Chapter 1936 - Shi Hunlin’s Power

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Chapter 1936: Shi Hunlin’s Power

“He’s right, Brother Shi, why not fight?” A different High God instantly egged Hunlin on.

The young emperor’s always brazen and arrogant attitude had left a sour taste on the High Gods and spectators here. So what if he was talented? He still only had one will.

If it wasn’t for his clan with three more emperors and him being a member of Sentinel, some other High Gods might have already taught him a lesson.

Because being a High God wasn’t as prestigious as being an emperor, a High God taking down an emperor could elevate their status and fame. Thus, Wildlad Heaven Emperor was a good target if it wasn’t for his strong backing.

His continuous challenge to Shi Hunlin was showing contempt towards High Gods so the ones here were quite vexed. Plus, they liked Hunlin much better.

“Shi Hunlin, no need to delay this like a woman, come and fight already.” The young emperor remained aggressive and said sonorously: “You’ll be my warm-up before the brat.”

“So you think you can defeat me, Heaven Emperor?” Hunlin wasn’t afraid at all. His eyes flashed with a glint.

It looked as if the other High Gods got to him. He also wanted to defeat an emperor but he never had the chance before.

“That’s more like it. Yes, I can kill you even though your three totems have become a set.” The emperor had a murderous glint in his eyes.

Just earlier, he said that he would spare Shi Hunlin. Now, he stated his murderous intention. This person was truly unpredictable and would change at a heartbeat.

There was a reason why he changed his mind, the change in status quo between the two of them. He didn’t like that an ant in the past like Shi Hunlin was speaking on the same level as him or even questioning his power.

This was unacceptable to the arrogant emperor, thus he decided to kill Shi Hunlin right here and now.

At the same time, even a Buddha can become angry eventually. Shi Hunlin wasn’t necessarily weaker than the emperor so the continuous and pompous threats have gotten to him.

Hunlin stepped up with a cold expression: “If that’s the case, then I’ll entertain you then. Let me see your supreme arts.”

Hunlin was no longer polite. He was a powerful being; his humility was only to give the emperor some face. But if the emperor didn’t reciprocate, there was no need for him to do so any longer.

Everyone was here to watch Jin Ge’s ascension but the banter between these two had attracted all of their attention. Everyone wanted to know the result of a battle between a three-totem High God and a one-will emperor from the same generation. It was going to be an amazing battle of an analytical nature that could set a general standard in the future.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The emperor slowly unsheathed his swords. They rose to the sky and illuminated the entire world.

“Boom!” His Heaven’s Will emerged and turned into a grand dao, providing the emperor with a billowing source of power.

Many High Gods were envious at this sight. Even though some High Gods were certainly more powerful than emperors, but at the same level, they needed to work much harder.

In the mind of many, the emperors were the heaven’s favorites, possessing the unreachable Heaven’s Wills!

These three imperial swords were the emperor’s strongest weapons on top of his activated Heaven’s Will. Shi Hunlin didn’t dare to be careless so he took out his best artifacts as well.

“Buzz.” A golden light engulfed his body. With clanking noises, a full set of equipment appeared around him.

It included a crown and a robe of the court. He held a jade tablet with a jeweled belt…The guy looked like a different person altogether, an ancient and stately king.

This was his “Court Armament”, a postnatal Orange Martial set with eight pieces.

This particular armament wasn’t that exceptional because the max number of fetuses for this level was thirty while his only had eight. It was only average at best.

A three-totem High God like him should have a stronger weapon, such as a Heaven Bestowment imperial weapon like the emperor. Alas, he continued to refine this particular armament for half of his life, boosting it to the highest level. It was also at the High God realm at this moment.

“Boom!” His three totems shot to the sky and intertwined together into a set. It contained boundless chaos energy with a dao belonging to a god lying within.

This set of three totems wasn’t necessarily weaker than the highly-coveted single will of the emperor.

“Slash!” The emperor roared, starting an endless echo of sword hymns.

Just one hymn could shatter the myriad realm. The three swords instantly fused together into one slash. One could hear cutting noises during the trajectory of the slash. This was the sound of the stars being destroyed as it moved across the sky.

“Clank!” This bright-as-snow slash contained the destruction dao of an emperor. There was no beautiful technique, only pure annihilation leaving no room for escape.

Even if one were to run ten million miles away, the result would still be the same, death. At the same time, this slash contained the light of the Heaven’s Will. It meant that this power source was constantly fueling the attack.

With great prudence, Shi Hunlin came up with a counter move.

“Eat this, Heaven Emperor!” He roared and pushed down on his tablet while lowering his head.

“Boom!” The jade tablet turned into an immeasurable mountain range made out of jade, emitting a warm light.

Inside this vast mountain range was a world with countless mountains and rivers, its own sun, moon, and a celestial system.

“Bang!” The slash struck the mountain range causing sparks to go flying. Thick cracks appeared on the range with scattering debris.

However, the mountain range has already become a world. It started to shift and the cracks were coming together again after loud explosions.

The tyrannical slash clearly failed to damage the mountain range to the astonishment of the emperor. Hunlin was much stronger versus his expectation.

“Excuse me, Heaven Emperor.” Hunlin began his offense without any hesitation.

“Boom!” His three totems crazily turned into a boundless ocean. He bowed for a second time, unleashing a torrent of chaos energy into his jade tablet, switching it from defense to offense.

Gigantic peaks appeared inside and naturally turned into a formation to instantly trap the emperor within.

“Nothing special, just a natural formation.” The emperor was not perturbed and began finding the weak spot.”

“Clank!” Another slash leaving behind a deep shadow came flying. With loud explosions, the sword severed these peaks horizontally and broke the formation.

He was indeed a supreme genius, capable of seeing the weak spot in the formation in a short time.

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