Chapter 1334: Slap

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Chapter 1334: Slap

Jianshi’s firm attitude in her direct rejection astounded Cao Guojian. He came prepared. As long as the Void Imperfection Three Schools had any intention to form an alliance, many conditions would be negotiable.

But now, Jianshi didn’t even bother discussing the conditions — this caught him completely off.

Guojian tried again: “Schoolmaster Zhuo, you should take your time instead of answering right away—”

Ruyan coldly interrupted him this time: “There’s no need to think twice. Sister Zhuo’s words represent my Evil Devourer School as well as the Void Imperfection Schools.”

Jianshi’s refusal was one thing, but Ruyan’s words gave Guojian a hard time accepting the result.

All of his preparations and calculations had been wasted. He took a deep breath and told them with great austerity: “Schoolmasters, you two should already know that when my master comes out, no one will be able to impede his path. I’m not self-praising or advertising needlessly, no one in this world is qualified for the throne outside of my master!”

This tone carried great fanfare. However, it was not a shameless boast since it did contain some truth. Even in all of the nine worlds, few could compete against Meng Zhentian, at least for the next ten years.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after hearing this. At this critical juncture, his laughter immediately changed Guojian’s expression. He already had quite a prejudice against Li Qiye, but he decided to set this enmity aside and prioritized the alliance instead.

But now, this untimely laughter seemed to be aimed at their Dream Empyrean and his master, Meng Zhentian.

Guojian was still quite a character. He didn’t immediately turn on Li Qiye on the spot and instead coldly asked: “May I ask why you are laughing, Young Noble Li?”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Nothing, it was just a casual laugh, but since you have asked, I’ll answer you. Your master shouldn’t dream about the position of Immortal Emperor.”

Guojian’s expression turned unsightly. Bao Yujiang, who had been posing calmly next to him, suddenly jumped up.

Yujiang shouted: “Li, don’t be presumptuous! My grandmaster is invincible in the nine heavens, just these words alone justify your death without a burial!”

Li Qiye didn’t bother glancing at the clamoring youth. Guojian slightly waved his sleeve to calm his disciple before lowering his tone towards Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, I have heard of your feud with my disciple. As a senior, I won’t involve myself in this feud of the younger generation. I know that you are a great talent. If you join my master, I’m sure you will eventually become a great general. Your feud with my disciple will surely disappear as well. My master has a deep appreciation for geniuses, this is a great opportunity for you to rise…”

Guojian was an eloquent man who gave off a very generous tone. This manner of conduct befitted his status.

However, Li Qiye interrupted him and smiled: “Save these words for someone else. Your master alone isn’t qualified to recruit me.”

“You!” Cao Guojian couldn’t endure this blatant disrespect.

His master could deter the nine worlds. Who else would be emperor besides him? But today, a junior like Li Qiye provoked him to this degree, how could Guojian bear this anger?

Yujiang shouted: “Ignorant fool, keep on running your mouth! Master, teach him a lesson—”

“Pah!” Before he could finish, Li Qiye’s slap had already blown him away, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“What are you doing!” Guojian eventually snapped with a grimace.

Li Qiye faintly smiled: “He said to give me a lesson, so why do I need to be reserved any longer? As his master, is it time for you to teach me a lesson too?”

“Li Qiye, halt your impudence.” Guojian was furious as he uttered: “I might not care about your troublemaking, but this doesn’t mean you can act arrogant before me!” 1

At this time, his eyes emitted a terrifying light. The divine sword on his back starting to ring. Even though it was still sheathed, it already exuded a horrifying sword intent!

Bao Yujiang climbed up from the deck and loudly shouted: “Master, avenge me, kill this little animal and flay his skin…”

The cultivators outside didn’t know what was going on. To their astonishment, Bao Yujiang was suddenly blown away.

Li Qiye smiled and came outside after hearing this. He leisurely replied: “Well, I haven’t exercised for a few days now. You want to fight, right? Come out then, don’t break someone else’s boat.”

Bao Yujiang was frightened after seeing Li Qiye come out and staggered backward. Even though he was emboldened by his master as his backer, he was still quite scared of Li Qiye from the previous beating.

“They want to fight!” The spectators weren’t sure what was going on, but they knew a big fight was about to break out.

“Li Qiye, that’s enough!” Guojian knew that his disciple was far from being a match for Li Qiye. He immediately stood before Yujiang and coldly said: “You might be strong, but you can’t do as you please! The Dream Empyrean’s disciples aren’t so easily bullied!”

While hiding behind his master, Yujiang grew bolder and exclaimed: “That’s right! Li, you are nothing yet you still dare to talk about competing against my grandmaster? You aren’t even worthy of carrying his shoes, he could crush you with one finger!”

He was still indignant about the previous beating and wanted to kill Li Qiye for revenge, but he knew that he was not a match. He wanted to egg his master into killing Li Qiye. This was the only way for him to wash away the humiliation from before.

Cao Guojian frowned after hearing him. He came for the alliance, but his disciple’s words intensified the atmosphere. However, he wouldn’t scold his disciple in public.

His disciple had been bullied by someone, so if he were to scold him right now, others would think that their Dream Empyrean consisted of pushovers.

“Oh? I actually want to see just how powerful Meng Zhentian is. As the saying goes, kill the young and the old will come out, right?” Having said that with a grin, Li Qiye’s figure suddenly flashed and went straight for Yujiang.

Guojian was surprised to see this attack. His divine sword left its scabbard in order to stop Li Qiye.

“Lord Cao, if you want to fight, I’ll entertain you for a bit!” Jianshi’s sword swung straight for Guojian in response.

“Clank!” The two swords collided, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Their brilliance assaulted the sky.

Guojian’s expression showed that he was now serious. His blood energy erupted alongside the murderous aura of a Godking. His sword dao instantly expanded and wanted to trap Li Qiye and stop Jianshi’s attack.

However, Jianshi showed no weakness. With a buzz, her physique appeared with its dazzling light, the Sacred Spring Physique!

In this split second, her blood energy surged like a storm. It became several hundred times or even thousands of times stronger while empowering her next destructive slash.

Her attack instantly reached its limit like a group of stars exploding. It created an absolute sword domain that came down on Guojian’s sword dao.

“Clank!” The two swords suppressed each other to a standstill. In the past, Guojian’s sword dao had the advantage, but it couldn’t advance under Jianshi’s absolute sword domain.

In terms of cultivation, Jianshi was indeed not a match for Guojian who was a Grand Godking. However, she had a half-completion Immortal Physique.

Once her Sacred Spring Physique activated, she would have boundless blood energy, allowing her power to soar wildly.

Even the most ordinary move would become the most domineering and vicious attack due to her endless blood energy.

This Sacred Spring Physique could boost one’s blood energy to undepletable amounts and last forever. This meant that a cultivator with this physique might not be the most powerful on the battlefield, but they would definitely be the most resilient!

1. Guojian changed his tone here. His “I” shows that he thinks he is above Li Qiye. The “you” is informal/rude now too.

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