Chapter 1789: One Arrow To Kill A God

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Chapter 1789: One Arrow To Kill A God

Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian trained in archery again because of his deep love for it. This was his true pursuit but different reasons forced him to abandon it back in the nine worlds.

After several generations, he had reached the apex of archery.

He definitely didn’t put his title to shame after killing Mad God from being billions of miles away in space. He was indeed matchless in this particular dao.

However, a Heavenly Execution suddenly came out of nowhere and even his invincible archery couldn’t withstand it, resulting in his death.

The end of this tale resulted in the death of Mad God, Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian, and this land. From then on, the land was abandoned completely.

The group was shocked while listening to Li Qiye’s storytelling. Imagining an emperor slaying a High God from such a distance was quite astonishing. This might have shocked the entire thirteen continents and surprised even the seclusive emperors!

“Hmm, a High God with eleven totems dying so easily...” Tieshu Weng murmured in a daze.

Despite not being an Ancient God, one with eleven totems was definitely at the top of the divinity path. From this, one could only wonder how horrifying that one arrow must have been. This attack has become immortalized in history.

“That’s right, I’m afraid no one else will be able to unleash such an unstoppable arrow again in the future.” Li Qiye knew what Weng was thinking and nodded.

The juniors were even more amazed at this take-down of an existence that they deemed to be unreachable. The emperors from the nine worlds must have been quite mighty.

However, upon further thinking, the scariest thing wasn’t an Ancient God or an Immortal Emperor but a Heavenly Execution.

“Alright, let’s keep going.” Li Qiye said while the rest of the group was in a stupid.

The group regained their wits and quickly followed. However, they found that there was a faint fog surrounding them. Its black color made it look like an evil aura haunting them.

When it made contact with their skin, there was a prickling sensation. Their skin even issued sizzling noise and began to wither.

This scared them into channeling their merit laws and used chaos energy and vitality for protection to stop the corrosive fog.

“What is this?” Shen Xiaoshan was very vigilant.

“Is this the curse?” Same for He Chen. After all, a High God had devoured this place into ruins. It would be a lie to say that they weren’t worried about walking on this land.

“Not a curse.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “This is the murderous power of the emperor and the grievances of Mad God. After such a long time, the two have fused together. Everything here is subjected to their corrosiveness.”

This only scared the group even more. Just a strand of murderous intent from the emperor could destroy a sect; same with the vengeful aura of Mad God left behind after an unwilling death. This magnitude of hatred could shake the nine heavens.

“Don’t worry, this is the frontier and after millions of years, the power of this black fog is much weaker now. It won’t affect any of you too much, unless you were to delve in deeper.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

The group heaved a sigh of relief. Even though they were all cultivators and Tieshu Weng was a Dao Monarch, this mortal named Li Qiye had a high status in their mind. There was nothing he didn’t know and nothing he couldn’t do.

It looked as if the black fog here affected him even less than the group as they traveled into the zone. Despite possessing a mortal body right now, Li Qiye was still an Immortal Emperor with four grand completion Immortal Physiques. Thus, his re-created body was still stronger than the other three.

Li Qiye looked around quite a bit in all directions and would occasionally stop to pick up some soil. He still carefully smelled and sensed the earthiness of this dead land.

“Sir, what are you surveying?” Tieshu Weng understood that Li Qiye didn’t come all this way just to take a look or to broaden their horizon.

“This land was stained with the blood of Mad God. If you want to know its current state, you need to smell the mud.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He Chen indeed listened and picked up a piece of dirt for a smell but there was no stench of blood.

They weren’t the only ones here. Many have come much earlier because of the strange phenomenon the day before. Everyone knew that a High God was killed here so this place must not be simple.

This was more than just speculation because after his death, no one has ever spotted his corpse. Some said that it was taken away or had been rendered to ashes by the arrow. Another guess was that it had fused with this ominous ground and sank deeper inside.

Just imagine, an eleven-totem High God; his blood and corpse were priceless. This was even before taking his treasures into account.

Because of this, people came later on hoping to find something but they all returned empty-handed. This was the reason why the bright light attracted so many experts.

Among the droves, there was one particular youth that garnered many stares. Outside of his own powerful vitality, his followers were all experts.

He had a divine aura to him, especially when he purposely released his energy, it sounded like the hymn of the gods.

“Li Tianhao!” Someone who recognized him shouted.

The youth glared over with a sharp and terrifying gaze, causing this cultivator to immediately tremble and lower his head.

The crowd finally heaved a sigh of relief after this group left.

“Are you tired of living, calling out his real name? That’s the grandson of a High God, way too arrogant. Using his real name is too disrespectful. Provoke him and he’ll give the order for the experts from the Southern Sun Clan to chop off your head immediately.” A friend told him.

Li Tianhao was the young lord of the Southern Sun, one of the strongest clans under the Jilin. They had a very influential High God in the past.

He was this High God’s grandson. Because of this existence, the clan played a very important role in this region. Even the Jilin held this clan in high regard.

“Phew, my head is still here.” The cultivator who called Li Tianhao by his real name felt sweats running down his back.

Li Tianhao and his experts came to test their luck, hoping to find treasures in this ominous ground.

The group only got here but they bumped into Li Qiye’s group. Of course, Li Tianhao and Li Qiye didn’t know each other.

“It’s you!” However, one of his followers immediately shouted after seeing Li Qiye with an unfriendly expression.

It was none other than Wang Xiaotian, the crown prince of West Bank!

“Brat, we meet again, the road is indeed narrow for enemies.” The crown prince’s face twisted with anger while his eyes flashed with rage.

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