Chapter 194: Lion Monarch Ba Xian (2)

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194: Lion Monarch Ba Xian (2)

Note: I will be using the word “intent” here in this chapter. For people who are unfamiliar with this term, intent is the art of the weapon. It can be a sword intent, saber intent, spear intent… It is not the will nor awareness of the weapon, but it is the understanding of the user towards the dao of the weapon. For example, when a sword master reaches a certain level with his sword intent, even a leaf can become a sword. Sword and man becoming one is one level of the sword intent. Another level of the intent is everything in nature is a sword.


After another careful observation, Li Qiye then pulled out the saber.

“Zhangggg..” The unsheathed saber then unleashed a heaven piercing dao energy. In a flash, it was as if the godly saber woke up as it exuded a terrible cold light that instill fear into people – rendering them unable to look at it directly.

Sensing the peerless saber intent of the godly saber, the entire group of Li Shuangyan was amazed at this second. This was a supreme godly saber, absolutely terribly incomparable!

“Boom!” While Li Qiye was still carefully looking at the saber, a sudden loud bang exploded as another aura surged forward in the sky.

“Old Wu….” Lion Monarch Ba Xian coldly snorted and said: “Did you think I would bully your descendants?”

However, in a blink of an eye, a blade cut through the sky containing an invincible saber intent. This invincible blade capable of even cutting through the primordial beginning aimed straight towards the ancient palace!

“Old Wu, you still want to fight?” Against the incoming blade, Lion Monarch Ba Xian coldly scowled and unleashed a fist capable of causing the heaven’s demise upward.

“Old lion, eat my blade!” The Martial God’s roar finally reached. A shadow void stepping in the air finally came. He finally regained his wit and immediately pursued to this place.

“Go…” Amidst the lightning and fire of the eventual battle, Li Qiye shouted. In the blink of an eye, Niu Fen carried everyone away as his body resembled a spinning. In just a flash, Niu Fen actually traversed the void and turned into a curve to immediately escape the Lion Monarch Ba Xian’s territory! This speed was truly unbelievable!

Heavenly Ancestral Snails had unimaginable divine abilities, and especially after Niu Fen was given the divine solution by Li Qiye, he became even more incredible.

“Old lion, you actually dare to think about my Heaven Traversing Eight Saber! Today, not decapitating you won’t do!” The roar of the Martial God rang from the far distance.

It was met by the angry shout of Lion Monarch Ba Xian: “Quit your bullshit, I don’t even want that rubbish junk!”

“Bang–bang–bang.” At this moment, the Martial God and the Lion Monarch had started their battle!

They escaped in just an instant, and then Li Qiye signaled for Niu Fen to head towards an even deeper territory, which prompted Li Shuangyan’s horror as she asked: “We’re not escaping from the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground?”

“Too late, there is someone even more formidable ahead, we will go there.” Li Qiye shouted and he put the Tyrannical Immortal Saber into the treasure box of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom.

“Old Wu, you dare to scheme for my godly saber!” In an instance, Lion Monarch Ba Xian lost the connection to his saber. His facial expression greatly soured as he roared furiously.

“Stop breaking wind, I don’t care for your lousy saber!” The Martial God angrily roared and said: “Old lion, give me my technique scroll!”

Between the fires and lightnings of this battle, the group of Li Qiye had escaped for a long distance with Niu Fen exerting his fastest possible speed. However, such a distance for existences like the Lion Monarch Ba Xian was simply not far enough!

In just a moment, there was a tall mountain blocking the path of Li Qiye’s group. The vastness of this mountain was impossible to describe. One could even say that this was the highest mountain they saw ever since they came to this burial ground. It could even be the highest mountain in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

The high mountain pierced straight to the sky’s horizon as if it had inserted itself into the deepest part of the sky. One could not see how tall it was in the end just by looking up. It stood in the middle of the heaven and earth as the sun and moon appeared inside with the celestials rotating around it. Any existence would feel that they are so inconsequential when standing at this mountain’s base.

“Rush in!” Li Qiye shouted at Niu Fen right at this moment. Niu Fen in the blink of an eye headed towards this high mountain, wanting to climb above.

“Bang-bang-bang”. At the very next moment, there were thunders at the edge of the horizon as two gigantic hands reached forwards to this direction.

“Little demon, dare to steal my godly saber.” At this time, the furious voice of Lion Monarch Ba Xian appeared.

It was immediately followed by the thunderous explosive sound of the Wu Progenitor: “Where are you from, demon spawns. Daring to pretend to be my Wu Clan’s descendants!”

The two hands, one was from the Lion Monarch, and the other was from the Martial God. Both of them reached across the heaven and earth and aimed straight to grab Li Qiye.

“Boom!” At this moment, Niu Fen who was dashing towards the high mountain was bounced back, as if this mountain was covered by an impenetrable divine force.

“In the Bamboo Forest, an arrow that pierces the heaven!” At this moment, Li Qiye shouted and at the same time, he told Niu Fen: “Rush in…”

Niu Fen unhesitatingly crazily rushed in towards the high mountain. “Boom!” In the blink of an eye, Niu Fen managed to carry the group into the high mountain while the two hands collided with the unparalleled divine power of the high mountain and were immediately pushed back!

After finally making it to the mountain, Niu Fen almost collapsed to the ground. Just a little bit less and they wouldn’t have been able to escape the grasps of the Lion Monarch and Martial God!

In the blink of an eye, the Martial God and the Lion Monarch have arrived. The moment the group saw them, they couldn’t help but felt the chills running through their spines. These two were invincible existences of a generation sweeping through the nine heavens and ten earths! Once they made a move, then the group’s fate would be doomed!

However, oddly enough, the Martial God and Lion Monarch stopped right outside of the high mountain and didn’t dare to even take half a step forward.

Finally, the Martial God bowed towards the high mountain and said: “Predecessor, these brats pretended to be my descendants and stole my peerless technique. Please kick these brats out!”

At this point, Li Shuangyan’s group also looked again at the high mountain, and they noticed that there was a wooden coffin hanging on the precipice. It appeared to be simple without any magnificent features; but as it was hanging there in its high place, it appeared to be one coffin encompassing the entire world and all gods prostrated before it!

They finally understood that the Martial God and Lion Monarch were dreading the existence inside this wooden coffin.

However, the wooden hanging on the precipice did not respond to the Martial God, as if it was too much of a bother! Even then, the Lion Monarch and the Martial God still didn’t dare to take half a step inside this place.

Seeing such a scene, no matter whether it was Li Shuangyan or the the group of Niu Fen, everyone felt a chilling and shocking sensation in their hearts. Who were the Martial God and Lion Monarch? During Immortal Emperor Tun Ri’s era, outside of Tun Ri himself, there was no one in the world who could suppress the two of them. If they combined forces, no one outside of Tun Ri during that generation could put a halt to their advances! Their joint power could decapitate the gods in the heaven and destroy the devils in hell!

But today, even though they came together, they did not dare to trespass into this place. One could only imagine how frightening the existence inside the wooden coffin on the precipice must be!

Since the existence inside the wooden coffin did not answer, the Lion Monarch and Martial God were helpless. At this moment, the anger appeared in their eyes as the bloody rays flashed straight at Li Qiye.

“Little demon, where are you from in the end, daring to pretend to be my Wu descendants!?” The Wu Progenitor coldly inquired.

And Lion Monarch Ba Xian also indignantly gritted his teeth and shouted: “Little demon, dare to scheme for my godly saber, did you lose the patience to live!?”

Li Qiye calmly stood on top of the snail’s shell and leisurely said: “Tyrannical Immortal Saber and Heaven Traversing Eight Saber, they are wasted in this Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, isn’t this a shame? You both were a match made in heaven for a generation, so you should know even more clearly that the Tyrannical Immortal Saber and Heaven Traversing Eight Saber had the same origin! Both of them together would be the real unbeatable offensive method!”

“Haha, Hekhek, very good, a little demon like you is worrying about us!” Lion Monarch Ba Xian was so angry that he started to laugh instead as he smilingly replied.

Li Qiye was still as calm as before and smilingly retorted: “To be frank, swindling items from the dead is truly a bit immoral, but, I will form a good karma with you two.”

At this point, Li Qiye looked at the Martial God and continued: “Sacred Wu Clan had fallen from era to era. You cannot leave the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground unless you live again for another generation. You should be aware that your Wu descendants are unable to come and honor you. Even back when your Wu Clan had Virtuous Paragons, they were still not powerful enough to come here! Today is even more impossible. Today, I take away your saber technique, and I will give your Wu Clan a good karmic return. I will save your Wu Clan’s one remaining bloodline, or, help your Wu Clan rise again in the future.”

The Martial God then looked at Li Qiye without saying anything for a long time.

“As for you.” Li Qiye stared at Lion Monarch Ba Xian and slowly spoke: “Your one lineage is already devoid of people for the most part. Today I take your godly saber, I will also form a good karmic remembrance to your descendants. If I meet your descendants in the future, I will leave behind some words for them?”

Lion Monarch Ba Xian also gazed at Li Qiye for a long time without a words. It was already amazing that he did not go crazy from being swindled out of his godly saber.

“Both of you should go back, it is not beneficial for either of you to be away from your dragon caves for so long!” Li Qiye leisurely looked at the both of them and smilingly said: “Today I took away your treasures. To tell you the truth, I don’t need to form good karma with you two. I even didn’t need to swindle the both of you. It is not impossible for me to destroy or alter your Dragon Veins. Out of my own sentimentality for the relationship between you two and Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, I didn’t change or move your Dragon Veins. If I wanted to destroy your dragon caves along with your blood effort for millions of years, it was not an impossible matter!” Li Qiye leisurely declared.

Both the Martial God and Lion Monarch remained silent for a long time.

“Go back, my words are resolute. Today I take away your treasures, I will form a good relationship with your descendants in the future!” Li Qiye finally said with a smile.

“Good” In the end, the Martial God stomped on the ground once and then turned around to leave without any hesitation!

Lion Monarch Ba Xian lingered for a moment, then he finally threw an item forward and gravely shouted: “Don’t forget the positive karma today!” With that, he turned around and left!

The Lion Monarch’s item eventually fell into the hand of Li Qiye. It was an ancient box with an unknown item inside. Li Qiye only looked at it then put it away.

When the two finally left, Li Shuangyan’s group was finally able to let out a sigh of relief. Their stressed nerves were suddenly relaxed as they sat down on the ground.

“Really dangerous just now.” Even Niu Fen couldn’t help but to wipe away his cold sweats. They actually managed to obtain two supreme treasures, this will be an unimaginable and legendary tale!

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