Chapter 1636: One Move To Defeat The Enemy

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Chapter 1636: One Move To Defeat The Enemy

“Buzz.” A sizzling sound ensued with karmic flame from the Bright Flame Cauldron leaving no room to escape. It burned everything in the world.

“Rawr.” The great shadow of nine supremes from the Divine Beast Zither descended in the form of a Heavenly Annihilation!

“Boom!” Everything fell into the darkness and was devoured. The Immortal Devouring Jar unleashed Extinguish!

“Bang!” Yin and Yang were separated with countless sacred fish floating in the air. The Yin Yang Fish Citadel appeared in the sky!

In the blink of an eye, a barrage of Heavenly Annihilation made the nine worlds shake. This insane attack could destroy everything in this world.

This was the reason why the World Seal and Li Qiye were such a devastating duo. When his thirteen palaces and the seal worked together, they could unleash an endless number of annihilations.

At this moment, this was only using a butcher’s blade to kill a chicken. It couldn’t even be considered a warm-up, just a little bit of fun. This was the fruit of his recent cultivation achievements, a new understanding of the fate palaces.

“Is he trying to destroy the world?” Even God-Monarchs dropped to the ground, unable to withstand this pressure.

Other experts were twitching on their back. They felt that the end of days was coming.

Even the confident Aotian was shocked at this moment. Nevertheless, he reacted quickly by activating his Soaring Immortal Physique to its limit, evident by his shining body. At the same time, his weapons also exuded their bright lights.

“Boom!” His two annihilations couldn’t withstand the swift onslaught and collapsed instantly.

However, his weapons spewed out a divine tsunami of brilliance. They rushed forward and turned into the most fortified wall in this world to stop the incoming annihilations. Even a Legendary Godking couldn’t break through this wall.

Meanwhile, his physique was at its fastest state and the Virtuous Sword was protecting him. He even added another layer of divine armor for protection.

“Bang!” The wall couldn’t stop the successive barrages and instantly collapsed. Nevertheless, Aotian was able to utilize the little second saved by the wall and pierced through space and time with his grand completion physique then escaped the battlefield within a split second.

Alas, the annihilations were too terrifying. They actually gave chase through time and space as well across the sky. Despite being quite far away, he was still struck by the remnant blasts of the annihilation.

“Bang!” He was blown away to a different spatial sphere and through another one in an instant.

Even with the protection of the armor and the Virtuous Sword, blood still gushed outward. Many people could see his body being penetrated while his armor shattered into little pieces.

In the end, the destroyed spatial sphere disappeared along with Long Aotian. Who knows whether he was alive or not? The only thing certain was the grievous injuries even if he were lucky enough to survive.

In a short time, noises were robbed from this area. It didn’t matter who they might be, both Legendary Godkings and Emperor Assailants felt a palpable fear because of Fiercest!

Ordinary Godkings felt their legs giving in. To be able to unleash so many Heavenly Annihilations without any visible fatigue on his vitality was simply unstoppable. Maybe an emperor would be able to stop him but Godkings were no longer significant.

“So boring using annihilations.” Li Qiye recalled the World Seal and said with disinterest.

The crowd felt like cicada during the winter. They became afraid and felt despair. For many people, they could try their whole life and wouldn’t be able to unleash one Heavenly Annihilation. Long Aotian was already incredible to be able to use two in succession. This could be considered a miracle.

But when Li Qiye unleashed so many with ease, it made everyone else lose hope. Fiercest just needed to use eight or ten annihilations and no imperial lineage would be able to withstand it!

Aotian could be referred to as a timeless genius by using just two but he was nothing compared to Fiercest who could throw them out like cabbages.

“The successor to Soaring Immortal is a little weak.” Li Qiye shook his head and quietly disappeared among the vast ocean.

This statement made even more people drop to the ground. Mount Qingcheng was shocked as well.

Ding Yuanhou’s comprehension ability was incredible since he was able to become a Godking during the Difficult Dao Era. This was quite extraordinary, winning him the title of the number one genius of the demon race at the Grand Sea. Hai Lin was amazing as well for being able to escape time and time again from Long Aotian.

However, these geniuses were smiling helplessly. After being so proud of their talents, they found themselves trivial before Fiercest.

If they were to evaluate themselves with one word, all they could say would be: “Trash.”

But if this level of characters were “trash”, others wouldn’t qualified to even be trash.

People finally got up slowly a long time after Fiercest was gone. They were shuddering with fear upon hearing his name, no matter who they might be.

“Long Aotian still lost in the end. The successor of Soaring Immortal, beloved son of the heavens, an imperial prince… still can’t take on Fiercest.” A pale spectator commented.

After descending to Mortal Emperor, Long Aotian was under the spotlight and proceeded to dominate with his talents and amazing background. The world thought he would be undefeated and eventually become emperor.

However, after today, everyone felt that beloved sons of the heavens and imperial princes were nothing compared to Fiercest!

“Thirteen palaces are certainly unbeatable.” A big shot from the last generation smiled wryly: “After Fiercest becomes emperor, he might be the most brilliant of them all. His achievements will not be inferior to characters like Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng and Empress Hong Tian. No, he might even surpass them to be the Eternal Prime Emperor.” [1]

“Weak.” Godkings were lost in forlorn after hearing Fiercest’s evaluation of Aotian: “I wish I could be considered a ‘weak’ person in Fiercest’s eyes.”

Everyone knew that Aotian wasn’t weak at all, especially when he could use two annihilations at the same time. Even Legendary Godkings would need to retreat before him.

Of course, only someone like Fiercest was eligible to make such a statement since he had the strength to back it up!

“Even if an emperor was around in this generation, they would be suicidal to try and fight against His Excellency.” Matriarch Yu personally watched the battle. She didn’t find the outcome surprising at all.

In her mind, His Excellency has produced countless miracles. It was pointless to compare someone like Long Aotian to him. Even Soaring Immortal paled in comparison.

In a different location in the Grand Sea, Gu Zun was also watching the whole thing and eventually commented: “Only one person in this world can do this.”

“Master, are we still doing it?” After a moment of silence, Ye Jiuzhou asked. He wasn’t asking out of fear but for the wellbeing of his master for he was a devoted disciple.

“Why not?” Gu Zun smiled: “Cultivators try for the impossible, that’s his favorite saying. No one can defeat him in this world but I still want to try!”

Jiuzhou couldn’t do anything else but gently sigh. He knew that his master wouldn’t cease from wanting revenge. Most importantly, his master wanted the legendary items in the treasury, coveted even by Immortal Emperors. They could be the Dark Crow’s most precious artifacts!

1. This seems weird in English, but this title flows very well in Chinese. A better flowing title would be Greatest Emperor of All Ages but it is just too long in English.

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