Chapter 1637: Long Zhantian

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Chapter 1637: Long Zhantian

Gu Zun sat in a secretive location in the Grand Sea. It was quite a serene and comfortable area. He didn’t look like a big shot or an expert, just an ordinary old man. Time had left its traces on his face.

When Lu Zhangsun was still alive, Gu Zun kept a low profile without any responsibilities. He never asked about the matters in Heaven Suppression. Because of this, Zhangsun’s vigilance towards him loosened.

He maintained the same lifestyle later on without interfering with the sect. Very few disciples have actually seen him; the majority had only heard of his name.

Nevertheless, Gu Zun gained considerable influence after Zhangsun’s death. Ancestor Shan who was Zhangsun’s disciples tried to reduce his influence many times to no avail. Outside of his peerless intelligence, Ye Jiuzhou’s effort played a great part on his strong grasp on Heaven Suppression.

Recently, Gu Zun’s whereabouts had been a secret. The only person who was privy to his location was Ye Jiuzhou.

Moreover, Gu Zun has been very mysterious as well. Disciples who have seen him believed that Gu Zun rarely stays in the same location for too long. Who knows why he has been changing places so often?

He quietly sat there like an ordinary old man sleeping while enjoying the warm sunlight. After a while, he opened his eyes and smiled: “Have a seat since you’re here, Brother Zhantian.”

Space fluctuated and was suddenly torn open. A stalwart middle-aged man came out with an angry expression. His had a golden glow just like a true dragon while possessing an air of authority, allowing him to criticize the nine worlds.

He sat and started with a scowl: “Gu Zun, this is not the proper conduct of a man. You watched without lending a hand. My Ao’er is grievously wounded yet you didn’t take action!”

His name was Long Zhantian, known to others as Ancestor Long. The few who were fortunate enough to know of his background were quite scared of him.

This was the person in charge of Soaring Immortal in the current period. He was the leader of the young faction, someone with enough influence to change the direction of the nine worlds.

Even though Zhantian and Aotian weren’t master and disciple in a formal manner, that was essentially their relationship. He personally instructed Aotian on his Immortal Physique. Zhantian was far stronger with a better cultivation and a perfect grand completion physique.

“No need to be hot-tempered, Brother Zhantian.” Gu Zun didn’t mind the condemning tone at all and calmly responded: “Isn’t Imperial Prince Long still fine? It’s only an injury, nothing to worry about with Soaring Immortal’s supreme alchemy skill. Moreover, this was a sharpening opportunity for him. Defeat isn’t scary to cultivators like us, only when one loses their confidence after losing. The prince has never lost before since his debut. Having a taste of defeat is good for his future aspiration. After all, after his ascension, there will be more challenges. He is too inexperienced right now, this hardship will be good for him.”

Zhantian could only snort in response after hearing this reasonable explanation. He eventually uttered coldly: “Is this Li Qiye really who you say he is? Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s son?”

“I’m eighty to ninety percent certain, at worst. Such powerful bloodline and talents and coming from Cleansing Incense on top of wielding the Benevolent Saber and Armament? Who can he be outside of Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s son?” Gu Zun chuckled and said.

“But the world believes that the emperor does not have any descendant.” Zhantian replied.

“That’s only a rumor.” Gu Zun shook his head: “How can the ignorant future generations know about the emperors? There are too many closed curtains and unknown questions, beyond the means of ordinary men to find out.”

He paused for a moment before continuing: “In the past, the emperor was still in love with that woman and secretly had a child with her then hid him at Cleansing Incense. Brother Zhantian, think about it. Immortal Emperor Min Ren had the love of that person and was one of his favorite emperors. If Li Qiye wasn’t Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s descendant, why would that person taught him so well?” Gu Zun’s expression became serious at this point.

Zhantian’s eyes turned cold with a murderous glint after hearing about “this person”.

“If we kill Li Qiye, he will come out?” Zhantian stated with a brutal tone while gritting his teeth.

“Of course!” Gu Zun said: “He’s notorious for backing his own people. If you attack someone he had trained, he would certainly appear. That will be the time for your Soaring Immortal Sect to try and do the impossible. Eliminate that person and you will be able to unite the nine worlds. No one will be able to touch your sect any longer. Soaring Immortal will become eternal at that point with the nine worlds firmly in your grasp. You will be able to groom the sixth, the seventh, and all the successive emperors. At that point, the world shall be your garden!”

Gu Zun was a pleasant speaker. There was something stirring and tempting in each of his words.

Zhantian’s eyes slightly batted while listening. He stared at Gu Zun intensely for a long time before speaking: “Don’t forget, he is the ruler of the nine worlds, the dark hand behind the curtain!”

“I’m aware.” Gu Zun smiled: “But he’s no longer the same or he wouldn’t wait so long before coming out again this time. The war with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong back then had expended all of his resources. He no longer has the same power as before.”

“He was able to be arrogant back then because he had Immortal Emperor Qian Li and the Black Dragon King as his backers. That wasn’t the case against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Right now, he has no emperor or the Black Dragon King, not even the Black Dragon Legion. Think about it, with him and a few young recruits, are they capable of fighting against a behemoth like Soaring Immortal?” Gu Zun slowly speculated with reasonable logic.

Zhantian didn’t reveal his opinion right away while carefully pondering.

“Brother Zhantian, you know my background so do you think I know more about him or you? Don’t forget, I was with the Black Dragon King for three generations and had been taught by him as well. To be frank, if I’m not completely confident, would I dare to oppose him? It is precisely because of his weakening period that I dare to do so. This is our best chance to kill him!” Gu Zun said with a smile.

Long Zhantian replied: “There’s something I haven’t forgotten. He is the founder of your Heaven Suppression and even trained the Black Dragon King on top of helping you, thus, he can be considered your master. What I don’t understand is why are you opposing someone who has given so much to your sect and you personally?”

Gu Zun answered: “All of that is true. He indeed gave me the grace of his guidance before but don’t forget, Brother Zhantian, one sentence from him had sentenced me to a lifetime of suffering.”

“Who am I? Supreme talents, one of the ten eonic geniuses. Even if he didn’t teach me, plenty of other great teachers would have done so. My talents alone would have made me emperor.” He continued: “Alas, he said that I had a natural disposition for treachery and betrayal and even ordered his generals to throw me into the eye of the sea. It didn’t end there. He even removed my fortunes and destroyed my cultivation, subjecting me to three generations of torture!” [1]

“Brother Zhantian, do you think the guidance matters after the three generations of torture? I must have my revenge even if he is the ruler of the nine worlds, the dark hand behind the curtain! Vengeance shall be mine for that is my nature!” Gu Zun also gritted his teeth at this point.

Gu Zun chose his words carefully and avoided revealing other important details. More importantly, it can be said that revenge wasn’t the most important thing on his mind!

Long Zhantian carefully mused over this response and found it to be reasonable.

“Brother Zhantian, don’t tell me you want to back out now?” Gu Zun looked straight at him and said: “Very well, I won’t force you if that’s the case. After all, you are responsible for Soaring Immortal and do not want the same thing to happen again!”

1. This is a reference to Zhuge Liang and Wei Yan in the Three Kingdoms. Zhuge Liang said the same thing about Wei Yan.

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