Chapter 1142: Magu’s Oath

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Chapter 1142: Magu’s Oath

“I know.” Magu was resting on his lap while looking up at Li Qiye to say: “I have heard a lot about Teacher’s stories, but I know that you have never been a bad guy.”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter after hearing this: “There is no single measurement to tell good and bad apart in this world. Good people will do bad things and bad people will also do good things at times.”

“Teacher is a good person, so even when you commit a bad deed, you will still be a good person.” She smiled faintly in relaxation. Her answer carried quite an implicit charm.

The mood between the two was quite good. Li Qiye gently smiled and stroked her hair: “Your heart is bright so the world is also bright, but my world cannot be judged on this basis. More often than not, I don’t know what is right and what is wrong or what is good and what is bad.”

Magu tightly held his hand with her jade-like fingers and gazed at him with her eyes that resembled limpid autumn waters: “Good or bad, I still hope to accompany Teacher to the end of this world. I have plenty of time and so do you, right?”

Li Qiye pondered over her words. This woman before him was no longer the little girl back then. She has grown up to become invincible, someone capable of weathering the storms and winds in the nine worlds.

After a long time, he sighed and replied: “My journey is not an adventure or a search for the unknown out of curiosity. The place that awaits me will be full of war and murder. One day, deities and emperors will besiege me from all directions.”

“This path from one edge of the world to another will be long and filled with opposing emperors and gods, and at the very end of the world, we will face a war with no turning back.” With that, he lifted her hand and solemnly continued: “It was not easy for you to reach the dao. You have survived for millions of years to reach this level, so you are my pride and joy. I hope that in the future, you will be able to go wherever you want and live a life full of pleasure and happiness.”

His expression turned sullen: “I don’t want to take you into an endless war; we are not of the same world. Your world should be one of peace and tranquility like the passing of time when cultivating the Eternal Physique by sleeping. The repose of the bright moonlight above with the gentle breeze keeping you warm throughout the night — this is your beautiful and quiet world, one that you deserve after giving everything you have.”

“But as for me, I am destined to travel far on a murderous path full of blood and darkness, a path that’s always looming with death.” He sighed and showed a rare gentleness: “You are a miracle of the eons, the only treasure of your kind in this world. I don’t want you to experience perpetual war because of my selfishness.”

Magu’s determination was made apparent by her tight grip of his hand. She slowly spoke in a rhythmic and soft voice, yet each word was full of power: “I know that very well, but I won’t have any regrets.”

Li Qiye fell silent once more.

She was persistent: “When I was very young, everyone hated me and not a single person was willing to teach me how to read, but Teacher did not look down on me. You taught me how to read and showed me a new world that I would have never been able to reach otherwise…

“… In the beginning, I only wanted to show people that I was not stupid, that I could learn how to read and study. Thus, it wasn’t mere literacy that you showed me, it was a whole new world! You believed in me and had expectations! You were the only one. Even though I was slow, you never thought that I was a piece of rotten wood with no use…

“… You gave me the most precious immortal law and explained the most profound mysteries in this world. Because of this bright world that you opened me up to, I was able to grasp everything by having a pursuit and dream. All of this was because of you; you are the reason why I continue forward on this endless path…

“… Without you, I would be nothing, only a dumb girl in the mouths of others. Without your persistence, I wouldn’t have been able to persevere cultivating the endless path of the Eternal Physique. Since you didn’t give up on me, I had no reason to give up on myself!” Tears suddenly wet the corners of her eyes. An existence capable of assailing Immortal Emperor like her was quite rare, but she was leaning on Li Qiye like a little girl.

“Silly girl, don’t cry.” Li Qiye gently wiped away her tears: “The grand dao is full of difficulties that we need to be ready to face.”

She smiled back with an ordinary yet beautiful smile. The teardrops in the corners of her eyes resembled the early morning dew on a flower — refined and pure.

She met his gaze and spoke with an incomparable firmness: “Life and death as well as bloodshed are nothing to me. Teacher gave me the world, so as long as I am by your side, I have the whole world within my reach. The peace and serenity you speak of can only exist because you are near!”

Li Qiye finally exhaled and said: “You are no longer the little girl back then. As an existence capable of assailing the nine heavens and ten earths and everything else in this world, you have the right to pick your own path, especially with the completion of your Eternal Physique. Think for yourself and pick the life that you desire. I can’t be like before and continue to hope for you to cultivate by slumbering.”

“The decision is in your hands now. You have grown up to be invincible, you are an eagle capable of soaring to the nine heavens to strike the sky if you wish. It is up to you, follow your heart.” He pointed at this chest at this point.

She revealed a resplendent smile that couldn’t be described with the pen and ink before giving her answer: “Where you are is where I shall be.”

Li Qiye emotionally commented: “The path of the grand dao is endless. I hope we can go on forever to the end of the world until the day where we will receive our answer.”

Magu interlocked her fingers with his and didn’t say anything else. She already received her answer; everything was right here, the entire world!

In the next several days, Cleansing Incense was full of guests. Many great powers came to visit while others came to seek forgiveness. Some even came from the other side of the Mortal Emperor World. Even imperial lineages came bearing gifts in order to befriend the sect.

In the present, Cleansing Incense had an incomparable prestige, so it was only natural for many sects to want to build a good relationship with it.

Of course, they also wanted to see Li Qiye, but this was impossible. He was not seeing guests.

The only one truly suffering was Gu Tieshou since he was in charge due to Su Yonghuang’s absence. Of course, there were other candidates such as Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao. Alas, they didn’t care for this kind of mundane matters as they would rather spend their time cultivating.

Gu Tieshou could be said to be quite capable. However, because the sect was previously in decline, he lacked the self-confidence to deal with these imperial lineages and had to go consult Li Qiye.

He brought a bunch of tribute letters and asked Li Qiye for his opinion: “Many imperial lineages want to establish diplomatic relations with us, what does Virtuous Nephew think about this?”

Li Qiye didn’t bother taking a look and only smiled: “You can deal with them as if they are ordinary sects, there’s no need to be more attentive just because they are imperial lineages.”

“Uh—” Gu Tieshou didn’t know what to say. For any lineage, establishing ties with imperial lineages was a very important matter, but Li Qiye simply didn’t care at all.

“If you aren’t clear on something, you can go ask Arcane Guru for advice.” He looked at Gu Tieshou and smiled.

After hearing this, Gu Tieshou finally became relieved. At least Li Qiye pointed him a way out.

Li Qiye asked: “Where is the sect master?” During the time of disaster, Su Yonghuang was not present.

“She went back to the Su Clan. Before leaving, she left me in charge and told me that this was a personal matter. If fast, it would be half a year to one year, otherwise, it would be three to ten years before she can return. Therefore, before leaving, she made arrangements for everything.”

Li Qiye frowned and pondered after hearing this. He knew that Su Yonghuang was not the type to neglect the sect’s business and leave. Moreover, it was also during a period of turmoil.

Li Qiye inquired: “Did she say what it was about?”

Gu Tieshou gently shook his head: “I don’t know since she didn’t tell me. However, she had a solemn expression before leaving, so it shouldn’t be something trivial.”

“The Su Clan’s business…” Li Qiye contemplated for a moment. The Heaven’s Edge Su Clan no longer appeared in this world, so they shouldn’t have any enemies. If there were no conflicts, then what could it be that made Su Yonghuang abandon her post, to leave the sect for such a long period of time?

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