Chapter 1691: Return

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Chapter 1691: Return

Li Qiye went to say goodbye to Matriarch Yu’s group.

“Your Excellency.” The matriarch kowtowed. This might be her last opportunity to perform this grand ceremony towards him.

Li Qiye lifted her up and spoke softly: “No party lasts forever. You have followed me your whole life, it’s time to bid farewell.” He was too used to such sentimental scenes but he still became slightly emotional.

“I wonder if I will be able to see you again.” The matriarch was emotional. People came and went through the years. Even His Excellency, the eternal, had to leave right now.

Li Qiye eventually said: “There are endless possibilities in the world, leave it to time.”

“May you come back triumphantly!” In the end, the matriarch gave him her blessing. There were too many words in her mind but this was all she could say.

“I also hope that you will be able to live for a long time to come.” Li Qiye said. He felt the same difficulty as her in expressing their goodbye.

After saying their goodbye, Li Qiye no longer hesitated and left.

The matriarch stood there and watched until his shadow disappeared into the horizon. Tears finally flowed from her eyes as she said: “Goodbye, Your Excellency. The nine worlds are less brilliant without your presence.”

His next destination was Heaven Suppression. However, he didn’t interfere with its affair and only came to see Zi Cuining.

“Get ready, it is time to leave. I leave the arrangements of Heaven Suppression to you.” Li Qiye told Zi Cuining.

She gently nodded: “I understand, I will make good preparations.”

Even though she couldn’t bear to leave her home, she still chose to do so because a broader horizon was waiting for her.

“This is the right choice.” Li Qiye nodded: “Staying here would only waste your talents and the Immortal’s Blood Spear. This is a weapon that had killed an emperor before. Don’t let it rust here in Heaven Suppression. It should appear above the nine heavens to pierce the throats of gods again, are you confident in doing so?”

She took a deep breath and solemnly nodded: “I will not let down my dao. I shall use it to break down all obstacles!”

“Such determination is good. Go get ready then.” Li Qiye said before leaving.

The Peacock Monarch also visited to send him off. They didn’t get far before Li Qiye stopped and told her: “Go back, Heaven Suppression is waiting to rise again. It needs new blood like you to shine again.”

The monarch smiled wryly and didn’t become excited about having new authority in the sect. On the contrary, she felt an unprecedented pressure. After all, if they didn’t work hard this time, they would be letting down their ancestors.

“Ancestor Shan and Ancestor Ye are still around to take give orders. We juniors will do our best as well.” The monarch said.

Ancestor Ye was naturally Ye Jiuzhou. He survived the fight against Soaring Immortal.

“No, they’re old now. Heaven Suppression needs the young generation. When they are capable, the sect will flourish. The old generation alone can’t support a sect. It would be like the setting sun. A downfall is inevitable.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The monarch quietly nodded. She understood the logic but the burden was quite heavy, especially after Zi Cuining’s departure.

“Ye Jiuzhou is a capable person.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I don’t care what he had done but remember, he will never betray Heaven Suppression. The sect will do fine with his support.”

“But, Ancestor Ye is…” The monarch quietly said. After the end of the battle, Ye Jiuzhou turned himself in at Heaven Suppression. However, Zi Cuining pardoned him. Nevertheless, he had been down ever since Gu Zun’s death. After all, he considered Gu Zun to be his father.

"He'll get over it, the guy had experienced enough troubles in his life. He will know what to do for Heaven Suppression and determine its future path." Li Qiye answered with a smile.

"I understand." The monarch gently nodded before bowing deeply towards him: "Even though our time together was short, your guidance has left me a lifetime of benefit, especially on my dao path. I will always remember your kindness."

Li Qiye nodded and accepted her gesture. He then crossed through space, all the way from the Grand Sea back to the Grand Middle Territory to return to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Bu Lianxiang's group all came out to meet him. Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao ran ahead of the pack.

"Young Noble!" Chen Baojiao couldn't restraint herself and rushed forward to give her young noble a tight hug containing her love and how much she had missed him.

"Come, come, all give me a hug." He happily gave everyone a hug. The girls all smiled back at him.

Finally, he tightly embraced Bu Lianxiang. She spoke softly to him with love: "Welcome home."

Li Qiye smiled while looking at the girls. It didn't matter how far he had gone, he would return to this place because there were people who cared for him here and vice versa.

"First Brother is back!" The news of his return quickly spread across the entire sect. The atmosphere became jubilant. All the disciples were excited, especially the ones that have recently joined. They wanted nothing more than to catch a glimpse of their First Brother's supreme style!

As the sect was celebrating, Li Qiye and Bu Lianxiang enjoyed a moment alone in their room. They gently embraced each other.

"What are you worrying about?" After a while, she looked at him with concern.

He chuckled and looked down at the beautiful woman before him: "It's nothing, no big deal. I do plan on visiting the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground though."

"You are... if it is for my sake, no need to do so." She was slightly surprised.

"Even if it wasn't for you, I still want to go." He gently sighed: "I still can't let go."

"Because of the Ancient Ming?" Bu Lianxiang understood.

"You know me." He didn't hide it at all: "Yes, I am still worried that the Ancient Ming would come back so I have made up my mind about going to the burial ground."

"Everything has a price." She said quietly. Having been buried in a dragon vein in there before, she had a certain understanding of the place.

"I name the price in this generation, no one will barter with me." He said leisurely: "No matter who they may be, they must follow the agreement decided by me. Otherwise, I won't mind flattening a few burial grounds. I must show them my determination in protecting the nine worlds!"

She embraced his neck and said: "The inhabitants of the nine worlds fear you and even curse you, but how many actually understand you and know of your deep love for the nine worlds? How many are aware that you have protected it for generations. Even though you want to leave, you still can't abandon the nine worlds."

"I don't care what they think." He smiled and said slowly: "If you agree, I will go get you another generation at the burial ground?"

She pondered before speaking: "I know that you can't let go and I can't either. But there is a price to pay for exchanging an entire generation of longevity. I won't have freedom so if I have to pick, I rather leave in a more elegant fashion. Plus, we have lived long enough now, since the Ancient Ming Era to the present."

"Plus, I should stay and carry your lineage here in the nine worlds. You're worried about the Ancient Ming coming back, right? I can watch this world for you with what remains of my lifespan and create a lineage capable of stopping the Ancient Ming. Someone in the future will quietly guard over this world!" She held him tighter.

He embraced her back and said: "Why must life always be so difficult?"

"My love, you are an unyielding man, do not hesitate because of me." She smiled: "Don't make me suffer in order to live longer. This is my choice, let me leave in peace. Our time together is even more precious than an eternity!"

"I understand." He quietly replied.

Even though he could change all of this, he respected her choice. After all, time had no emotions. Living for longer wouldn't necessarily bring happiness. He had immortality once, he knew that facing the endless time was a type of torment!

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