Chapter 1187: Treatment

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Chapter 1187: Treatment

“Crackle!” The particles resurfaced just a moment later. Moreover, their numbers had greatly increased, as if more had just been produced.

The aghast youth screamed: “Master, save me!”

“Sir, please save my little disciple.” The citadel lord didn’t expect this to happen at all. His soul left his body from fear as he quickly asked Li Qiye for help.

“Don’t move about!” The Sunflower Forefather shouted: “This is an infection. The more you try to resist, the stronger it will become. You are not the ancestral vine, so it can refine you right away!”

After hearing this, Teng Jiwen couldn’t stand straight anymore from fear. He asked Li Qiye to help as well: “Sir, please save me!”

After seeing the boy’s appearance, Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “You are exaggerating things. With me here, there’s no need to be so alarmed. It is not like I will stand by and watch you die.”

Teng Jiwen heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this. With Li Qiye’s assurance, it seemed that his life would be saved.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye glanced at the particles on his body: “Not only is it untouchable as it will disperse right away, it can also spread with extreme speed. Unfortunately, it has met me.”

With a smirk, he took out the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and easily extracted a bunch of fiery strands.

Li Qiye looked at Teng Jiwen and said: “Don’t move or resist, just let it be.”

He nodded after taking a deep breath: “I’ll keep that in mind—”

Before he could finish, Li Qiye had already begun inserting strands of fire into his body one after another. All of a sudden, he was like a ragdoll with numerous strands of fire going in and out of his body.

As these tiny fire strings drilled into his body, he didn’t feel hot at all. On the contrary, he felt cold lines running through his blood vessels. This chill seemed to be able to freeze his blood.

One would find this difficult to believe, especially if they weren’t personally experiencing it. The scorching fire from Li Qiye’s cauldron was actually cool.

After a while, he had the illusion that blood was no longer running through his body, that a cold fire had replaced it.

At this time, Li Qiye began to recall the strands of fire. In the beginning, Teng Jiwen didn’t feel anything, but shortly afterward, he felt as if very tiny particles were being pulled out along with these strands. These particles latched onto the strands and left his body.

More and more light particles attached themselves to Li Qiye’s fire, as if it was a magnet that was absorbing all of them from the youth’s body.

Teng Jiwen eventually felt his body becoming lighter. There was an indescribable sense of ease. He knew then that all of the particles had been dragged out by Li Qiye.

“Boom!” In a split second, the flame in the cauldron surged and turned vicious. It refined all of the particles taken out of Teng Jiwen’s body.

Although these particles wanted to attack, the cauldron was simply too ferocious. Under Li Qiye’s control, there was no chance for a reversal; they were incinerated right away.

“Thank you for saving my life, Sir.” Teng Jiwen was relieved and prostrated on the ground.

The citadel lord did the same and gratefully said: “Sir, your skill is unrivaled in this world.”

The forefather witnessed Li Qiye’s supreme alchemy and became relieved as well. Their citadel has finally met their savior. The ancestral vine can finally be saved…

In the next couple of days, the disciples of the citadel could feel a change in the atmosphere. The whole place became quite tense. Several days later, their ancestral vine suddenly trembled, as did the citadel. Some palaces and mountains even collapsed…

In this short period of time, all of the disciples became restless and felt that a disaster that could descend at any time was looming over their heads.

In particular, the ancestors knew the gravity of the situation. The entire citadel entered the highest state of alert and was ready to help at any time in case something happens.

These anxiety-filled days eventually came to an end. Although the disciples didn’t know what was going on, they could sense that the clouds had melted along with the dispersing mists. Some even felt that their ancestral vine’s branches were stretching as if the disaster had passed.

The ancestors finally found solace. The citadel was saved.

In these few days, Li Qiye was brought outside by the forefather’s group. He was very tired from extinguishing the calamity at this moment.

He was treated as the most esteemed guest. Even the forefather himself personally stood guard for him, not letting anyone come close to disturb his rest.

Li Qiye took out all types of immortal medicines. He had spent a lot of blood energy to destroy the calamity, but his recovery was quite swift.

After he recovered, the forefather came to see him. He bowed the moment he saw Li Qiye and said: “Your kindness cannot be described by words. Just give us a command in the future if you ever require our service.”

Li Qiye gently nodded and waved his sleeve: “Rise, a deal is a deal. Since I have promised you, I will naturally carry out my end of the bargain.”

Nevertheless, the forefather still felt very grateful. He respectfully held the Heavenvine Calabash and spoke: “This is the calabash that you wanted, please take a look.”

Li Qiye glanced at it and put it away. This brought him one step closer to replenishing the Peacock Tree’s lifespan.

The forefather hurriedly asked: “May I ask if you would be willing to spend more time at our citadel so that we can do our best as your host?”

Li Qiye looked at him and quipped: “Don’t tell me you want me to become your citadel’s disciple?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare!” The forefather quickly waved his palms back and forth: “Ah, Sir, you are the true dragon above the nine heavens. The Heavenvine Citadel is too tiny and cannot accommodate you. If you are willing to take the title of being our Vine Controller, it would be our honor.”

The forefather was certainly eager for Li Qiye to stay. If this was possible, then their citadel could rise once again.

Li Qiye only smiled and shook his head: “I am only a passerby for your citadel and the Heaven Spirit World. This horizon is not my home, I am only here for some sightseeing.”

The forefather sighed and replied: “Sir, you are a peerless master. I suppose the citadel doesn’t have this fortune.”

He understood that an opportunity like this couldn’t be forced. It was not meant to be for their citadel.

Li Qiye flatly stated: “Teng Jiwen from your citadel is not bad, so I will have him follow me for a bit…”

“… I won’t teach him other things, but with regards to your ancestral vine, I will teach him a few secrets. I have gained some insights after communicating with your ancestral vine, so I’ll be passing that back to your citadel.”

After reaching an agreement with the ancestral vine, Li Qiye had a deeper understanding of its origin.

“This is his fortune.” The forefather was ecstatic and quickly cupped his fists before immediately calling someone to bring Teng Jiwen over.

In just a moment, both Teng Jiwen and his master came. After hearing this, Teng Jiwen was elated. His master was quite happy for him as well.

Today, Teng Jiwen becoming the next successor was set in stone. If he could learn more from the ancestral vine, he would definitely be able to shine in the future.

“Thank you for your guidance.” The citadel lord calmed down and quickly dragged Teng Jiwen, who was still standing there silly, to the ground to express his gratitude.

“Rise.” Li Qiye said: “After communicating with your ancestral vine, I only focused on a few matters that I found interesting. As for your vine’s knowledge, it is of no use to me, so I will return it to your citadel. This is a type of fate, a natural part of life.”

In spite of this, the citadel lord was still very happy for his disciple. This would definitely be a way to help him communicate with the ancestral vine.

“Okay, go back and prepare.” Li Qiye gently waved his hand: “You are to meet me at Shallow Beach. I will go on ahead.”

Teng Jiwen respectfully bowed and immediately went to prepare.

Li Qiye had other business. He had obtained the calabash, so he didn’t want to stay at the Heavenvine Citadel for too long. He departed on this very day.

At this time, outside of the Sunflower Forefather himself, all of the high ranking ancestors also went to see him off.

The forefather really wanted Li Qiye to stay for several more days so that they could treat him even better, but he didn’t dare to hold Li Qiye back as he insisted on leaving.

“Take care of yourselves.” Li Qiye looked at the forefather before casually pointing with his finger. A portal emerged. He stepped inside and instantly crossed through space.

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