Chapter 1190: Void Imperfection Schoolmaster

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Chapter 1190: Void Imperfection Schoolmaster

The great Void Imperfection School was unique and very different from other lineages.

Each generation slowly spread outside. Regardless of their status, both high elders and ordinary disciples would travel everywhere. More often than not, they wouldn’t participate in worldly affairs or get involved with cultivation feuds.

To a large extent, they pursued freedom and serenity. Because of this, it was difficult to find the disciples from this sect in the Heaven Spirit World.

For many lineages, especially the larger ones, their disciples would band together to live in the cultivation world for both resource competition and wars. Thus, it was often quite eventful for these sects.

In this respect, the Void Imperfection School was different from others. Its gate and ancestral courtyard were completely empty. If one didn’t know about this place beforehand, they would wonder if they had come to the wrong location.

Thus, the traveling disciples were rather undisciplined, but no one in the Heaven Spirit World has been able to shake the school’s status or have any ideas about them.

From this, one could see that the three schools have enough power to deal with any kind of trouble. Their true power was difficult to fathom.

Ye Tu took Li Qiye to an old temple with a very imposing presence. Just one look was enough to tell how extraordinary it was.

However, one would find that this place had not been cleaned in a long time. Dust had accumulated into layers in some places.

An imperial lineage being so lazy was truly difficult to believe. When inside the temple, one would see a rocking chair with a man lying on it. In fact, it was very easy to miss him due to the leaves that covered him. He was deep in sleep. After seeing this situation, others would most likely think that he was already dead.

“Schoolmaster, Brother Li is here to see you.” Ye Tu bowed in front of this sleeping man.

Leaves began to fall as the man opened his eyes and stood up. Just how long had he been sleeping here to accumulate this many layers of leaves?

He eventually revealed his appearance without the leaves. This was a very thin elder dressed like a commoner. He looked like an ordinary old man without any noteworthy aspects. However, the occasional glimmer in his eyes showed that he was a hidden master.

“Is this the Young Noble Li with the imperial bloodline?” He immediately judged Li Qiye after waking up.

Ye Tu quickly replied: “Schoolmaster, Brother Li is indeed the groom from Golden Isle—”

Before he could finish, the Void Imperfection Schoolmaster interrupted him and corrected: “Little Ye, how can you say that? Young Noble Li has yet to marry and he won’t necessarily marry that little girl from Golden Isle, so how can he be their groom?”

“That’s true, that’s true.” Ye Tu understood and smiled while nodding.

Li Qiye only chuckled after seeing this. Meanwhile, the schoolmaster circled around Li Qiye to take a good look. He seemed to be carefully appreciating Li Qiye, similar to how in-laws might like their son-in-law more and more.

Li Qiye happily let him do as he pleased while taking a seat on the rocking chair…

The schoolmaster ignored his lack of formality and cheerfully smiled: “Virtuous Nephew, your fame is like thunder ringing in my ears. You are the prodigy of the human race, the hero of the world—”

“These words are too fake.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while shaking his head: “Schoolmaster, there’s no need to flatter me, I know myself very well. I am only a nobody at the Heaven Spirit World, this ringing thunder bit, it is just artificial rhetoric.”

The schoolmaster didn’t mind being called out. He gave a thumbs-up and said: “Virtuous Nephew, you are quite straightforward and genuine like a real man. Since you are here as a guest, it truly brightens up this place. Don’t be reserved, just consider my school as your home.”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head, then he went straight to the point: “My time is limited so I won’t stay for long. I want to meet your ancestral whale to take something away.”

“The ancestral whale?” The schoolmaster was startled. He dryly coughed and shook his head: “Virtuous Nephew, I’m not trying to make things difficult for you, but since you know of the ancestral whale, you should know how hard it is to meet it. In fact, even I would find it difficult…”

“I know, which is why I’m asking you to learn where it has run off to.” Li Qiye nodded.

The schoolmaster gently shook his head: “I won’t lie to you. I don’t know where it is going either, this is a secret.”

Li Qiye looked at him: “I do not doubt your words. The ancestral whale of the three schools travels around the vast seas in the Heaven Spirit World without leaving behind a trace. Outside of your whale riders, no outsiders truly know of its whereabouts.”

“Yes, yes.” The schoolmaster smilingly replied: “It is good that you understand, but—”

“But…” Li Qiye slowly continued: “I know that the school has a method of communicating with the ancestral whale. I believe you should know about it.”

“Well…” The schoolmaster contemplated for a bit before looking back at Li Qiye with a grin: “That is true as well. If you really want to see the ancestral whale, I can discuss it with the ancestors. If they agree, then you can definitely see it, but before then, why not stay at our place? We definitely welcome you here.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head again: “I think you misunderstand something. I am not only here to see the ancestral whale, I also want to go to the Void Imperfection Spring to fetch some water.”

This alarmed both the schoolmaster and Ye Tu. The schoolmaster, in particular, took one step back right away and put on a vigilant expression.

“Schoolmaster, there’s no need to be so alarmed. If I wanted to take some by force, I wouldn’t be here speaking to you like this.” Li Qiye noticed their response and smiled.

“I don’t know too much about the Void Imperfection Spring.” The schoolmaster shook his head. At this time, he had become a lot colder and didn’t have the same enthusiasm as before. It was a tremendous change in attitude.

Li Qiye only laughed: “Schoolmaster, I’m not here to exchange friendly words with you or to hear your excuses. I only want to tell you that I will meet the ancestral whale as well as fetch water from the spring.”

“Virtuous Nephew, do you wish to use force?” The schoolmaster’s face turned darker: “This old man is not deliberately making things difficult for you. If you know about the spring, then you should definitely know that not just anyone can go there. Outside of a few ancestors, others aren’t allowed!”

“I am aware.” Li Qiye said: “The Void Imperfection Spring is a place that has obtained the fortune of the heavens. In the past, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou spent countless efforts to bring the spring here. One can say that it didn’t originally belong to you.”

Here, he glanced at the schoolmaster and continued: “The emperor moved the spring to the ancestral whale first. From then on, it became yours and outsiders couldn’t see it any longer.”

“I don’t know much about the past.” The schoolmaster dismissively said: “I can only apologize since I am not in charge of anything relating to the spring.”

Li Qiye smirked and declared: “Regardless of whether you are in charge or not, I will see the ancestral whale and take water from the spring.”

“Are you always so forceful like this?” The schoolmaster’s eyes turned fierce and flashed a glint that crossed through time and space. This truly showed how powerful he was.

“Who said that I’m being forceful?” Li Qiye smiled and stood up while reaching out with his hand.

Ye Tu was scared by this and thought that Li Qiye wanted to fight. At the same time, the schoolmaster put up his guard to fight against Li Qiye at any moment.

However, Li Qiye didn’t attack the two. He simply took down a group of clouds from the sky. He casually kneaded them to make the clouds float in front of him. Next, he sat down on them, letting them slowly lift him up for a spin before coming back down.

“The Void Imperfection Clouds!” The schoolmaster was surprised after seeing this, not believing his own eyes.

Ye Tu was shocked as well. He had heard about these clouds since a young age. They had always been floating there, but he had never heard of anyone capable of bringing them down or riding them.

This was Li Qiye’s first time here, yet he could easily ride them — to Ye Tu, this was simply incredible.

“My ancestors had a relationship with Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. They left behind a certain something that has allowed me to take down a group of clouds today.” Li Qiye said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Of course, this was only a casual excuse. The person who knew Immortal Emperor Wu Gou was none other than him.

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