Chapter 1292: Lithodidae Overlord

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Chapter 1292: Lithodidae Overlord

Li Qiye looked at the two and gleefully said: “It is indeed possible that your Windchase Break has fallen into the Bonesea.”

“How likely is it?” Even Jianshi, who has always been dignified and graceful, couldn’t contain herself.

Li Qiye took another sip of tea. He cleared his throat then smiled: “There’s no need to be so anxious, little beauty. Since I have said so, it means that the possibility is very high. If it isn’t one hundred percent, it would at least be eighty or ninety percent…”

Li Qiye abruptly stopped at this point. His eyes flashed while looking outside.

Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi were startled a bit, but they quickly regained their wits. Both were true experts, so they exchanged a glance before looking outside as well.

Ruyan coldly glared at the bottom of the boat and declared: “Roll out here, whoever is hiding below.”

Jianshi also realized that someone was hiding under the boat, so she became much more cautious.

With that, a figure climbed up from the boat’s hull. He slightly wobbled forward after getting on.

It was an old man dressed in gray. He was not especially tall, but his arms were very muscular and powerful. They looked like they would be a match for dragon claws.

Anyone would be convinced that these arms had the power to move mountains and flip seas with their infinite might.

But there was something even more eye-catching than his arms. He had a wooden coffin on his shoulders. It looked ordinary, but countless runes were engraved on it.

His powerful arms were holding onto it for dear life, as if it was a supreme treasure. At the same time, he was stained with blood and wounds from a multitude of weapons. Some arrows were still stuck in his body.

It was a human, so after seeing his own kin, he was glad and stumbled forward. His legs turned weak as he kneeled on the deck.

“Young Noble, please save me!” He was panting heavily after shouting his request as if the words had used up all of his strength.

An old man covered in wounds came out of nowhere with a wooden coffin. Any logical person wouldn’t take him in. Ruyan and Jianshi glanced at each other before looking at this old man.

Li Qiye was also staring at him. To be exact, he was looking at the wooden coffin. His eyes were attracted to it as if there was a supreme treasure or beauty inside. He didn’t look away for a very long time.

Their boat slowly stopped. Both girls slightly frowned and knew that something was about to happen.

Ruyan grimaced and asked: “Why have we stopped?”

“Schoolmaster, the Lithodidae Overlord’s battleship is in front of us. He wishes to board.” The disciple controlling the boat reported with haste.

“Lithodidae Overlord.” This name made Jianshi furrow her brows as she spoke: “His notoriety can’t be overstated.”

With that, she glanced at the kneeling old man. His body froze and was even shivering after hearing this title. Even though he tried his best to control his emotions, he couldn’t fool the two girls.

They didn’t make a decision and instead turned towards Li Qiye. Without a doubt, they were waiting for him to decide.

After a while, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and returned to his chair before lazily saying: “Let him board.”

After hearing Li Qiye’s approval, Ruyan immediately ordered the disciples: “Let him up.”

The old man anxiously shouted: “Young Noble, please, please save me since we are both kindred spirits. Save both the old and young!” He was quite frightened.

Li Qiye only smiled without promising or refusing the old man. He quietly sat there and stared at the old man with great interest.

A short moment later, a person boarded the ship. Before he even arrived, a huge shadow was cast on the deck. In the blink of an eye, a burly man appeared in sight.

He had the aura of a tyrannical king that could look down on the entire world. He wore a tight robe, showing off the details of his muscles. His body was surging with power, especially when he clenched his fists, lightning seemed to be running through his entire being.

He resembled a mad dragon that could destroy the world anytime.

His forehead was covered with markings, making him look like a giant crab. Not only did they make him uglier, they also added to his vicious yet regal aura.

The Lithodidae Overlord was a famous ruler at the Dragon Demon Sea from the Regal Valley. This was a lineage everyone knew in this region. It was created by the Lithodidae Sea God, someone who lived during the generation of Immortal Emperor Yin Long, the most recent sea god in history.

His notoriety was not only built on his ancestral shadow. He himself was quite powerful and stood out even in the vast Dragon Demon Sea. Of course, the reason for his infamy was not his strength, but rather, his ruthlessness. He would massacre someone’s entire race for opposing him.

Furthermore, he also enjoyed hunting famous people or young talents with great potential even if they didn’t provoke him. In fact, he had a penchant for hunting rare races as well.

He enjoyed certain abnormal acts such as taking their heads or other precious things as trophies.

He had hunted enemies more powerful than himself and even poisonous and ferocious creatures. More often than not, it wouldn’t be a head-on confrontation since he was a man of subterfuge. Using numbers and traps were among the methods he would employ in order to hunt his enemies.

Moreover, he himself greatly enjoyed the process. Because of this, he was notorious. Few would dare to provoke him since the Regal Valley was mighty as well.

“So it is Schoolmaster Zhuo and Schoolmaster Liu. Excuse my sudden visit.” He cupped his fist after seeing the two girls.

Despite his polite gesture, his eyes showed flashes of desire after seeing the two beauties. Of course, he hid it quite well.

Ruyan sat right next to Li Qiye while Jianshi was still giving his back a massage.

“Lithodidae Overlord, long time no see.” Ruyan gently nodded without moving.

Even though he was a wicked tyrant, in terms of strength, status, and influence, he was no match for Ruyan and Jianshi. The Regal Valley was inferior to the Void Imperfection Three Schools as well.

His eyes fell upon Li Qiye, but he didn’t recognize the youth so he turned towards the kneeling old man. He immediately asked the two girls: “Schoolmasters, this person is a traitor to our Regal Valley. He stole our supreme treasure and fled. We have chased him all the way here, so I hope Schoolmasters will hand this traitor over to us. We shall give him a fair and just trial.”

“Schoolmasters, I, I am not a traitor to the Regal Valley and I definitely didn’t steal any treasure from them since I’m a vagabond. Schoolmasters, Young Noble, you must believe me!” The old man grew nervous after hearing the overlord, so he quickly defended himself.

“Schoolmasters, don’t listen to his lies, he is adept at deceiving others.” The overlord replied: “If you don’t believe me, you can go to our Regal Valley for verification…”

“He’ll stay.” At this time, Li Qiye casually told the overlord: “You can leave now.”

The overlord’s expression turned stiff after hearing this response. However, he put on a smile and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye: “May I know your name?”

With characters like the two women serving the youth, the overlord didn’t dare to show contempt. He thought that this might be an ancestor of the three schools.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye casually stated his name. His eyes were on the coffin; he seemed to be particularly interested in the runes.

“So it is Young Noble Li, your prestige has spread quite far. I have been your admirer for a long time.” The overlord inwardly quivered after hearing this name. He finally knew just what kind of person he had encountered.

Recently, Li Qiye’s fierce fame soared like a dragon to let him become the number one among the younger generation of the humans. He even caught up with the Seashield Prince, the Martial Goddess, and the Profound Monarch.

Li Qiye only casually acknowledged the compliments with a hum. He didn’t even bother to look at the overlord.

“Young Noble Li, this man is a traitor to our valley and is holding our supreme treasure…” The overlord was quite dissatisfied with Li Qiye’s arrogant attitude, but he managed to endure his annoyance.

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