Chapter 1635: Sword Versus Saber

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Chapter 1635: Sword Versus Saber

“Li Qiye, don’t be presumptuous. Even if you are a real imperial prince and can use a Soul Annihilation, that’s still not enough to defeat me, Long Aotian!” Aotian became angry and uttered coldly.

Many glanced at Aotian after hearing this. There had been speculations about Fiercest being Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s descendant a long time ago. Back then, during the fight at Cleansing Incense, he was able to use the Benevolent Armament. Think made the world think of this possibility but they didn’t have any proof.

Now, when Aotian brought this up again, people reconsidered it. Perhaps only a real imperial prince would be as ferocious as Fiercest. After all, he would be the direct children of an emperor.

Li Qiye didn’t deny this conjecture and smiled freely: “Using the Benevolent Saber might not utterly convince you of your defeat. Fine, I’ll use my own weapon.”

Having said that, he put away the saber to everyone’s astonishment. Fiercest was looking down on Aotian too much. Using his own weapon to fight against a true treasure was quite reckless.

“Li Qiye, do you really think you’re unbeatable now?” The calm Aotian found it difficult to restrain his anger. Everyone had moments of anger from feeling slighted, let alone an accomplished youth like him.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “I’m indeed unbeatable within the nine worlds.” He then opened his fate palace and the World Seal floated above him.

“Very well, I shall trample on your invincibility today.” Aotian let out a battle cry and loomed in the horizon. The Virtuous Sword became resplendent and its light brightened the entire sky.

He stood among the sun and moon with stars as his friends but his sword overshadowed them all. Aotian suddenly became the center of the universe. Here, he was the sole ruler, the master of the myriad dao and ages.

His sword was the symbol of authority, the wielder of the grand dao’s profundity. Anyone would feel awed by the bright sword. Everything felt so exceptional when Aotian was the user.

“I’m afraid you won’t have this chance.” Li Qiye smiled and stepped into the sky. With a buzz, his World Seal turned into the Benevolent Saber.

Others didn’t know what Li Qiye’s true fate weapon was but to see the seal turning into the saber shocked them all the same.

“Eat this.” Li Qiye casually smiled.

The saber echoed across the world and became as white as snow, capable of seeing through the myriad laws. This was its grand dao.

The attack came in the blink of an eye even though it was only a simple slash from Li Qiye. There was no preparation for this attack at all. Everyone was startled by this casual move and found him to be too arrogant.

However, this saber was so magnificent that it had no equals in the world. With one slash, the laws were annihilated.

Everything returned to the origin in a state of primordial chaos. Despair and pain were torn asunder. Everything became natural and simple; even death seemed like happiness before this slash.

For-Humanity Slash, the Heavenly Annihilation of the Benevolent Saber! Just like its name, even death wasn’t painful. One would be able to find salvation and understanding while being annihilated by it.

People slowly closed their eyes before this slash. Some even wished that this slash could sever their neck so that they could head for a peaceful death.

Ordinary experts found it hard to regain their sanity. However, Godkings were able to instantly return from this state. A will in their mind resounded; their firm dao heart pulled them back from this trance. They were drenched in cold sweat. Even characters of their level had the urge to commit suicide earlier.

If this slash was performed by Immortal Emperor Min Ren himself, the effect would be unimaginable!

“Die!” Aotian wasn’t afraid of this slash at all. His cry shattered the stars as his sword soared across the sky.

This was also the Virtuous Sword’s Heavenly Annihilation. One could only see Immortal Emperor Ren Xian descending onto the collapsed firmament with his unstoppable cavalry. They were the top existences in the world, capable of stopping and crushing everything. They could sweep through the darkness and protect the light of the nine worlds!

At this moment, everyone saw an illusion that the emperor and his cavalry was the ultimate defensive perimeter of the human race. As long as they existed, they could continue to protect humanity. This made people want to worship him. Many couldn’t stand it and quickly prostrated to show their respect.

“Boom!” The sword and saber slashes finally collided, causing time to stagnate into still images.

These two Heavenly Annihilations shattered the huge stars in the sky and turned them to ashes. This scene took the spectators’ breath away.

If this battle were to happen at Mount Qingcheng, even the surrounding sea would become nothingness instantly.

“Rumble!” A victor couldn’t be decided right away. A scene of chaos ensued in the air like a terrible storm. This storm made the area quite dangerous. No one would dare to come here even several hundred years later or risk being lacerated!

This was indeed a battle at the Emperor Candidate level. This terrifying fight had already started even before the emergence of the Heaven’s Will to the astonishment of the crowd. People understood that the future emperor would be one of them. Other geniuses, regardless of how exceptional they might be, weren’t qualified to be part of this competition.

“Boom!” The Benevolent Saber was shaken quite a bit and became unstable. After all, this was only a copy from the World Seal. It was still a bit weaker compared to a real Heavenly Annihilation.

“Li Qiye, this is your so-called invincibility? You shall taste defeat today!” Aotian coldly uttered after seeing the saber’s flashing light.

Many experts became worried too. One of them said: “Fiercest really can’t take on Long Aotian?”

Li Qiye simply smiled in response: “Just one move, you think you have already won?”

“You’re finished!” Aotian laughed. With a buzzing noise, he hastily unsheathed his sword.

“What is that?” The spectators were shocked again. His Heavenly Annihilation was still going on but the sword was also in his hand.

“Boom!” A second Heavenly Annihilation came out. It was still the Virtuous Sword with the power to kill the gods and emperors.

At this moment, the first slash was still in a stand-still with the saber but a second one was unleashed. It was quite amazing and terrifying that Aotian was able to attack for the second time.

“That’s impossible!” Someone shouted in astonishment. Even Godkings were pale because Aotian had done the impossible.

“Is this his real strength?” A Godking stated: “To be able to unleash two annihilations at the same time. There’s no way. Not to mention the damages done to the true treasure, a cultivator’s vitality can’t handle this!”

This was Aotian’s power. Even though he couldn’t use a Soul Annihilation, he could still unleash a second attack due to this triple saint aptitude, his prowess in the arts of five emperors, and his eleven fate palaces. This was the thing he was most proud of and believed that he could even defeat a Legendary Godking.

“So boring, just a Heavenly Annihilation, no fun at all.” Li Qiye wasn’t interested at all at this second annihilation.

With that, his World Seal instantly retaliated with its own second annihilation.

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