: “Could this be considered the strongest dao protection team?”

“No…” After a long time, the disciples from the Space Trample Mountain finally regained their sanity. At this time, Old Devil didn’t need to do anything since the mountain was already on the verge of collapse.

The disciples fell butt-first to the ground. The things that collapsed were their confidence and dignity. All was destroyed as the Immortal Emperor’s corpse turned to ashes.

For so many years, these disciples were proud of their background of hailing from the Space Trample Mountain. Their patriarch, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, was their glory and their spiritual totem. Because of the emperor, the mountain came into being.

But now, his corpse has turned into smoke. Everything has collapsed for them. Even if Old Devil didn’t destroy the mountain, they were powerless, fish on the chopping block.

“Time to end it all.” Li Qiye coldly glanced at the world. He stood calmly in the sky, but everyone was in fear and awe while looking at him.

From today on, anyone and any lineage would have to take the long way around him. Provocation was out of the question.

“First Brother is invincible!” Cleansing Incense’s disciples also calmed down and cheered. They were quite happy; some even started crying.

Not long before, the sect was under siege and was hanging on a thread. However, once Li Qiye was back, he blocked the torrential waves and saved the sect while killing his enemies. Both the mountain and ancient kingdom, these behemoths, were annihilated by their First Brother.

Even the older generation like Gu Tieshou was sighing nonstop. He recalled the days of decline and the painful times under the shadow of the Heavenly God Sect. For them, the Space Trample Mountain and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom were monsters. If these lineages decided to invade them, there was nothing they could do to prevent being annihilated.

However, everything was changed today. All the patterns were flipped over since Li Qiye came back. These two lineages were now meaningless and insignificant. They were destroyed in just one day. Even the arrogant Soaring Immortal Sect was banished forever!

Strength? Invincibility? Both were on full display in the purest form!

The suspense and worries were gone after the battle was over. Bai Jianzhen and Li Shuangyan’s group led some disciples to attack the Heavenly God Sect. They defeated them completely, so Cleansing Incense was able to regain its lost territory overnight.

There had been other great powers who occupied the sect’s land back then as well. Today, they obediently handed the land back and even gave up parts of their own territories to make amends.

Thus, Cleansing Incense was not only able to recapture their old territory, they also expanded quite a bit. No lineage dared to have any ideas about Cleansing Incense anymore. Many sects who had offended them quickly sent messengers to beg for forgiveness. Of course, they couldn’t meet Li Qiye, only Gu Tieshou saw them.

It was a very hard day for these great powers. One by one, they came to humbly apologize. The ones with greater offenses kowtowed on the ground while offering tributes.

For those who were under the rule of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and Heavenly God Sect, they were willing to do anything as long as Cleansing Incense forgives them.

Who would dare to oppose Cleansing Incense right now? The Space Trample Mountain and the ancient kingdom were the best examples. Imperial lineages were destroyed just like that. Even the soaring sect was banished.

The end of this war signaled a long silence. Many people found it difficult to compose themselves due to the fear. Li Qiye’s domineering attitude and Magu’s invincibility deterred the entire Mortal Emperor World.

“In present times, even a more brilliant genius would only be a stepping stone for Li Qiye.” Eventually, ancestors from imperial lineages called for their favorite genius disciples and told them to not come out anymore.

These ancestors understood that competing against Li Qiye for Heaven’s Will would be in vain. Even the most excellent and wonderful talent would only become dry bones on Li Qiye’s path towards Immortal Emperor.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was very quiet and peaceful right now as the excited disciples have calmed down. This serenity was granted by Magu’s appearance.

She and Li Qiye were in a room alone. He sat in his chair while staring at this woman that was ordinary yet beautiful to the extreme and sighed emotionally.

“Teacher, I have really done it.” She found it difficult to hide her happiness.

Li Qiye also smiled and said: “Grand completion Eternal Physique, ah. A miracle of the eons. Compared to you, what are Immortal Emperors and gods? An unyielding dao heart and supreme talents, both of these are nothing as well.”

Magu sat next to him and happily stated: “This is to Teacher’s credit. Without your guidance, I wouldn’t have any of these accomplishments right now.” At this time, she became a little girl again with an unchanging heart.

“No.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “This is not my credit but yours alone. I simply embroidered more flowers on the brocade.” 1

With that, he stroked her silky hair.

“Teacher, you are the only one in this world who could pass down the supreme art to me. Only you didn’t discriminate or look down on me.” Magu spoke calmly.

The past was as insipid as flowing water to her. Even a more painful experience would be nothing to her now. She was no longer affected by them; her childlike innocence still remained and made her even happier.

Li Qiye felt a bit sad after hearing this. Magu’s current achievements were quite dazzling. She could even view Immortal Emperors in disdain because she had done something that no one else had ever accomplished. The most amazing person was her.

But how many people knew that behind these accomplishments was boundless bitterness? This little girl back then was a rotten piece of wood that couldn’t be carved, a slow-witted idiot in the eyes of others! Even her biological parents gave up on her. Ultimately, the only person who gave her a chance was a dark crow.

“This is all because you have worked hard and fought for it.” He said: “Back then when I passed the Eternal Physique down to you, it was because your inquisitive eyes moved me. At that time, nothing was more precious than those eyes; they’re like the pearls buried in the sand.”

“There is a lot of unfairness and suffering in this world.” He lamented again: “But there is one thing that is the same for everyone, a keenness for knowledge.”

“This is true for both the rich and poor.” He explained: “A heart anxious to learn is natural. Chasing the unknown, craving for comprehension — these are a person’s indelible instincts.”

“Nothing in this world can destroy the will to search for the unknown, an instinctive thirst for knowledge. Once a person perseveres in this search, they would be able to change like a cocoon turning into a butterfly.” He looked at Magu with a tinge of happiness and doting.

She gently rested on his lap while quietly listening. She was still the little girl back then who carefully took in each of his words.

“No matter how the years will pass and how the world will change, one thing will always remain the same.” Li Qiye stroked her hair: “You will always be my pride, the person I’m proudest of.”

She smiled and replied: “Magu is very happy to hear Teacher say that.” Her ordinary smile became the most beautiful and captivating smile.

Li Qiye smiled back; it was one of satisfaction and showed an unprecedented sense of accomplishment, one that was much greater than grooming an Immortal Emperor.

She lifted her head to look at him while speaking in all seriousness: “Teacher, I want to go to that place with you.”

Li Qiye immediately fell into silence after hearing her request.

“I have heard Brother Wang Yuan talk about that place.” She earnestly continued.

While looking at her strangely attractive face, he eventually answered her: “Magu, you should know that wherever I go shall be doomed with rivers of blood and mountains of bones.”

1. Icing on the cake; adding to something that is already perfect.

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