Chapter 1788: Mad God Ominous Ground

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Chapter 1788: Mad God Ominous Ground

The strange phenomenon happening at Mad God attracted enough attention, especially the cultivators in the Jilin’s territories because it was right outside.

Because of this, these experts entered the ominous ground for a look to see if there was really an emerging treasure.

On the second day, Li Qiye brought Shen Xiaoshan’s group with him through a portal to reach Mad God.

Even though it was located outside of Jilin’s border, the distance was still far-removed from the city. One needed to use a portal to get there.

Everyone felt a creepy chill while staring at the ominous ground in the distance. It was a dark and silent expanse. There was no light that could infiltrate this place.

People felt that this was the end of the world of the living. By crossing this place, one would reach the underworld.

Because of this, the more cowardly wouldn’t dare to take half a step forward.

“What the hell is this place?” He Chen trembled with fear and felt that this world of darkness was the agape mouth of a prehistoric creature. Any intruder would never be able to come out.

“Legend has it that this place is cursed; any intruder will be cursed as well.” Tieshu Weng’s expression became serious.

He had heard of this place before but this was his first visit in person. In his eyes, someone of his cultivation entering this place was simply suicidal.

Li Qiye smiled at the darkness before entering. The group was stunned but still decided to follow him. They were certain that he wouldn’t do anything to risk losing their lives.

He Chen was still worried as before: “Are we cursed now too by entering?”

“No such thing.” Li Qiye shook his head: “This is indeed a dead and dangerous place but there’s no curse here. It is only a murderous and vengeful intent. Time to widen your horizon by taking a look at this place, nothing will happen here but if you delve even deeper, an imperial bloodthirst and a vengeful energy of an Ancient God will be there.”

Having said that, he continued forward. He Chen was still afraid but decided to follow Li Qiye anyway.

The group was truly shocked after taking a better look. This wasn’t just a dark expanse; it resembled a destroyed world. The earth crumbled and the myriad laws were annihilated here.

When one looked up at the sky, they would see the broken celestials. Even if there was a large star intact, it was already dead without any light. Even the sun and moon weren’t spared from this fate. The galaxy itself has lost its power, seemingly devoured by a certain thing a long time ago. Stars were drooping down or being dragged by certain celestial rivers up above.

Even the ground had countless cracks resembling trenches. Full landmasses were severed and even started floating in the sky.

All the powers and life forces here were devoured as well. There was nothing left in this place but an empty husk made of darkness and silence.

“What happened here?” The group took a deep breath after seeing this.

One thing was certain while looking at the place, this was a man-made disaster. Someone here was monstrous enough and capable of devouring the heaven and the earth.

“Legend has it that a great battle to the death had taken place here between an Immortal Emperor and an Ancient God!” Tieshu Weng calmed down and murmured.

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “Battle to the death, haha? No, an Immortal Emperor killed a High God here with a single arrow.”

Shen Xiaoshan was shocked to hear this revelation: “Just one arrow?”

“This Mad God still had a way to go before reaching the ancient realm back then, he was only a peak High God at best.” Li Qiye nodded: “That’s why he was slain so quickly.”

“But I heard Mad God had twelve totems.” Tieshu Weng quietly interjected.

“If he had twelve totems, he wouldn’t have needed to devour this area.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head.

There were also two paths for cultivators at the Dao Celestial realm. The first was to compete for the Heaven’s Will while the other was to reach divinity.

The former had the chance to become a Grand Emperor or an Immortal Monarch. The other was to aim for godhood. At a particular level, a god could fight against an emperor.

An emperor shouldered the Heaven’s Will while a god fused their palaces with the grand dao to create totems.

This meant that a god with one palace could create one totem after creating a grand dao.

Of course, this process was quite difficult and required an immense amount of chaos energy.

There was also a limit for gods. Their apex was twelve totems with the title of Ancient God. Those who couldn’t reach this level were called High Gods.

Rumor has it that an Ancient God could contend against a top emperor.

This path didn’t come out of thin air. Its progenitor was the Inconcealable Ancient God.

His title meant that below the high heaven, no one could ever blot out his brilliance!

He was indeed worthy of this title. Not only was he the creator of the divinity path, he was also the first to have twelve totems in the tenth world!

“Devouring this place?” Tieshu Weng shuddered: “Mad God was the culprit?”

“That’s right.” Li Qiye nodded: “This place used to be magnificent with incredible sceneries. There was a powerful country here as well. However, Mad God truly wanted the twelfth totem to become an Ancient God; this required a large amount of chaos and primordial energies so he took a shortcut. He was a genius indeed but he demanded instant gratification and success. In the end, Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian killed him. Unfortunately, the emperor also invoked the Heavenly Execution afterward…” [1]

Mad God had another title, Mad Devil. He was a heavener, blessed with amazing talents and a penchant for impetuous cruelty. His cultivation soared at an impeccable speed until he became an eleven-totems High God.

However, his ambition didn’t end there. He wanted to become an Ancient God since he believed this was the ultimate prestige of the divinity path.

Alas, he encountered a bottleneck and his origin energies were far from being enough for him to fuse his fate palaces and the grand dao. In the end, he invented a shortcut allowing him to devour the world.

Thus, he chose a prosperous country without an emperor and devoured everything here without exception. This action enraged Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian who came from the nine worlds. The emperor was billions of miles away and aimed at Mad God with his invincible arrow.

This arrow soared through the vast distance and pinned the Mad God till death on the ground!

This emperor had always kept a low-profile after ascending. He focused on cultivating to reach the apex. After coming to the tenth world, he picked up the way of archery again. Remember that his archery was matchless in the nine worlds but he abandoned it for some unknown reasons and became an emperor with a different dao.

1. Diyi Jian = Number One Arrow, or Greatest Archer

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