Chapter 1336: Merciless Slaughter

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Chapter 1336: Merciless Slaughter

“Rumble!” Meng Zhentian’s gigantic figure was being pressed down and became smaller and smaller. The word “Pardon” was fading away because of Ruyan’s decree.

Guojian’s expression turned ugly after seeing this. However, he was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off. He cried out and summoned a treasure. Under the strengthening of his blood energy, it emitted a powerful battle intent that fused with Meng Zhentian’s will, causing it to become much stronger. It was now able to withstand the suppression.

This was a treasure personally created by Zhentian. It contained both his powerful merit laws and battle intent.

“Meng Zhentian really is strong.” Many people were trembling after seeing this.

Although it might look like a fight between Ruyan and Guojian, it was a confrontation through time between the Evil Devourer progenitor and Meng Zhentian. Of course, the progenitor won the first exchange even though she was no longer in this world.

However, Zhentian had a treasure combined with his will. This allowed his shadow to stabilize the situation and withstand the pressure.

Jianshi elegantly asked in the back: “Lord Cao, you wish to test our arsenal?”

“Clank!” A sword appeared in her hand. In the blink of an eye, an Immortal Emperor’s aura went on a rampage as if an emperor had personally arrived.

“Boom!” Meng Zhentian’s figure couldn’t withstand this development and collapsed right away. The decree in Cao Guojian’s hand suddenly turned into ashes while he staggered backward. His blood energy was churning from the suppression now placed on him.

Jianshi’s sword was an imperial weapon left behind by Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. The result had been determined the moment it came out. Meng Zhentian’s will was no match for an Immortal Emperor’s!

In this brief moment, the scene went silent. Guojian was livid. Jianshi was right, they were comparing their arsenals!

“Your sect’s resources are still too weak.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Meng Zhentian himself might be able to do something, but you are only a fox borrowing the might of a tiger by coming here like this. Go back and tell Meng Zhentian that it doesn’t matter how strong he thinks he is, he better start acting smart or else during the imperial preselection, I will take off his head and hang it in the highest location in Heaven Spirit!”

With that, he twisted Bao Yujiang’s neck. The boy didn’t have time to scream. His eyes were wide open in astonishment since he didn’t expect Li Qiye to dare kill him in front of his master.

“You!” Guojian’s anger was unrestrainable. He wildly howled and wanted to rush forward, but Jianshi and Ruyan blocked his path.

One person had the decree of the Evil Devourer School while the other had an imperial sword. They activated their half completion Immortal Physiques as well — the Evil Devourer Physique and the Sacred Spring Physique.

It was easy to imagine their battle prowess when they had these artifacts with them.

Jianshi slowly said: “Lord Cao, we have heard of your prestige as a Grand Godking for a long time now. If you want to fight, we’ll entertain you!”

Ruyan was even more domineering. She grinned and said: “Lord Cao, I’m not intentionally belittling you, but even with your great cultivation, you are no match for us without an imperial weapon and only something given to you by your master.”

The atmosphere became serious and tense to the extreme. It was unfortunate that someone as strong as Cao Guojian had to face Ruyan and Jianshi.

The two sisters were already quite mighty and had stepped into the path of the grand era. Moreover, they also had their physiques to back up their cultivations.

In the contemporary, they weren’t necessarily weaker than the Seashield Prince, the Swiftdao God, or the Seven Sea Goddess at all! It was that they preferred to keep a low profile.

Guojian didn’t have an imperial weapon, so he didn’t have an absolute advantage over the sisters. At this time, it was clear to see which sect had more resources. Even though the Dream Empyrean’s progenitor was quite mighty, the sect itself never had an Immortal Emperor.

Li Qiye smiled and threw Yujiang’s head to Guojian while flatly declaring: “This is my warning! In this generation, no one but me is qualified to be called emperor!

With that, he ignored Guojian and went back inside the boat.

Guojian was trembling from anger. He initially came for an alliance, but it ended in a feud with the Void Imperfection Schools on top of his disciple’s death. In fact, this could have been avoided if it wasn’t for Bao Yujiang’s remark. Alas, there was nothing he could do since the wheels had been set in motion. He had no choice but to fight at that moment.

Everyone was holding their breaths. The scene of Li Qiye challenging Meng Zhentian was too shocking. Zhentian was currently untouchable, yet Li Qiye had no qualms at all with his domineering and arrogant style.

Eventually, Jianshi spoke in a serious tone: “Lord Cao, please return.”

Guojian gritted his teeth and said: “Schoolmaster Zhuo, you will regret your choice one day! The destruction of the Void Imperfection Schools will be because of this!”

“Lord Cao, thank you for worrying about our schools.” Ruyan chuckled: “Our choice is our own business. Moreover, you should wait until your master actually becomes an Immortal Emperor before talking about destroying us because with his current status, we can still easily suppress him!”

This was a grand declaration! It showed the true power and hidden aces of the Void Imperfection Schools! Many people suddenly realized something! Perhaps the schools still had existences capable of assailing Immortal Emperors right now!

It would be too shocking if this was true. Assailing emperors was a very serious topic! If they still had this type of existence, their schools would be completely unfathomable.

Guojian angrily stomped before leaving, not wanting to stay any longer. He would repay this humiliation one day, but his experienced self told him to endure for now.

The crowd was contemplating what had just transpired in silence while checking each other’s expressions.

Someone murmured: “Fierce is domineering and ferocious enough. Cao Guojian won’t be the only one angry, I’m afraid Meng Zhentian won’t swallow this very easily.”

An older character wondered: “Is this the prelude to the contest for the throne?”

An older paragon from the previous generation explained: “If Li Qiye wants to be emperor, he had to take this step. Meng Zhentian’s appearance meant that he would become the greatest rival to all the young geniuses who want to be emperor. It was just a matter of time before someone came out to challenge him. Since Zhentian has experienced the last competition, he has an advantage over the other geniuses. Nevertheless, Li Qiye is the first challenger.”

The knowledgeable people knew just how cruel the path towards emperor was. Countless geniuses had been buried, their bones paved the way for the next ruler! Meng Zhentian was an unavoidable mountain for all those who want to become emperor. However, no one expected Li Qiye to be the first challenger, and this soon at that.

Someone couldn’t help but speculate: “What is Li Qiye relying on in order to compete? Will the Peacock Tree be his dao protector, or perhaps an invincible ancestor from the Void Imperfection Schools?”

In their minds, Li Qiye was very powerful, but he still wasn’t a match for Meng Zhentian. He was too young; his cultivation wasn’t at that level just yet.

Given the circumstances, this meant that Li Qiye had people strong enough to protect him. Otherwise, he would be killed before being able to do anything.

The daoist commented with emotion after Li Qiye came back: “Your domineering style is something I won’t ever be able to learn.”

“If you had chosen the path of the heavens, you would have a chance as well.” Li Qiye glanced at the daoist and smiled.

The daoist shook his head in response with a wry smile: “No, I am glad to have picked the path of the grand era. My talents might allow me to compete with others, but after meeting you, I learned that I would have only become dried bones that pave your path towards invincibility. And I’m sure your path will have more than enough bones, so there’s no need to add mine to the pile.”

He spoke with great confidence while revealing the current balance of the competition!

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