Chapter 1840 - Donggong Clan

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Chapter 1840: Donggong Clan

In a short time, people stared at Li Qiye and didn’t know the feud between this ordinary human and the Donggong.

Despite being unaware of the details, they could see that Zheng had suffered in the hands of Li Qiye after seeing his sorry state.

Li Qiye smiled and said while standing outside of the gate: “You won’t pursue this any further? How funny. Unfortunately, it is too late. You can open the gate, surrender, and hand over everything or I will make rivers run of blood here.”

The spectators watching for fun took a deep breath after hearing this. The Donggong was in decline but it was still an imperial lineage with great resources. Their ancestral ground had been blessed by an emperor and High Gods. Not to mention a youth, even top Dao Celestials from the last generation wouldn’t necessarily be able to take it down.

Thus, this youth’s claim was quite something.

“Who is this brat, why is he so bold?” Someone asked right away.

“Fiercest, Li Qiye.” A guest from the Peng’s party said: “He said earlier that he wanted to massacre the Donggong’s 180,000 disciples.”

Of course, this was an exaggeration from the guest. The entire clan didn’t have this number of disciples.

“That’s the guy who killed Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince?” Some spectators became startled: “This guy is too ferocious then, doing all of this before everyone? Will he cause trouble wherever he goes?”

“No, that’s a thing of the past now. Earlier, he turned the Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord and a High Ancestor from that country into meat pastes. The royal lord tried to avenge his son but he only lost his life in the process.” The party guest revealed.

“What?!” The unaware cultivators here were shocked. One of them said: “That’s, that’s too much… is he not afraid of implicating his sect after killing Jin Ge’s father-in-law?”

“No, he didn’t give a damn about Jin Ge since he even declared war against the War-Monarch earlier and looked down on the Qian Clan.” The guest embellished.

“Is the crazy brat tired of living?” The spectators were astounded again and retreated from Li Qiye. Offending the Qian was a terrifying matter.

“What is his backing then to not be afraid of a war with the monarch clan? Is he also from an imperial lineage? Only Heaven Searching Sect and Dragon Citadel are strong enough to go against the War-Monarch but I’ve never heard of a disciple like him from those two clans.” Even top Dao Celestials couldn’t see through Li Qiye.

This was only a junior with several hundred chaos units yet he was able to kill the royal lord. Quite an unbelievable matter.

Amidst the hushed discussions, Zheng standing on a high wall was both scared and furious at the same time. He was truly spooked this time so his tone was a lot more subdued than normal.

“You, you shouldn’t push us too far! Our clan isn’t that easily bullied, not by you. If our High God comes out, your death is certain. Be smart and leave now then we can mind our own business.” Zheng shouted.

“Since when is the Donggong so nice?” Cultivators from Outer Realm found this perplexing.

This clan wasn’t so nice in this region but it felt rather weak today. Only the party guests understood why Zheng was so scared after being chased like a dog back to his clan.

“No, the right way to put it is that I am merciful in giving your clan a choice. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing up there right now. Surrender or don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Zheng loudly retorted: “Li, don’t have no sense of propriety! Take half a step inside the clan and our High God will take care of you!”

Everyone could hear the weakness in his retort. They didn’t believe him either since the clan no longer had someone of that level. Their final High God was already killed by Star Stomper.

So now, people thought that he was only boasting in order to scare Li Qiye.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “I’m actually missing an appetizer to go with my wine. If your clan still has a High God, he’ll make a good dish.”

People glanced at each other again and thought that this brat was too outrageous. He acted as if these powerful beings were nothing but drifting clouds in the sky. Such words were too arrogant and overbearing.

“Fire!” Zheng ordered. He was buying time earlier for his disciples to prepare the divine crossbows meant for defending the clan.

“Whoosh!” The sky turned dark due to the massive amount of arrows raining down.

These arrows were actually made out of refined laws. They locked onto the coordinates and left no room for anyone to escape. These countless arrows could break through any thick defensive line.

This was something personally prepared by a High God with a terrifying destructive power. A Dao Celestial wouldn’t be able to withstand this unless they had a divine or imperial armament.

Li Qiye slightly looked up and casually threw out a treasure.

“Crank, crack!” This treasure crazily assembled into a majestic wall blocking in front of him.

This treasure was a three-colored sphere – looked like gold but wasn’t made out of gold; looked like wood but not wood. It seemed that this sphere was created from numerous tiny pieces latching together. It only took the blink of an eye for this tiny sphere to turn into a divine wall.

Though the arrows made out of sharp laws were quite fierce, the wall managed to repel their onslaught.

This casual treasure thrown out by him was mightier than these arrows. Its name was Ancestral Eighteen Transformations, made from the three ancestral trees of the Ancestral Terra and refined by the laws of the world. It was as if it had the power of three ancestral trees.

More wind-cutting sounds came from the arrows pouring down. The disciples from the clan unleashed one arrow barrage after another like a swarm of locust in the sky. They made an arc in the sky before fixating on Li Qiye with extreme velocity, intending to make a sieve out of him.

The treasure instantly turned into a shield before covering Li Qiye entirely like an upside-down pot.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” All the arrows were stopped again.

The relentless onslaught of the clan’s High God weapon couldn’t break through this strange defensive artifact.

Remember, this was a treasure shaped by the true bodies of three ancestral trees. These were existences that could handle an imperial attack! Thus, these arrows had no way of breaking through the treasure’s defense.

In other words, this Ancestral Eighteen Transformations was much better than an imperial weapon because it contained the pure power of an ancestral tree.

Thus, Li Qiye didn’t need any merit law or power to control it. He had already imprinted his seal on the artifact. It essentially became a part of his body, allowing him to control it on a whim.

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