Chapter 138 : Treasure of the Gods (2)

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Chapter 138 : Treasure of the Gods (2)

“We will go outside to hunt in the sky. The underground is its heaven and earth.”

Li Qiye controlled the few pieces of ancient bricks on the dao platform and activated the runes on top.


The entire dao platform lit up with strands and strands of bloody diamond brilliances. These rays of light interwove together into a net that transmitted all the way underground. It seemed to be an endless net, capable of destroying the entire underground area.


In the center of the dao platform, a bloody ray pierced the horizon and penetrated through the sky. When this ray touched the sky, the dao platform emitted even more colorful lights. These strands of light were no longer light; they were more like strings of flowing blood. These bloody strings twisted and turned into a formation and drilled into the entire world underground.

“That day, the bloody light that pierced the sky came from from this place.”

Seeing the bloody light from the dao platform, Chen Baojiao emotionally said.

The light that attracted all of the cultivators, the light that made them think that there was a treasure here; it came from this place.

“You are correct.”

Li Qiye continued:

“It wanted to bait the devilish thing, but it was clearly not successful.”

With that, Li Qiye activated another brick on the dao platform and shouted:



A loud explosion occurred. The dao platform flew upward and hit the roof up above. It crashed through the dome and soared into the sky.

Li Qiye controlled the runes on the dao platform as the bloody rays became stronger. The rays were like a waterfall that had an unstoppable torrent, drilling downward into the ground.

“What is that…?”

At this moment, many experts from the sects and nations were back at the common area. Many Demon Monarchs of the Flying Dragon Lake, through the Heavenly Mirror, all saw the dao platform flying in the sky. They saw the bloody light that was like a waterfall cascading downward and were extremely astonished.

“Is that the treasure of the gods?”

A Demon Monarch murmured as he saw this scene.

On top of the dao platform, Li Qiye looked everywhere. However, he couldn’t find the main root as if it knew this was a trap.

“Good, I will see how long you can withstand this temptation. Don’t make me release the maximum effect.”

Li Qiye activated the runes on the dao platform and suddenly, the strings of blood flew into the ground below, turning into rivers of blood and infiltrated all of the areas underground.

“You have been here before?”

Seeing Li Qiye controlling the dao platform so comfortably, Chen Baojiao asked with a hint of surprise:

“Otherwise, how would you know how to use this dao platform?”

The group of Li Shuangyan, seeing this scene, couldn’t blame her. It was as if there was nothing Li Qiye didn’t know in this world.

“Little Girl, don’t forget, the Evil Infested Ridge was the private property of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. I am the prime disciple so naturally, I know how to manipulate the items of the sect. This is nothing too surprising.”

Li Qiye leisurely said as he glanced at her.

Li Qiye’s words suddenly turned Chen Baojiao’s face red. She snapped at him and angrily said:

“Little Demon, am I not older than you?”

Her current demeanor was extremely charming.

This angered Chen Baojiao because she was a lot older than Li Qiye yet this little boy referred to her as “little girl”. How could she not become angry?

However, at this time, many cultivators from the great sects and powerful nations rushed out from the crater.

After the evil roots stopped their offensive, even though all of the experts of the sects and nations rushed in, they couldn’t find the treasures in the legends. This was when they saw the clear, bloody rays arriving everywhere like river of blood. They were all moved and thought that this was the appearance of the treasure, so they all searched for the origin of the light.

“The treasure of the gods…”

Eyes were reddened with excitement. All of the experts rushed to the sky and surrounded the dao platform.


At this time, the old servant of Chen Baojiao coldly snorted and stepped forward. Suddenly, the Enlightened Being’s power smashed forward like the waves and knocked many attacking experts flying away with a powerful momentum.

This was an Enlightened Being, Royal Nobles didn’t dare to be arrogant! Needless to say anything about the rest of the cultivators.

With an Enlightened Being taking action, many cultivators greatly changed their expressions, but they didn’t give up. Wave after wave came and surrounded the group of Li Qiye.

Without Li Qiye’s command, the old servant stepped out as his aura was bellowing. Anyone that wanted to come would have to pass his gate, first. Li Qiye saved his life — this would be difficult to repay so, at this moment, he was willing to block all enemies for Li Qiye.

“The treasure of the gods…”

Cultivators rushed out in droves from the ground and saw the violently flashing bloody rays of the dao platform. They became alarmed; any of the sects and nations, seeing the diamond-like blood, was filled with greed as they salivated.

At this point, the preconceived notion from all of them was that the treasure of the gods was definitely inside the dao platform. The treasure of the gods in the legends, ah! How could one not be tortured by greed!

However, with the old servant blocking at the front, no heritages or powers dared to recklessly rush forward. They all took a cold breath. Rushing forward would be seeking death.

At this point in time, with an azure aura, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan — along with a group of masters — rushed out from the ground. Then, a bloody aura carried Dao Child Sheng Tian, along with the Heavenly God Sect’s members, also dashed out.

“The Godly Monarch Weapon…”

Surrounded by his azure light, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan noticed the wooden sword in the hand of Li Qiye and void stepped forward.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan was a genius. Even with an Enlightened Being in the way, he was not one bit afraid. Plus, the people by his side were not weak.

As Dao Child Sheng Tian — along with his group — came up, seeing that Chen Baojiao was still alive, their gazes met. He became pale, and as for Chen Baojiao, she only coldly stared at Dao Child Sheng Tian.

At this moment, Dao Child Sheng Tian and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan were the two most powerful groups that came into the old servant’s energy range.

Seeing so many people gather yet the main root of the Evil Typha Tree still remained hidden, Li Qiye squinted his eyes with laughter and told the old servant:

“Grandpa Shi, these are guests. There is no need to be so alarmed.”

The old servant looked at Li Qiye, then quietly returned to the dao platform. Anyone who dared to come close… He would be the first to take action.

“How about it? Everyone all wants the treasure of the gods?”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and was all smiles as he spoke.

Then, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan went forward with an all-penetrating gaze at Li Qiye. He spoke with a godly voice that was filled with a rhythmic law:

“Hand over the Godly Monarch Weapon and I will immediately leave!”

He gazed at the Yin Yang wooden sword in the hand of Li Qiye.

Everyone here knew their stuff. Seeing the enigmatic Yin Yang wooden sword in the hand of Li Qiye, they immediately discerned that this was a supreme weapon and were driven with greed.

However, since Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan wanted this weapon, no one here dared to compete with him.

“However, this Godly Monarch Weapon was first found by me.”

Li Qiye squinted his eyes and smiled. He was without a trace of anger.

Niu Fen and Li Shuangyan were completely speechless by this exchange of words. What was the treasure of the gods and the Godly Monarch Weapon? They knew that there were no such things. Li Qiye simply wanted to fool these people. Li Shuangyan gave a sympathizing glance to these people. They won’t even know how they will die. They didn’t know that they were the meat in someone else’s mouth, yet still coveted the treasure of the gods.

“Only the virtuous deserves the Godly Monarch Weapon.”

With a majestic aura, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan spoke with a clear voice:

“This godly weapon in your hand will only bring about a personal calamity. If you want to leave alive, then hand it to me and I will ensure your safety!”

“Thats right! The treasure of the gods — only a virtuous person deserves it. What right do you have as a junior to pocket all of the treasures!”

The cultivators present all loudly jeered.

Who wouldn’t lust after the treasure of the gods? At this moment, everyone wanted to come up with an excuse to grab the treasure.

“Hand over the treasure of the gods; we will split you one part!”

Dao Child Sheng Tian also had an unstoppable presence. Right now, he was standing together with Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan. Teaming together, he coldly said:

“Otherwise, even if I and Brother Qing Xuan allow for you to leave, I’m afraid the rest of the world still wouldn’t.”

The move of Dao Child Sheng Tian was quite effective. He incited the greed on behalf of the people here to audaciously steal the treasure. Chen Baojiao contemptuously glanced at him. She despised his character!

“Right, the treasure of the gods — everyone should have a part. Wanting to keep it to yourself is impossible; otherwise, everyone will kill you!”

Suddenly, everyone from the great sects and powerful nations echoed this sentiment.

“Little Brat, if you are smart, then you will get one part of the treasure. Otherwise, you will die without a grave!”

A sect master coldly said.

There was also a Royal Noble with glowing eyes that could devours others that coldly said:

“Giving you one part of the treasure is already a great, righteous act. Any more hesitation and you won’t even have one part!”

At this point, everyone was blinded by greed. They wished that they didn’t have to wait to rip Li Qiye to pieces and snatch the treasure from the dao platform.

Li Qiye watched the ravenous experts with his squinting eyes. Then, he calmly said:

“So, me finding the treasure of the gods has turned out to be a detriment.”

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