Chapter 1491: Foursaint Dream Dao

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Chapter 1491: Foursaint Dream Dao

At this time, Zhentian was slightly shaken. As a supreme genius, he had a deeper understanding than anyone else. Thus, this feeling of fear alone was a disgrace!

For ages, failure didn’t mean the end for emperors and geniuses. Even the brilliant Immortal Emperor Fei, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, and Immortal Emperor Fei Yang have lost before. In fact, the tyrannical Empress Hong Tian had lost as well.

The only one in history who had never tasted defeat was most likely Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

Thus, even if these great existences lose, it wasn’t embarrassing or worth stressing over.

On the other hand, a dao heart being stirred with fear was incredibly frightening. For any genius who wanted the Heaven’s Will, this fear would become their worst nightmare so much so that it would reach a fatal level. This was an inerasable shame!

He began to question whether he was Li Qiye’s match or not! This thought alone made him apprehensive.

It took a long time before he could walk out from the shadow of the Black Dragon King. However, meeting someone like Li Qiye in this generation once again shook his heart! He found this too difficult to accept.

He took a deep breath and slowly said: “Very well, take one more move from me. I’ll see just how strong you are!” At this moment, his confidence was wavering.

He had rich experience with the previous competition, so he understood that there was only one way to subdue the fear looming in his heart. A rematch, a victory against Li Qiye in order to bolster his dao heart.

Otherwise, this wavering emotion would be the hardest tribulation in his life. If he couldn’t cross this hurdle, there would be no chance of becoming emperor.

“Okay, this is your last chance.” Li Qiye smiled: “I want to see how you will overcome your own dao heart.”

This answer took Zhentian’s breath away. He didn’t expect Li Qiye to see through him. As a result, his heart shuddered even more than before. This insight was indicative of his opponent’s profound outlook on the grand dao.

Many young geniuses or even older experts would stop at a very shallow level of dao wisdom. For them, cultivating supreme merit laws and being strong meant that they could control the universe and become emperor.

However, a truly experienced talent like Zhentian understood that these two factors weren’t the most important. An unwavering dao heart was absolutely crucial to be acknowledged by the Heaven’s Will!

The weak could become strong through cultivation. Insufficient talents could be made up in other ways. If one was lacking merit laws, they could still meditate and ponder by themselves. However, without a steadfast dao heart, one would have nothing! All of the other points would be meaningless at the first moment of defeat. That person would start to avoid difficulties in order to evade failure. Degradation would take over and render them weak and useless…

Li Qiye’s ability to recognize the importance of the dao heart meant that he was on this level as well!

“We’ll decide it all with this last move!” Zhentian mentally composed himself without allowing his dao heart to waver. Otherwise, he would lose to himself before the fight even begins!

He put everything on the line with this final move. Only success was allowed or else he will never be able to rise again. Thus, he gripped the weapon in his hand tightly.

“Buzz!” The weapon in his hand had yet to channel its power, but its imperial aura already engulfed the entire battlefield along with the world. He was shrouded in this radiance and seemed incredibly holy.

“An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.” Someone murmured after seeing the weapon. No one knew where it came from.

It was common knowledge that the Dream Empyrean has never produced an Immortal Emperor before. However, it wasn’t strange for him to have a life treasure. After all, given his status, there were imperial sects in Heaven Spirit willing to lend him one.

A cultivator stated: “That’s not a borrowed weapon.” One could see that this weapon had awakened with an imperial aura. It showed that it was eager to unleash an ultimate blow the moment Zhentian attacks.

Any cultivator with a sliver of common sense would know that both imperial life and true treasures couldn’t be awakened so easily. And yet, this life treasure has done so. This meant that the weapon wasn’t casually borrowed.

“The rumor is true.” The old charming spirit God-Monarch showed off his knowledge again: “After Immortal Emperor Ta Kong became emperor, he personally refined a life treasure for Meng Zhentian because of their past friendship. The weapon in Zhentian’s hand is able to unleash an invincible strike from the emperor.”

People weren’t surprised at all after hearing this. After all, the world knew about their friendship. Nevertheless, it was still enviable to have an emperor personally refine a weapon for him. Just how deep were their ties?

“Boom!” An unparalleled dao opened beneath his feet and entrenched itself for millions of miles all over the world.

A starry light gathered with the supreme dao along with all the power in the world. In a split second, everyone could feel the nearby forces gathering towards Meng Zhentian. The power of the celestials and the energy veins underground as well as the grand dao’s power… All of this condensed into his dao.

Many could even feel that the grand dao itself was helplessly being forced onto his own. It was as if Zhentian was grasping the universe and the heavenly dao. Everything was up to his whim. The universal laws lamented and paled before his own.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At the same time, the sky began to shake. A light suddenly appeared above his head as if the Heaven’s Will was gathering right there. Everything became resplendent.

“What is that?” One could sense their own dao screaming and gasped in astonishment.

“That’s a perfect grand dao. Meng Zhentian only needs the Heaven’s Will to appear right now.” The old monarch answered: “Once it appears, he is strong enough to be recognized by it, and then comes the competition. The winner will shoulder the Heaven’s Will.”

People inhaled after hearing this. It wasn’t so easy to become an Immortal Emperor. One must create their own supreme grand dao. Moreover, only when this dao is completed would the Heaven’s Will recognize them, and only then would they be qualified as candidates.

“Bang!” Roars emanated as Zhentian channeled his power. The grand dao suddenly turned into four unstoppable deities.

A huge foot appeared. Next, a qilin came out. Flames were dancing on its body.

“Screech!” Soon after, a vermillion bird rose with its wings spread open and poured down a flame that incinerated the earth.

“Rawr!” A white tiger stood there with its snow-white fangs that could pierce the sun.

“Aooo!” A true dragon emerged as if it was protecting Zhentian. No one could get through it.

Zhentian’s supreme dao was already causing the worldly dao to scream. However, the moment these four divine beasts appeared, everyone trembled from their power.

“Foursaint Dream Dao! So it is true, his supreme grand dao borrows the power of the divine beasts.” The old monarch took a deep breath.

“Buzz!” His life treasure rushed to the sky. The immortal light within also had the same four divine beasts within.

“Boom!” The four beasts from the weapon fused with Zhentian’s beasts. In a split second, the imperial aura crazily soared as if it was being wielded by a real emperor!

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