Chapter 1338: Indestructible Diamond Physique

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Chapter 1338: Indestructible Diamond Physique

The rest of the group stared at the two. They had grown accustomed to Fairy’s speech. These two always talked about strange things that only the two of them could understand.

Li Qiye gently sighed after a long silence: “Heartache is good. It shows that your heart is still beating, that you are still alive. Something like this is unbelievable for you, so you should feel happy instead.”

She quietly asked: “Why is it that this pain lasts for so long?”

Li Qiye looked at her but didn’t know how to explain it right away. It wasn’t good to tell her before the time was ripe, so he softly said: “There is always pain and parting in this world. Countless calamities have fallen, and experiencing too much can torture the heart. When you understand why things come and go, you will be able to understand everything.”

“When I understand it all, will the pain go away?” She looked at him with her pretty eyes in a serious manner.

He found it difficult to answer since he didn’t wish to lie to her. In the end, he said: “You will find out when that day comes.”

Fairy gently nodded as her eyes became muddled again. Li Qiye walked forward and looked at the old rudder. He smiled and said to the daoist: “Go outside and remove your talisman.”

“For what?” The daoist was frightened after seeing this smile. He didn’t know what was going on.

“Fishing inevitably requires bait.” Li Qiye chuckled: “And you are a very fat and delicious bait.”

“Why me? Can I not be the bait?” The daoist replied with a pained expression.

“What are you afraid of?” Li Qiye looked at him with disdain: “You have the Indestructible Diamond Physique, so how are you going to die? Oh right, don’t fall down into the sea because you will drown even if your physique was stronger. Maybe you would be okay if it was at grand completion, but what you have right now won’t do.”

Ruyan smiled and chimed in: “Puresun Island Lord, you are the leader of the charming spirit race, a hero among men. If you don’t want to be the bait, do you want weak women like us to be the bait instead?”

“Schoolmaster Liu, there’s no need to praise me so much, I’ll just go be the bait then.” The daoist hastily surrendered with a wry smile.

He went to the deck and took a deep breath. His body exuded a glow with a buzz. It was glittering as if cast from gold and had a cold metallic sensation.

He no longer looked like a living person and more like a diamond sculpture. This was the Indestructible Diamond Physique, one of the twelve. It was completely impervious to weapons and all other existences. Some even said that at grand completion, the user would be unkillable regardless of the attack.

Of course, this was an exaggeration. However, it was prohibitively difficult to kill a user at grand completion; some would even argue that it was even harder than killing an Immortal Emperor.

The daoist’s physique was at half completion. In addition to his powerful cultivation, he would always be in an unlosable situation regardless of who his enemies were.

After activating his physique, he looked at Li Qiye and asked: “Can I begin?”

Li Qiye nodded and smiled: “Go for it, attract them and let them beat you up.”

The daoist sighed and took off his talisman. The skeletons on the ship immediately reacted. Red soulflames appeared in their eyes.

“Click! Crack!” Bones clinked together as the skeletons stood up and looked at the daoist. These various skeletons and their red eyes were quite creepy. It gave the illusion that the victims were stuck in a realm of death.

Xiong Qianbei was scared out of his mind and stepped back. Luckily, he had incomparable experts with him, or else he wouldn’t dare to come here even with nine lives.

“Squeak—” A human skeleton took out its saber and slowly walked towards the daoist.

“Clank!” Once it got close enough, it slashed downward with a celestial slash that flew across the sky. This was a slash that wouldn’t disperse for a long period of time.

Just how terrifying was this? This saber had signs of rust and withering spirituality. Even though it was once an invincible blade, time had turned it into a piece of scrap metal.

Nevertheless, this saber scar in the sky was indicative of the skeleton’s power, not the blade. But how could such a creature unleash this terrifying slash? Where was its power coming from?

The blade struck the daoist’s body, causing sparks to fly everywhere. The daoist’s metallic body was completely unhurt, not even a little mark was left behind.

It wasn’t because the skeleton was weak. A paragon would die instantly if they were struck by such an attack, but not Daoist Puresun and his unbelievably powerful physique.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The skeleton unleashed a storm-like barrage on the daoist. Each slash could sever the void. Sparks went flying, but the daoist remained unharmed.

“Screech!” The phoenix skeleton also flew up with a cry. It opened its mouth and spewed true sunfire on the daoist. However, this all-burning flame just seemed like water flowing through him.

“Rawrr!” The giant beast roared and bolted for the daoist. Its huge claws slammed into him. His body seemed to be a fly stuck under its might.

Its sharpness could destroy a mountain range, but the daoist was once again untouched by the attack. The rest of the skeletons noticed this anomaly and all crazily unleashed their onslaught on him.

The daoist hands joined together to form a cross. He let the skeletons attack as they pleased with their sharp claws, blades, spears, and poisons… All of these weapons found it difficult to leave a mark on him. Only a wondrous sword left behind a shallow mark.

The strongest blow struck his shoulder. One could hear the snap of breaking bones; his shoulder actually caved in. However, the wound suddenly melted like water and regained its original form.

Not only was this physique invulnerable, even if a mighty attack managed to harm it, it would recover instantly. This meant that it was impossible to leave behind an injury, let alone kill the user.

Xiong Qianbei was a fan to see the daoist withstanding all of these powerful attacks. Others wouldn’t be able to do so. Ruyan and Jianshi, on the other hand, weren’t too surprised to see this physique being so untouchable. They were more curious about the skeletons.

Jianshi commented: “They have been dead for so long now, just a bunch of dried bones without any divinity, so why are they still so strong?”

Li Qiye insipidly replied: “Because this is the Bonesea. They were very powerful when they were alive. Even as bones, their old power, flesh, and blood were left for this land. Their stubbornness is also eternal, allowing them to be strong. Leaving the Bonesea would make them lose many things.”

“Young Noble, can you control these skeletons?” Ruyan chuckled with a charming wink.

Back at the War Cliff, Li Qiye controlled many skeletal corpses, so she became curious to see if his ability could affect these skeletons as well.

Li Qiye looked at them and replied: “It’s possible, but due to this being the Bonesea, it would be very problematic. It would require many steps as well as certain necessary items.”

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