Chapter 1339: Unbeatable Fairy

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Chapter 1339: Unbeatable Fairy

While the group was talking, Daoist Puresun had finished attracting all the skeletons on the ship. He was surrounded by one layer of foes after another, but their mad onslaught couldn’t wound him.

Li Qiye loudly shouted at the daoist: “Lead them to the side and I’ll throw them into the sea, that’s the best solution.”

He added: “Get ready, I’m about to do it. Don’t fall down or even I can’t save you.”

The daoist was about to say something, but a loud blast resounded. Li Qiye activated his World Seal and turned into the Yin Yang Immortal Refining Mirror. Two rays that consisted of Yin and Yang rushed out and struck the area next to the daoist.

Under the might of the bright Yin and Yang, bones began to crack. All the skeletons were blown into the sea, even the daoist was knocked away.

However, the daoist was indeed capable. He rushed back against the current as the mirror’s light pierced his body. His body was cracking apart as pieces of flesh flew with the wind. Without a doubt, this light was able to harm him.

Despite little pieces coming off here and there, the wounds immediately closed in an unbelievable fashion.

With some more explosions, all the skeletons were sent into the sea and out of sight. The daoist heaved a sigh of relief after making contact with the deck once more. He revealed a forced smile and said: “Brother Li, you almost killed me there with that move.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and replied: “Just that can kill you? You have the Ancient Purity Blade; if you can’t even survive that, I would be very disappointed. Unless those old geezers are crazy, they wouldn’t have let you run around with it if you weren’t strong enough.”

The daoist smiled in response: “Are you praising or attacking me?”

At this time, Fairy came forward and looked at the glowing golden body of the daoist. She tilted her head and curiously asked: “Is your body very tough?”

The daoist didn’t know how to respond. He wasn’t one to brag, but he ended up saying: “It’s not bad, I can handle one or two cuts!”

“May I try?” She looked at him with innocent eyes.

“Okay, try it!” The daoist didn’t mind. Even though Fairy’s beauty was matchless, no matter how he looked at it, she was only a delicate girl who couldn’t even catch a chicken. Moreover, those innocent eyes were completely harmless.

She reached out with her finger and pointed it at the daoist’s shoulder.

“Watch it!” Li Qiye had been looking at the rudder this whole time. He was completely aghast the moment he saw her finger touch him.

It was too late, the daoist was too confident. Even an attack from a God-Monarch couldn’t hurt him, let alone a weak girl like Fairy, so he calmly accepted this “attack”.

“Bang!” With a loud blast, he was instantly blown away. Blood spattered everywhere as a horrifying hole appeared where his shoulder should be.

The daoist’s strength was without question. With the cultivation of a Godking on top of his diamond physique, he should have been unbeatable.

However, the weak touch of Fairy immediately pierced his shoulder. His physique couldn’t withstand this blow, so he was blown away into the sea.

Luckily, in this swift moment, Li Qiye turned extremely fast and immediately pulled the falling daoist back from the sea. Otherwise, he would have fallen in there for good.

This scene shocked everyone. Not to mention Xiong Qianbei, even the two girls were astounded with their eyes wide open.

Even if the two of them worked together, conventional methods wouldn’t be able to break the daoist’s physique. They would have to resort to their extraordinary Immortal Physique Strikes.

But now, Fairy’s soft finger completely annihilated his physique and shoulder. Just how horrifying was this?

The daoist forgot to say thanks to Li Qiye for saving him. He stared at Fairy as if she was a ghost. The experience just now was too much for him.

He wasn’t one for loud fanfares, but he had great confidence in his abilities. For example, Meng Zhentian. This was someone famed for being powerful, but this type of existence still wouldn’t be able to break his physique this casually with one finger.

If Meng Zhentian could carry out such a feat, he wouldn’t be Meng Zhentian but a real Immortal Emperor!

“Damn! Is this an Immortal Emperor?” Even his elegant self resorted to vulgarity at this moment while staring at Fairy in fear.

In fact, the girls were afraid as well. As for Xiong Qianbei, his butt was already on the ground.

Fairy looked at him and earnestly commented: “So weak.”

If anyone else were to say this, Puresun would think that they were mocking him. However, her serious expression and pure eyes made it clear that she wasn’t being rude on purpose.

Others weren’t qualified to mock someone as strong as him, but he didn’t feel angry when it came from Fairy.

“I’m really weak indeed.” He wryly smiled while bandaging his wound. He had no choice but to face his own weakness at this moment.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Losing to her is nothing to be ashamed of. If she truly becomes angry, only a handful of people in the nine heavens and ten earths could survive ten moves from her. Even if the old men crawl out from their graves, they still won’t be able to do much.”

The daoist had nothing to say about this defeat. There wasn’t much to think about when she could break his physique with a single finger. The two girls carefully observed Fairy once more. From her appearance alone, she didn’t look like an invincible existence.

However, her attack from earlier proved otherwise. She was truly invincible!

Meanwhile, on the deck, Qianbei swallowed his saliva. He felt a bit thirsty and didn’t know whether he should feel regretful or scared.

With respect to regret, it was because he sold such an invincible fairy for the price of a cabbage, relatively speaking.

As for fear, he actually carried the wooden coffin in secrecy for so long. Moreover, he slammed it more than just once or twice. If during this process, Fairy were to come out and found him annoying, he would be rendered to dust in just one strike — a death without a burial.

Thinking of such terrible consequences made him break out in cold sweat. He had narrowly and unwittingly avoided a disaster.

“Is everyone this weak now?” Perplexed, she asked Li Qiye while looking at him with a hint of curiosity.

The others were speechless. Most of the groups here could travel through the world proudly, especially the daoist who was stronger than Ruyan and Jianshi. However, Fairy made it sound like they wouldn’t be able to withstand a single strike, as if they were as insignificant as ants.

But the daoist had no desire of refuting her. Fairy was indeed qualified to call him weak after the earlier event. Xiong Qianbei, on the other hand, was indeed a minor character. If the daoist’s group was weak, then someone like him wasn’t qualified to even be an ant.

Li Qiye smiled wryly after hearing this. He gently stroked her hair and said: “Times are different. Some people will have to face a few things in the end. Across the eras, many invincible existences have died, so the inhabitants of all races are no longer flourishing at the apex. What we have now is reasonable.”

Fairy contemplated this answer.

Li Qiye gently sighed and continued: “One day, the world will return to the apex. However, this isn’t a good thing at all. When that day comes, the calamity will come once more. Wane comes after the zenith, this is an inescapable natural order.”

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