Chapter 1967 - Back To The Past

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Chapter 1967: Back To The Past

“Kill!” After crossing through time to understand the true forms, Saint slashed downward with his wings without showing any mercy.

He didn’t give the ten monsters any opportunity to fight back. This slash was capable of severing all powers from the source.

A saint has no emotions – these weren’t empty words. A saint was supreme and truly loved all living beings. However, he wouldn’t show mercy when it was time for action. He needed to control the era and uphold the light; the mercy of the fairer sex was unnecessary.

“Ah!” The ten monsters were instantly decapitated since even their source was killed. Despite coming from the darkness and that darkness was still around, they were forever killed without being able to enter the reincarnation cycle!

“Saint, just like old times.” Samsara smiled and recalled the darkness. In the blink of an eye, he and Saint met on the river of time.

“My dao is eternal.” Samsara chanted as he raised his hand and chopped downward as if his hand was a sword. There was no beautiful technique or majestic power. Surprisingly enough, no expected dark affinity either. Nevertheless, this chop was still eternal.

It wasn’t aiming for the flesh but rather destroying the enemy directly from time itself. For example, if one had one hundred years of life, with just one slash, this period would instantly shatter as if the enemy didn’t exist in the first place, not even a chance to be born.

“Boom!” The attack struck Saint’s resplendent wings. The light immediately extinguished along with the flame behind him.

Saint was wounded and fell down from the river of time. His power weakened by a fair amount along with his holy light as his complexion turned pale.

The emperors shuddered. This wasn’t a physical contest but rather, a battle on the river of time.

Under this type of battle, one’s time was being directly erased if struck by Samsara. If an emperor wasn’t strong enough to withstand this eternal power, they would directly be buried and killed from the source.

It was much worse than a physical attack. If the flesh was destroyed, there was still a chance to retaliate. Alas, not being able to withstand this strike meant true death.

“Like I said, old friend, the you right now are not my match.” Samsara also returned to the battlefield and shook his head: “I can easily destroy you despite only being at 80% strength.”

“This is only the beginning.” Saint wasn’t caught off guard from losing the first exchange and calmly replied: “Warm-up time is over, let’s go for real now.”

Having said that, he took out the Elusive Heavenly Vase and drank all of the liquid in one gulp.

“Boom!” His flame surged to the limit and alarmed the entire world, not just Pure, with his insane rise of power.

The weak didn’t know what was going on but they were prostrating on the ground with sincere reverence.

Meanwhile, the emperors on the other continents were startled. All eyes were on Pure; everyone wanted to know what was going on.

The top emperors were able to see through the spatial blockades between the continents. The average ones could only sense the ripples of power since they failed to peer through the barriers.

Saint was no different from the lord of an epoch. His holy light was not just illuminating the region but also the river of time of an entire epoch.

He stepped into the river of time again with his holy light. All of his power were carved into this era. So many children being born were blessed with his holy power and protection. Their heart became filled with the light.

“Clank! Clank!” Clear metallic ringing resounded. One could see plates of armor covering Saint’s body. It didn’t take long before he was fully adorned with a set of sacred armor.

It shouldered the faith of many eras from those craving the light. They were praying for him in order to give him endless power, to cure his wounds, and to chase the darkness away.

A hymn resounded with the emergence of a sword spewing holy light and cold shimmers of steel. These rays were emotionless and murderous.

If the armor shouldered hope, then this sword shouldered destruction with its ultimate edge – capable of cutting the source of darkness. Eternality? Nothing before this sword. Indestructibility? All were ashes before its judgment.

More metallic ringing occurred. Saint’s wings became metalized. They were still full of light and flame but now, there was a cold and emotionless touch to them. The pair of wings has become a tool of war not weaker than his sword.

Saint looked quite young and gallant now. His temperament was devilishly charismatic. He had restored his power back to the peak state. Not to mention others, the dark overlords in the wildland were trembling uncontrollably.

Why? It was because they were no match for Saint at his strongest state. Only Samsara was a match for him.

“Looks like you have found an amazing medicine.” Samsara wasn’t afraid to see this. He nodded his head: “Hmm, still a way off from your true peak, but this is enough. No wonder why you’re confident in slaying me.”

“It is time for us to end this painful epoch.” Saint pointed his sword at Samsara.

“Try if you can. I’m afraid it won’t go as you wish, old friend.” Samsara replied and took a step forward.

He entered the river of time with a careful pace. It didn’t take long before he returned to their epoch.

Though this wasn’t their real epoch, the river of time has been flowing the entire time so there was still an image left of their period.

“Boom!” After reaching his epoch, darkness crazily rushed out of the ancestor and engulfed the area.

He stood there in the shadows, capable of shoulder the heaven itself while looking down on an epoch. The lord of all; no crown but a king he was for he had returned to his early and fiercer days.

Who could actually match this ruler of darkness? Prodigies and other overlords would need to bend down before him. In this dark epoch, all were ants before him.

Even a ten-will emperor wouldn’t be able to take one blow. Only someone like World Emperor could take him on.

Just imagine, being born in an epoch like this was full of despair. So many emperors would choose the darkness during that era.

Nevertheless, Saint managed to hang on the whole time against Samsara. Though he failed to save the epoch in the end, he was still a pillar that didn’t falter. His light illuminated the darkness like a lamp showing the path to future generations so that they wouldn’t be lost.

Many finally realized how wondrous and amazing Saint was after seeing the monster that is Samsara. The emperors felt a deep sense of respect for him.

“Old friend, our epoch is no more but going back to the past, this is our real battlefield.” Samsara told Saint while standing on the spot in the river of time proportional to their epoch.

“Let’s do this!” Saint roared as the two entered their old period.

The river was still quietly flowing for an eternity. No one could ever go back to the past, but if one was strong enough, they could return to their old position in the timeline.

Though they wouldn’t be able to return and see their loved ones and friends again, they could still sense the years back then and return to their old form.

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