Chapter 1290: Martial Sisters

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Chapter 1290: Martial Sisters

“You!” Liu Ruyan resembled a cat that had its tail stepped on, instantly jumping back. She glared at Li Qiye with both fear and embarrassment. Even though her speech was bold, innocence was still part of her nature.

What frustrated her even more was that Li Qiye showed no mercy at all. Her butts were burning with pain, especially if she sat down.

Li Qiye sat back and glanced at the girl to say: “I’m not someone you can tease as you please. I’ll even strip you for a public display, what do you say about that?”

She gave him a fierce look and angrily replied: “Do you not know how to be a gentleman at all?”

As the Evil Devourer Schoolmaster, she enjoyed a high position in the Heaven Spirit World. Moreover, she herself was enchantingly beautiful and enough to sway the soul of any man. It could be said that she was a demoness of the calamity level, a moon surrounded by the stars in the eyes of men.

No man had ever been this rude to her, but today, Li Qiye was both rude and unmerciful.

“Gentleman?” He smiled, revealing his perfectly white teeth: “Of course I know how to be a gentleman, but that depends on who I’m dealing with.”

Despite her frustration, there was nothing she could do about it. She was aware of his notoriety from having killed beauties like Gongsun Meiyu and Shangguan Feiyan without any mercy at all. It was no longer surprising for this fierce man to do what he wished.

She sat back down but felt a stinging pain, causing her to frown.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing her expression: “It looks like I was a bit too rough.”

The remark sounded quite sarcastic.

“It’s good that you are aware.” She glared at him again without losing any of her charm.

He seemed to be enjoying her presence, evident by his smile. This, in turn, made her embarrassed as shown by her giving him the side-eye.

Li Qiye ignored her stare and took his time enjoying the tea before speaking: “This tea from your Evil Devourer School is quite good, but to be honest, your charming demeanor is even better than this tea.”

Who knows if this remark was meant to be a praise or mockery. Meanwhile, she elegantly poured a full cup of tea for him, rendering a very pleasurable scene.

She sat there quietly as he drank the tea. Although she was still, she exuded a different style of attractiveness.

After finishing the cup, he looked at her and cheerfully asked: “What do you want?”

She poured another cup for him in a very comforting style and revealed a smile that would cause the body to go soft: “To steal my senior sister’s man, is that alright? All the elders in the sect want her to bear your child in order to spread your bloodline.”

“All because of the imperial bloodline?” He couldn’t help but chuckle.

She playfully smirked and blinked her eyes: “I heard that outside of our progenitor, no one else from our school was able to become a true whale rider. If your bloodline is passed down, maybe we will gain a new rider.”

Li Qiye chuckled in response. He understood this very well since their schools didn’t only want an imperial bloodline, these ancestors sought another whale rider.

After a while, Li Qiye changed the topic: “I heard your sister had married.”

She replied: “I am different from her. She always placed the school first to the point of sacrificing herself. However, she is also the ideal wife in the minds of men. Elegant, noble, sensible, understanding, wise but not overbearing… which man wouldn’t like her?”

Li Qiye teased: “Aren’t you jealous?”

She chuckled in response: “Why would I be? She has her path and I have mine. Instead of being a virtuous wife like her, I prefer to be rebellious. The path of the grand dao is arduous. It isn’t easy being a cultivator, so why should anyone burden themselves with so many responsibilities? Be free and true to your desires, that’s how it should be.”

He was amused by the answer as he looked at her. She felt no apprehension under his stare and instead met it directly.

“Be free and true to your desires, well said.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

“I might not be a proper schoolmaster, but I’m definitely a proper cultivator.” She smiled.

“Of course, you can reconsider.” She playfully winked: “I heard some men have a particular penchant for married women. The more powerful they are, the more unimaginable their tastes are. Even though my sister was a married woman, she is still a virgin and absolutely suitable for you.”

“I’m fully aware of what kind of woman is suitable for me.” He smiled in response: “Your so-called competing against your sister is only a facade for you to help her.”

“Is that so?” She winked once more and provocatively smiled while lightheartedly saying: “Not necessarily, a man like you is very attractive and enough to fascinate young girls. It isn’t strange for me to compete against her.”

“Oh?” He leisurely replied: “If the old men from your schools want something from me, fine, I’ll fulfill their wish. If both your sister and yourself warm my bed, I will consider it.”

“Wow, Young Noble, you have quite an appetite, wanting to hit two swans with one arrow… Holding beauties from both sides to fully enjoy the pleasure of men.” She smiled: “That’s quite an ambition you have there.”

Li Qiye faintly smiled: “I said I’m only reconsidering since the one losing out in this deal is me.”

She took another glance at this nonchalant man ahead of her and sentimentally sighed: “A confident man is so attractive, you’re truly swaying my heart.”

“Alright little beauty, there’s no need to goad me.” Li Qiye said: “Let your senior sister come out, your tricks aren’t fooling anyone.”

Sure enough, Zhuo Jianshi came out from within the boat. She bowed before him and sincerely said: “Excuse us again. If we have done anything foolish, please punish us.”

Her attitude was very sincere as she maintained a very low posture. Nevertheless, she was still incredibly elegant and had a hint of sexiness. It was quite difficult to not like someone such as her, especially when her soft and silky voice entered one’s ears; they would feel quite comfortable upon hearing her voice.

“Well, I’m not from your school, so there’s no need for this type of formality and punishment.” He gently waved his sleeve.

“Young Noble, you are discerning with matchless wisdom, nothing can elude you.” Liu Ruyan smiled: “But this isn’t my sister’s fault. It was my idea, so if you want to blame someone, blame me.”

Li Qiye only looked at the two of them since he didn’t really mind: “Even your three schools do not make exceptions for you two?”

Zhuo Jianshi was hesitant to respond as she was unsure how to phrase it. In the end, she chose to stay silent.

Liu Ruyan movingly smiled instead: “It can’t be helped. At times, cultivators won’t be able to escape their responsibilities. If you don’t mind, how about leaving your bloodline with us? It will be a meritorious deed.”

Li Qiye looked at the two and smiled: “Who will be waiting first? Or will both of you come together?”

Such directness left Jianshi feeling hot. Even though the upper echelons of the schools wished for this, she was still a girl, so she inevitably became embarrassed when faced with this problem.

Ruyan fared better as she was still smiling: “It is okay if you want to have both of us.”

Li Qiye lightly laughed before answering: “Forget it, there’s no need to talk about this matter. Go back and tell the old geezers to give up on this idea. I won’t casually have children or leave behind my bloodline for your schools.”

With that, he stood up, intending to leave.

Jianshi softly sighed after hearing this response. What could she do about it? She understood that a man like Li Qiye wasn’t so easily tempted by women.

“If you are going to the Bonesea, why don’t we go together?” Ruyan chuckled: “Or are you afraid of being seduced by our charm so you don’t dare being close to us?”

“Really now?” He looked at her and actually sat back down: “Fine, I want to see just what kind of charm the two of you possess.”

He naturally knew that this was her way of goading him, but he still stayed in the end.

She boldly told Jianshi: “Big Sis, since Young Noble is staying, shouldn’t we be offering our service like giving him a massage?”

Jianshi instantly turned red. Even though she had agreed with the ancestors in the sect and was prepared to sacrifice herself, this was still her first time serving a man.

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