Chapter 1235: Minor Zen School

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Chapter 1235: Minor Zen School

After a long time, an ancient existence who actually knew about what happened movingly spoke: “The Hundred-Saints Hall is the untouchable resting place of heroes. A few fools do not know and only think of it and Dongting Lake as a treasure land worth coveting. Why don’t they think about the reason it has been untouched for millions of years? Whatever, just a few fools wanting to die. My old bones do not want to join such muddy waters.”

After commenting, this existence went back to sleep and ignored this matter completely.

Back on the island, the plaque returned to the top of the temple. It was still incomparably old like before.

Zhang Baitu had fallen to his knees from the pressure emanating from the invincible aura. It took him a long time to calm down. Nevertheless, he was still stunned. Not even in his dreams would he have thought that this old plaque of the hall carried such power.

Eventually, he stood up and looked at it while stammering: “This, this thing is…”

He took half a day, yet he couldn’t enunciate a whole sentence clearly. 1

“You still don’t understand? The wise sages protecting the hall does not refer to me.” Li Qiye flatly said: “They are the spirits of the Zhang, Xu, and Hong Clans, answering the call once more.”

“Spirits?” Zhang Baitu was dazed for a moment.

“Your ancestors were benevolent, broad-minded, and brave. They were not the most powerful of their generation, but many Godkings still admired them. This was not because of their achievements or strength, but because of their magnanimous and pious minds on top of being very loyal. These characteristics are worthy of admiration, as precious as gold and jade.” With that, he looked at Zhang Baitu and continued: “But as for their unfilial descendants, look at what they have done. Turning on each other for petty power, cutting off all ties. When your ancestors stood at the peak to look down on the world, they still didn’t think about competing for power! How can you all not be ashamed with them watching you from above?!”

Zhang Baitu was unable to calm down. He imagined the scenes when the three clans struggled together. He saw them in one camp, not abandoning each other even in the face of death…

“You will follow me for now.” Li Qiye commanded: “Go tidy up your belongings, I will go on ahead. Wait for me in Rainbow City.”

After issuing the command, he pointed at the air and created a portal, leaving instantly.

Meanwhile, Zhang Baitu stood there absentmindedly. After a long time, he eventually calmed down yet still felt like this was a dream before going to pack his things.

There were many islands outside of Dongting Lake. Of course, they couldn’t compare to the lake whether in size or resources.

Among them, the Minor Zen School could be considered a powerful lineage with five islands. Their entire ancestral ground was built on these five landmasses.

The Minor Zen School was fairly far from Dongting Lake. It was established by humans as well and only consisted of humans cultivators. This gave it a bit of fame in the Dragon Demon Sea.

There was a guest today who specifically wanted to meet its schoolmaster. If it was any other sect, it wouldn’t be so simple to see a schoolmaster like this. After all, it was a prestigious position, not just anyone could see them.

However, the Minor Zen School was a relatively small lineage. Their schoolmaster didn’t put on airs; after hearing that a young human wanted to see him, a personal reception was in order.

In the room, he and the guest sat down before he finally looked at this young man. It was a very normal-looking person with no semblance of a master.

Nevertheless, being the leader of a small sect he trod very carefully, regardless of who he might be talking to.

“May I have your name?” Eventually, he cupped his fists in greeting.

“Li Qiye.” It turned out that after leaving the hall, he went straight for the Minor Zen School.

His purpose was to find out more information on Su Yonghuang.

After hearing the name “Li Qiye”, the schoolmaster immediately stood up and respectfully cupped his fists again: “So it is Young Noble Li from Peacock Land. Excuse me, this lowly one has eyes yet failed to see Mt. Tai. Please forgive us.”

As a leader, he had his own intelligence channels, especially regarding news that related to the human race. The story of Li Qiye sacrificing a billion Teeming Fish for the Peacock Tree had also spread to the Dragon Demon Sea.

Li Qiye was satisfied with the schoolmaster’s attitude and nodded.

The schoolmaster didn’t expect the successor of the Peacock Tree to come to the Dragon Demon Sea. He was quite surprised and emotionally spoke: “Young Noble Li, you are the great disciple of the Peacock Tree and will be the master of Peacock Land in this generation. It looks like the human race will continue to have a sanctuary in the Heaven Spirit World.”

Many people considered Li Qiye to be the tree controller or even a disciple of the Peacock Tree.

Li Qiye didn’t bother correcting this misunderstanding. He nodded and said: “I didn’t come today for anything relating to Peacock Land. I only want to ask about a woman that has been here.”

“You must be asking about Miss Su?” The schoolmaster thought about a certain person after hearing this.

Li Qiye looked at him and nodded again: “Yes, I want to know what you gave her.”

The schoolmaster trembled internally. He hesitated and spoke unwillingly: “Well, it is not that I don’t trust you, but this relates to someone else’s personal business.”

“Don’t worry, I know her better than you. We are from the same sect.” Li Qiye flatly said: “But I can still make a guess even if you don’t tell me since it looks like you’re not completely human.”

The schoolmaster was shocked to hear this: “What do you mean, Young Noble?”

“You know what I’m talking about.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “The bloodline of the Undying Gate flows through you. Even though it is very faint, its mark is indelible. It’s only just that the bloodline marking of Immortal Emperor Bu Si’s clan would be extraordinary.”

The master took several steps backward and stared at Li Qiye in horror. Outsiders shouldn’t know such things, yet Li Qiye was able to see through it with his all-piercing eyes.

The schoolmaster calmed down and sat back in his chair before wryly smiling: “Your insight is wonderful. This lowly one won’t hide it anymore.”

He sighed and continued: “You are right, one of my female ancestors was indeed from the Undying Gate. After its decline, she married her husband here at the Dragon Demon Sea.”

“She also brought some items from the Undying Gate to this place.” Li Qiye speculated. The thing he was curious about was how the ancestor from the Su Clan had a connection with the Undying Gate.

“A few treasures.” The schoolmaster admitted: “But none of them are particularly incredible.”

Li Qiye laughed and gently shook his head: “Don’t worry, I’m not here for treasures. Plus, if I wanted treasures from the Undying Gate, I wouldn’t have come here.”

“Ah, there is a misunderstanding.” The schoolmaster hurriedly smiled in response: “She brought along a few items in her dowry that have been used up long ago. If I had a world-shattering treasure, the Minor Zen School wouldn’t be a small lineage right now.”

“Then what did you give Miss Su?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“A map.” To which the schoolmaster responded: “But it is not a treasure map or anything. It is a very strange map with no use. If it wasn’t for Miss Su bringing the other half of the map with her, I wouldn’t have known that it was half of a map in the first place. She had to have it, so she paid an exorbitant amount of refined jades for it.”

Li Qiye casually asked: “What kind of map is it?”

The schoolmaster revealed a wry smile and said: “To tell the truth, I don’t know what kind of map it is either. It was thrown into a corner at home and no one has ever looked at it before. After Miss Su brought the other half here, I finally remembered it. After she received the other half, I also took a quick look. It is a very strange map, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.”

“Of course, it is definitely not an art for eternal life.” In the end, he added this sentence lest Li Qiye have some misunderstanding.

Li Qiye burst into laughter: “I know what you mean. Rest assured, I am not here for the art of immortality. If such an item could fall into your hands so easily, countless people for the past millions of years wouldn’t have been searching for it. It’s not something you can possess.”

“Your keen insight is worthy of admiration.” The schoolmaster became relieved after hearing this. He didn’t want Li Qiye to think that he once had the art of immortality.

If this news were to spread, then a disaster would befall their school.

“Thank you for your time, goodbye.” After his inquiries, he understood that the schoolmaster had limited knowledge, so there was no need to pry further.

In fact, he was not in a rush to find Su Yonghuang. As long as she wasn’t in any danger, he was fine with it. He was only curious about what she actually did to make even the skeletal horse of Immortal Emperor Bu Si start running outside.

Of course, he also knew that the collapse of the Immortal Emperor back then wasn’t so simple. Otherwise, the emperor wouldn’t have left some cautionary measures.

The schoolmaster enthusiastically asked: “If you don’t mind, can you stay in our humble abode for a few days?” Li Qiye was the successor of the Peacock Tree. In the future, he could become a leader for the human race in the Heaven Spirit World, thus the schoolmaster wanted to befriend Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head. He glanced at the master and casually took out a wooden box: “Thank you for your hospitality. This is a greeting gift, goodbye for now.”

The master was taken aback. He accepted the wooden box and whiffed a medicinal fragrance. He looked up to say: “Young Noble, you are too polite…”

However, Li Qiye had already disappeared without a trace.

The schoolmaster eventually calmed down and opened the wooden box. He was astounded and stumbled several steps backward while unable to believe his eyes: “One million year old Blood Ginseng!”

This truly frightened him because it was just a greeting gift. How extravagant was this? It wasn’t an item he would even dare to think about.

Li Qiye gave it to him due to his honesty. If he wasn’t someone who took pride in being a schoolmaster, Li Qiye wouldn’t have given him the gift.

After the schoolmaster calmed down, he quickly put it away. Such an item could bring about a sect-ending disaster for them if others were to find out.

1. Half a day is an expression, he didn’t actually stammer for 12 hours.

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