Chapter 1935 - Seeing Wildlad Heaven Emperor Again

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Chapter 1935: Seeing Wildlad Heaven Emperor Again

While Li Qiye and the four Grand Emperors of the War-Monarch were discussing, Jin Ge was still meditating on top of the peak and waiting for the best chance to shoulder the Heaven’s Wills. At this moment, the power in the sky had gathered enough and the wills have started to appear.

With multiple High Gods and the great army, everyone understood that no ambush would be successful this time around.

“Boom!” In this split second, the sky started shaking. A pathway of an emperor crossed through the sky, all the way next to the peak.

“Rumble!” An imperial aura engulfed the entire area. The weak instantly got on their knees, unable to lift their head from the pressure.

“A Grand Emperor!” The crowd was horrified, same with the defending army, from this sudden appearance of an emperor.

Everyone became tense, especially the War-Monarch Clan. There was a great danger if the emperor were to attack.

“Buzz.” Next, on the horizon was a peerless and brutal figure. He walked on the path and only needed one step to show up outside of the peak.

People could finally see his face now. One shouted after seeing his three swords: “Wildlad Heaven Emperor!”

The clan heaved a sigh of relief. After all, he was also a heavener. Moreover, their clan had helped him before so the chance of him attacking Jin Ge was low.

Of course, the High Gods still didn’t dare to be careless and remained vigilance in the shadows. Wildlad was an irrational emperor who only obeyed his whims. Because of this, they were afraid of him going crazy and decide to attack.

“Grand Emperor, welcome, please excuse us for the poor reception.” One High God from the clan immediately cupped his fist and said with a smile.

The emperor looked over the situation. Being the smart person that he is, he realized the situation and said: “High God Bai, no need for this polite act. I’m not here to ambush your junior. I heard a brat named Li came to cause trouble so I especially came to help you in order to repay the favor from Senior War-Monarch back then.”

Back then, when he was pushed to the edge by Mortal Reversion Ancient God, the Celestial Court finally came out to calm this conflict. War-Monarch Heaven Emperor was one of the people who stepped up to mediate. This had quite a positive impact on the ordeal.

The HIgh God coughed wryly after this but he still maintained a calm demeanor. He bowed his head towards the emperor and said: “Thank you for protecting our junior, Gran Emperor. Our clan will remember this.”

“Where is the brat?” The fierce emperor didn’t waste words with the High God and became serious: “I must kill him!”

The emperor mustered all of his strength just to kill that large skeletal ape. This vexed him greatly. After obtaining the treasure, he decided to find and kill Li Qiye in order to rid him of this frustration!

“Well…” The High God had no response. Their four emperors were sealing that particular dimension so they had no way of knowing what was going on.

Plus, he wasn’t in a position to reveal to the world that all four emperors were there. As the saying goes – the tallest tree catches the most wind. Even if others have guessed it already, they themselves wouldn’t admit it anyway.

“Is War-Monarch Heaven Emperor here?” The young emperor’s gaze swept through the world in order to find a clue to no avail.

Ultimately, he only had one will versus the sealed space by four emperors. It was understandable that he couldn’t spot the other emperors.

Nevertheless, he understood that if Jin Ge dared to ascend in this place, their clan would have gone all out.

“Grand Emperor, how about resting up there for a bit? We’ll talk after the ascension.” The High God suggested.

“Very well, I’ll stop troubling you.” His gaze caught on to someone else over yonder.

It was Shi Hunlin and the juniors. They didn’t come here for entertainment alone. An ascension was a very rare event for young juniors like them. Shi Hunlin hoped that they would gain some experience out of this. Maybe these three would have a chance to become an emperor in the future.

“I’m bored anyway, let me settle something first.” The whimsical emperor rose to the sky and headed for Shi Hunlin.

The High God remained quiet since the emperor’s wild temperament was well-documented. Many wanted nothing to do with him because he was also an unlucky star who would only cause trouble.

Shi Hunlin slightly frowned from the annoyance but he wasn’t afraid of the emperor in the slightest.

“Shi Hunlin, we meet again.” The young emperor hovered in the sky and was still as arrogant as ever, looking down on all beings.

Despite possessing only one will, he was still an emperor standing at the apex of this world. This allowed him to act in this imperious manner.

“Heaven Emperor.” Shi Hulin said: “You still got something on your mind?”

Hunlin was completely opposite of the emperor. After all, he started as a nobody so humility was part of his nature, unlike the emperor who was a genius at the start. He wouldn’t go around provoking people but he wasn’t afraid of trouble either.

“I’m not a petty person, forget about the junior matter.” The emperor smiled, referring to when he wanted to feed the princess’ group to the beast.

“I’m here to kill Li Qiye but if he wants to be a coward, then you and I can spar for a bit. I want to see if a High God like you or a Grand Emperor like me is stronger!” He loudly laughed.

The spectators held the breath again, ready for a continuation of the previous battle.

“You shoulder the Heaven’s Will with a reputation for being a genius. I am only an ordinary person, how can I compare to your invincibility? I admit my inferiority before you.” Shi Hunlin politely responded to the challenge.

If the young emperor were to trouble the juniors, he would definitely oppose it. But now, it was only a personal challenge. He didn’t care too much for prestige and fame, so he directly conceded.

Normally, emperors wouldn’t challenge other people unless there was a big feud. They needed to maintain civility. After all, everyone at this level had big backing, and that they shouldn’t only fight for themselves.

This wasn’t the case for Wildlad. He didn’t care about responsibility or anything else, only his whim.

“Shi Hunlin, I’m afraid it’s not up to you this time.” The young emperor looked at Hunlin and said: “I’ll spare your life since we are from the same generation. After I’m done with you, I’ll take care of the brat.”

“Brother Shi, just fight, show the world the might of us High Gods!” A High God in the distant shouted at Shi Hunlin after seeing the emperor’s arrogant demeanor.

All along, the status of a High God was inferior to an emperor due to a lack of Heaven’s Wills. Of course, Ancient Gods were an exception.

Though Wildlad was a supreme genius, other High Gods didn’t care much for him due to his only one will. They naturally spoke up at this event, wanting Shi Hunlin to take him down a notch.

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