Chapter 1335: True Power

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Chapter 1335: True Power

While Jianshi’s absolute sword domain confronted Guojian’s sword dao, Li Qiye had already swept Yujiang off his feet and held him by the throat.

Yujiang’s eyes turned white as he gasped for air. Li Qiye maintained his grip and chuckled: “If an ant continues to crawl beneath my feet, wanting to bite, I won’t mind stomping it to death.”

“Ma-master, save me!” When death was this close, Yujiang finally felt fear as he turned pale and begged his master for help.

“Li Qiye, do you really want to become enemies with our Dream Empyrean?” Guojian was alarmed as well. Even though he was a Grand Godking, he couldn’t quickly defeat Jianshi. Moreover, she herself had an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!

He had no choice but to shout and reveal his backing when his disciple’s life was hanging by a thread: “Li Qiye, rethink things over! If you kill my disciple today, you will become our enemy! At that point, there will be no place for you left in this world!”

Guojian’s threat was blatant, but it wasn’t just an arrogant rhetoric. Many cultivators shuddered after hearing this, including paragons from the previous generation.

Killing Meng Zhentian’s granddisciple in front of this many people was something unforgivable. Meng Zhentian’s power was as clear as day. If he actually became the Immortal Emperor, one could easily imagine the consequences of being his enemy. Just as Guojian has said, the world might be vast, but there will be no place for them to hide!

Thus, one needed to weigh their own ability after hearing such a threat. However, this didn’t seem to apply to Li Qiye who only smiled in response.

Ruyan also chuckled and emotionlessly said: “Lord Cao, is this your personal opinion, or are you representing your master’s will?”

“I’m speaking on behalf of my master!” He immediately replied: “Li Qiye, if you seek self-preservation, let go of my disciple right now or face the consequences!”

He was afraid of breaking the vase while trying to kill the mouse. He couldn’t kill Jianshi in a short period of time and knew that even if he tried to save Yujiang, it would only be pushing him further towards death. Thus, he had to borrow his master’s prestige to intimidate Li Qiye into sparing his disciple.

This was met with a carefree smile from Li Qiye: “I actually want to see Meng Zhentian’s will and if it can save his granddisciple or not.”

Having said that, he clenched his fingers. A cracking sound resounded along with Yujiang’s scream. His soul almost left his body from fright as he yelled: “Master, save me!”

Provoking Meng Zhentian this blatantly left everyone stunned silly.

“Stop! Behold my master’s decree!” Having said that, Guojian unrolled a scroll.

The word “pardon” was written on it. The character was written in a majestic manner; every stroke contained the rhythm of the dao. It also contained the invincible will of Meng Zhentian since it was handwritten by him.

Someone at his invincible level could impart their will into their writing that would then cause others to tremble in fear.

Many people’s knees uncontrollably shook after seeing this word.

It had yet to come down, but its divine aura alone was already enough to instill fear into their souls. One could extrapolate just how powerful Meng Zhentian was from this decree.

Everyone held their breaths after Guojian took out the scroll. The atmosphere instantly became oppressive.

It wasn’t just a decree that represented an invincible will. Keep in mind that Meng Zhentian was still alive and would become the Immortal Emperor. This meant that anyone who chose not to give him any consideration would be opposing him — an unforgivable feud. No matter who they might be, they must think twice before making this decision.

The dignified atmosphere made someone as great as Cao Guojian feel a bit smug. After all, his master’s prestige could still threaten the world like before. This will, his master’s glory was simply unstoppable, so of course he was proud and arrogant.

He had quite a momentum going as he declared: “Schoolmasters, this is my master’s inviolable will! If you wish to oppose my Dream Empyrean and my master, then invite your own masters first. This relates to your schools’ future, an existential crisis!”

At this time, the two sides were about to abandon all pretenses. Earlier, Guojian was still quite polite, but he was now furious after the quick exchange. Their Dream Empyrean was on the rise while his master was the sun at noon. Why should he tolerate such disrespect from the Void Imperfection Schools?

“What’s so great about Meng Zhentian’s decree?” Jianshi was much more graceful, but the demoness Ruyan didn’t share this personality.

She became irate towards Guojian’s threats: “Not to mention that he has yet to become emperor, even if he was one, his will does not represent everything! A decree, right? Very well, take a look at my Evil Devourer School’s will!”

Having said that, a scroll appeared in her hand. With a loud blast, four words showed up — “World, be exonerated!” They flowed as smooth as dancing dragons and phoenixes. Even though the style was refined and graceful, they had an aura capable of assaulting myriad ages.

It was an ancient scroll, yet its momentum didn’t wither in the slightest. Ruyan was already an unrestrained individual, so in her rage, she directed the decree straight at Cao Guojian.

This exoneration decree suppressed the entire region. An ethereal beauty capable of devouring the world seemed to be standing there among the characters.

A paragon who knew what it was shouted: “The decree of the Evil Devourer progenitor!”

Guojian didn’t think that Ruyan would immediately fight after a little argument without leaving any room for deliberation. He was shocked and had no choice but to also unleash the decree in his hand against the divine prestige of a grand completion Immortal Physique user.

“Boom!” The word “pardon” pierced the sun and flew across the world. A figure emerged within, stealing the brilliance of the celestials as it looked down on all existences!

“Meng Zhentian’s will!” Everyone knew who this figure was right away.

It represented his unstoppable will. Not only was he powerful, he was still alive. This meant that his will would be even stronger. It made everyone think that the real deal was standing before them.

Weaker cultivators couldn’t stand straight and had to kneel on the ground as they were unable to handle his pressure.

“Yet to be emperor but already acting like one!” Ruyan sneered. She fearlessly unleashed all the power in her scroll.

“Boom!” This decree seemingly vanished, giving room for a terrifying black hole to appear. The ethereal figure standing in the black hole had her hair fluttering in the wind. She looked around and was ready to devour gods and devils!

This was the will of the Evil Devourer progenitor. Even though she didn’t become an Immortal Emperor, she was an Immortal Physique user that could assail one!

With her will crashing down, Meng Zhentian’s figure also erupted and grew incomparably tall. He could seize the stars as well as the entire world in his palm. It was as if his stomp could flatten all things. However, this will couldn’t hold up against the physique user.

“Boom!” Under the constant suppression of the progenitor, Zhentian’s mighty figure suddenly dimmed. His sky-wearing body slowly shrunk.

A big shot murmured to himself: “This is a real grand completion master at the summit. Even if she didn’t have this physique, her cultivation back then must have been stronger than Meng Zhentian. This is a real existence capable of hurting an emperor!”

Both were decrees, but Meng Zhentian’s was inferior compared to the Evil Devourer progenitor’s. Despite the fact that he was still alive, his decree couldn’t resist her will.

After all, it was exactly what that cultivator said earlier, she was a true existence at the Emperor Assailant level. Her cultivation on top of her grand completion Immortal Physique granted her unfathomable might!

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