Chapter 2022 - Dao And Fortune Seeking

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Chapter 2022: Dao And Fortune Seeking

Yao Ting asked Li Qiye: “Are we here to really drink tea?”

She didn’t know much about the garden since this was her first time.

“It’s for dao comprehension.” Jinsheng kindly said: “Drink tea and comprehend the dao, but the name is Tea Party. This place is a great area for learning about the dao, this was the main goal of the academy in opening the garden. This is a rare chance and one should seize it with all cost. As for finding treasures and other things? That’s wasting it.”

The group wondered if he has been here before again due to his mysterious yet complicated expression after being here.

They went beneath a majestic mountain shrouded by the clouds. It gave off the sensation that it was blocking the road – no one could ever get past it.

A tree was on top with whirling leaves of a silver color. From a distant glance, it would look as if this tree was made out of metal.

“I think this is a Silver-Flower Tree, the mushroom growing on this tree is extremely precious since it can be used as a medicine to increase cultivation.” A group of students from the different classrooms has already surrounded the peak. The ones from Hundred Hall were mainly here for fun.

One student from Emperor Mansion flew up to the sky and opened his heavenly gaze to look at the tree. After seeing the mushrooms growing on it, he said: “Yes, this tree has been untouched for a long time so there are so many mushrooms here. It can probably be refined into a full gourd of pills for me to increase cultivation by ten years.”

“What a shame, Six-sword Young King and Rumination Godchild aren’t here or they might be able to reach the top for those mushrooms.” One student salivated after seeing this.

Another from Sacred Institution shook his head: “The two are going for the Grand Dao Tea, they don’t care about mushrooms. These mushrooms are top-notch but their sects have no lack of similar items.”

The students here could only watch because the peak was unclimbable. The moment they tried, they would instantly fall off. For example, if they were the flowing water, this peak would be a tall boulder situated in the middle. There was no way for the water to reach the top.

“Violent Teacher is here! Wait, no, Teacher Li and Fairy Mei are here.” The arrival of the group caused quite a stir due to Li Qiye’s notoriety.

They quickly made a path for him. Ultimately, Li Qiye wasn’t impressive in appearance but his status as a teacher was quite intimidating.

The one attracting the most gazes in the group was naturally Mei Suyao. This was her effect wherever she went, causing heart to beat faster, eyes to wander, and minds to waver.

“Fairy Mei.” The students from Imperial Mansion greeted her. She nonchalantly nodded back as a response.

“Silver-flower Tree, not bad.” Li Qiye told Yao Ting: “Go, you don’t need the mushroom here, just go up to comprehend the dao. The grand dao of the tree is powerful and touch like metal, very useful for you.”

“I, I can actually go up there?” She spoke feebly. There were students from the higher classrooms here but they couldn’t ascend. How could someone from Hundred Hall like her do it?

Li Qiye gently sighed and said: “Fine, I’ll lend you a hand for now but you need to work hard yourself in the future.”

With that, he formed a massive palm and reached for the tree. A majestic light from the tree poured out and sealed the area in order to stop his advance like an immovable gate.

“Boom!” With a breaking sound, Li Qiye’s palm was unstoppable and forcefully tore through the radiant canopy. Before everyone could react, he threw Yao Ting on top of the peak and she landed right below the tree.

“Try your best now, I won’t help you a second time.” Li Qiye told her.

Yao Ting was frightened by the sudden opportunity. She never thought about having a chance like this normally, but it has landed on her today.

Nevertheless, she took a deep breath after hearing him and calmed her mind. She sat down and closed her eyes in order to reach for the dao with her mind. She no longer cared for the mushrooms and simply tried to search for the dao.

Many students were shaken after seeing this. They have heard about Li Qiye beating Ye Miaoxue before. Most didn’t like it and some thought that he simply relied on his position to bully a student.

However, after seeing him destroying the tree’s barrier so easily, they understood that he was the real deal. No teacher from the academy was weak.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and went on with the group after seeing Yao Ting in a state of meditation.

“What a shame, not picking mushrooms after reaching the top but just sitting there meditating. Wasting such a good opportunity, she can meditate in any other places.” Some students felt that this was a waste of time.

“Sigh, let’s go someplace else.” Since none could reach the top, they all gave up eventually and left.

The students came to find treasures, herbs, and artifacts. Very few actually dao searched in this place since they believed that it would be a waste of time.

In their eyes, they could meditate wherever and whenever. This wasn’t the case for treasure hunting.

The teachers didn’t interfere with their choices. They simply led the students in and the students needed to walk on their own path in order to carve out their own future.

The main goal of the tea party for the academy was to use this wondrous land as a place to search for the dao. They hoped that the students could cherish this opportunity. Nevertheless, they didn’t stop the students from treasure hunting and wasting this chance.

On a side note, this was also the reason why students with humble upbringing loved the academy. They had freedom and the chance to have a piece of the pie.

In the great powers, this type of sacred land could only be enjoyed by the experts in the sect. They weren’t as generous as the academy, letting the students share everything. Of course, this was predicated on whether the students were capable enough to grab the treasures.

Many students were filling their pockets with items, especially the ones traveling with Six-sword and Rumination.

This big group made it to a different peak and found many geniuses from Emperor Mansion waiting around.

It was shrouded in fog with a tea tree on top. It was ancient with thick barks just like dragon scales. Moreover, the cracks between the barks emitted a faint fragrance of tea.

Young tea leaves were magically growing on it with different levels making it look just like a pagoda. The leaves were also golden in color, quite a beautiful spectacle.

Tiny laws floated around each of the young leaves like immortal silks. The tree looked full of spirituality because of this appearance.

Furthermore, the leaves were also different. On the bottom level, each leaf only had one tiny law circulating around it. On the second level, two laws; the third, three laws… The very top layer actually had twelve laws circulating around each leaf.

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