Chapter 1234: Old Plaque

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Chapter 1234: Old Plaque

More than one hundred experts from the Ironscale School as mighty as tigers and wolves were riding the waves forward. In the blink of an eye, they climbed up to the Hundred-Saints Hall. Their leader was an old man whose back had an armor suffused with a golden glow. This was a special characteristic of the Ironscale Tribe after they reached a certain power level.

This leader turned out to be the Ironscale Schoolmaster, Lei Yu’s father.

Zhang Baitu turned pale after seeing so many experts from this school. Even though he was a seasoned man who had seen a lot of the world, he still shuddered in fear before such powerful enemies.

Zhang Baitu calmed down and hurriedly told Li Qiye: “Young Noble, leave quickly. Two hands cannot win against four fists. As long as the verdant hills remain, there is no fear of lacking firewood.”

Despite his shallow cultivation, he could still tell that Li Qiye was powerful. However, the school had more than one hundred experts, Li Qiye alone would find it difficult to oppose them.

“Don’t worry.” Li Qiye sat on the stone steps and smiled: “The unrepentant must pay a huge price.”

The Ironscale Schoolmaster and his fellow experts came before the temple. They saw Li Qiye sitting on top of a stone step without a care. Lei Yu’s expression became twisted as he pointed at Li Qiye and yelled: “Are you the one who killed my disciples and harmed my son?”

Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled: “That’s right. Are you going to cut off your son’s head as well as your own to beg for forgiveness before the Hundred-Saints Hall now?”

“A fool knows no fear. Still daring to boast? My Ironscale School will tear you into pieces. And as for you, old man, this is on your head as well.” Lei Yu screamed with eyes spewing a fiery fury. As a descendant of a big sect, he had never been humiliated like this before.

“Beg for forgiveness towards the hall?” The schoolmaster couldn’t help but laugh: “What the hell is this place that justifies my school begging for forgiveness? You have already committed an unforgivable sin, I shall take your head and offer it to my disciples so that they can watch from the heavens…”

“… as for you, Old Zhang.” The schoolmaster’s eyes turned cold as he spoke imposingly: “You sold this island to my school and took our money, yet you dare to renege on it? A crime worthy of death. Today, I will take this island in accordance to the agreement and crush the Hundred-Saints Hall.”

“Liar!” Zhang Baitu jumped out after hearing this and pointed at the schoolmaster: “Since, since when did I sell this island to your school?! This is simply coercion!”

“Is that right?” The schoolmaster sneered and took out a contract: “It is clearly written as such on this contract. I trust that in just a moment, your fingerprint will be on it on top of an oath with your true fate.”

Zhang Baitu trembled from anger. He knew what the school wanted to do, so he snapped: “Lei, don’t even think about it! I would commit suicide before letting you succeed! This island will forever belong to my clan, you won’t be able to take it!”

“Really now?” The schoolmaster smiled deviously: “I’m afraid your Zhang Clan is about to meet its end, do you still think the island will belong to the clan then?”

“You…” Zhang Baitu was quivering with rage and could no longer speak.

“To tell the truth, I’m a bit disappointed with you sea demons.” Li Qiye lazily stood up at this time: “It has been too long and you demons have such bad memories. Perhaps you all have forgotten who you can and cannot afford to provoke. It looks like I need to stain this place with blood as a reminder that this is the Hundred-Saints Hall, its holiness is inviolable and protected by the sages of the nine heavens and ten earths! Violators shall be killed without mercy!” With that, his eyes shot out a chilling murderous intent.

“Hahaha, protected by the sages!” Lei Yu couldn’t help but laugh with a cruel grimace: “Where are they now? Are you one of them? Haha, a junior like you dares to call yourself a sage? Hahaha, inviolable holiness? Our Ironscale School will trample this place and build another branch here!”

After Lei Yu finished speaking, Li Qiye suddenly appeared in front of him and spread out his palm to grab Lei Yu’s head.

“What, what are you doing?!” Lei Yu was stunned from shock and wanted to run towards his father. However, it was too late.

“Rip!” His head and his spine were instantly pulled out by Li Qiye as blood spattered everywhere.

“No…” His head was still moving as he screamed before his imminent death.

“Little beast!” The schoolmaster couldn’t save his son in time and had to watch the process play out. He vomited blood from anger and cried in a furor: “Kill him! Tear him into pieces!”

He himself took out a saber and rushed forward.

“Junior, accept your death!” At this time, the elders and the other experts shouted aggressively. All of them wanted to kill Li Qiye with their numerical advantage.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Bursts of impacts resounded, followed by the sound of bones shattering. Next came the sounds of objects falling to the ground.

The schoolmaster and all of the experts fell to the ground at the same time like a flower in full bloom.

Blood quietly flowed from their bodies and soaked the ground and stone pavement. All of this happened in complete silence.

The schoolmaster’s eyes were wide open. Not even in death did he know how he died. Li Qiye was too fast, they didn’t even have the opportunity to react.

“What…” Zhang Baitu struggled to calm down. He was quivering with fear and stumbled several steps backward. Even though he had seen killing before, this was his first time seeing such a brutal massacre.

Li Qiye once again sat down on the stone steps as if nothing had happened.

“Hang them all on the trees.” He commanded nonchalantly: “Let the world know that the Hundred-Saints Hall is the resting place of brave spirits. No one can violate its sanctity. Some people should start remembering better!”

“This, this is not good, the Ironscale School will go mad.” Zhang Baitu hesitated and said: “This isn’t only provoking the school, it will be going against the entire Sea Demon Race.”

“You just need to listen.” Li Qiye flatly replied: “The Ironscale School and sea demons are meaningless. If the overlords of this race understand the significance of the Hundred-Saints Hall, they will tuck their tails between their legs!”

Zhang Baitu paused for a bit before following Li Qiye’s directions and started to hang the bodies on the trees. Doing so in the most conspicuous location was truly sending a message to their enemies.

After taking care of business, he returned to Li Qiye’s side and asked: “What now?”

“What else but to destroy the Ironscale School? I stay true to my words!” Li Qiye smiled and stood up to look at the plaque of the temple.

“Boom!” The crow on the plaque seemed to come alive. It suddenly opened its eyes while the plaque shot out an endless light. In an instant, the plaque flew away with the momentum of an invincible cavalry.

“Bang!” A violent world-destroying aura instantly rushed out. It broke through the void and emerged in the sky above the Ironscale School.

“What’s happening?” The ancestors there were confused after sensing this invincible aura engulf their school.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Metallic explosions occurred. The plaque underwent a great change, as if it was a gigantic armored deity descending from the sky.

“Boom!” The earth shook while an impossibly high tidal wave rose to the sky. The entirety of the Dragon Demon Sea was affected by the tremors.

The plaque carried the supreme will of an unstoppable cavalry and instantly penetrated the ancestral ground of the Ironscale School. Despite the multi-layered defensive barriers, the ancestral ground couldn’t withstand a single blow and was immediately annihilated.

“No!” The ancestors couldn’t help but scream after seeing the destruction of their ancestral ground. It was too late. With just one attack, the Ironscale School completely collapsed as the blood of its disciples stained the sea.

Many people felt this change and were astonished. Dongting Lake was the closest sect. It was alarmed as well, but no one knew what was going on.

The invincible will of a cavalry had crossed through the heaven and earth, causing countless creatures to tremble.

This commotion had startled a few truly supreme existence. In the highest location of Rainbow City, one person among the clouds suddenly stood up in shock. Their eyes illuminated the world.

“Which blind fool maneuvered against the Hundred-Saints Hall!” This person was moved by this development: “That is the place protected by the sages, so which idiot decided to blaspheme the brave spirits? That is simply courting death.”

Other sects and lineages didn’t know what was going on. It was only after a long time that these few ancient existences finally calmed down.

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