Chapter 2025 - Freesky Young Lord

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Chapter 2025: Freesky Young Lord

Back to the other group on the topic of Mortal Reversion Ancient God, the young king smiled and said: “Since we’re here, let’s try for some Grand Dao Tea at least so the trip won’t be wasted.”

“Godchild, I’ll have the temerity to go first, please excuse me.” The young king smiled towards Rumination. There was no point in holding back due to the high quantity of the leaves here. One just needed to be capable enough to grab them.

“I’ll cheer for you, Young King.” Rumination smiled and said.

The young king stepped out and instantly reached the middle of the mountain.

“Boom!” The dao path appeared again and no one could avoid it. He was instantly swept in this majestic dao with ocean-like runes.

“Open!” The young king roared and reached forward to grab a rune.

“Pop!” He was instantly pushed back.

“What you got?” The students here surrounded him and asked.

“Just a few.” The young king opened his palm, revealing five little leaves with four strands of dao laws floating around each.

“Incredible, four-dao leaves.” Godchild couldn’t help but praise after seeing this.

“It’s nothing, I’m sure you will easily surpass me.” Six-sword shook his head and smiled before putting away the leaves. Even someone like him found these leaves very precious.

“You’re quite amazing already, definitely better than geniuses from our Emperor Mansion.” A student from this classroom was convinced by his talents.

“My turn to embarrass myself.” Godchild smiled and also went to the ridge.

“Boom!” The same thing happened with the grand dao engulfing him inside.

“Pop!” He was repelled back a while later.

“How many you got?” The excited students crowded around him. Given his talents, he was definitely capable of grabbing some. It was only a question of quantity and quality.

“I’m ashamed, two less than Young King.” Godchild opened his palm, revealing three leaves with five dao laws floating around them.

“You’re too humble, you have five-dao leaves while mine are only four-dao. This is a gap beyond number, you are one step above me this time.” The young king coolly admitted his defeat.

Due to their good relationship, they already knew how strong the other was. In terms of raw power, Freesky was naturally the strongest with Six-sword in the last place.

“I’m only lucky, didn’t beat you at all.” Rumination put away his leaves and smiled.

“Brothers, you two are having some fun competing today.” A forthright voice came about.

A person came from the horizon with red clouds as his companions. He wore a great robe that could shoulder the heaven and earth or create the myriad laws. Each gesture of his could devour the sun and moon. An oppressive divinity exuded from his body with awe-inspiring laws of a High God.

“Brother Freesky.” Rumination and Six-sword rushed out happily to see this man.

The students also respectfully greeted: “Congratulation, Young Lord, for finishing your isolated cultivation.”

They were more respectful towards him compared to the other two scions. Even the ones from Emperor Mansion felt the same way.

Against Rumination or Six-sword, these students from Emperor Mansion still thought they had a chance of winning. However, before Skyhigh, they didn’t have this idea at all and knew just how inferior they were.

“Brothers, how are you doing?” The person smiled and asked Rumination and Six-sword.

“I didn’t think Brother Freesky would leave your training so early, congratulation.” Rumination smiled.

Six-sword added: “I haven’t been eating well in the last couple of days without your lessons, Brother Freesky.”

This was the leader of the Scions, Wang Xuanji, and also the successor of his sect with five monarchs. His talents were frightening, allowing him to be a one-totem High God despite being so young.

Because of this, he was highly regarded by Gu Qiheng. Sometimes, he could even take over for Qiheng and lecture for the students from hundred Halls. The guy didn’t let down Qiheng since his lectures were actually quite profound.

Who was Qiheng? He was not only a teacher at the academy but also on the same level as Virtuous. The two of them were once the most gifted students in this place.

People used to call him Young Monarch. Unfortunately, he chose the path of the gods and obtained six totems. Due to his age, others believed that he had the biggest chance of becoming an Ancient God in this generation.

As a student, Freesky already had one totem. This was indeed a peerless achievement so no wonder why the others were so impressed by him.

“Brother, you got here just in time to show us your skills and broaden our horizon.” Rumination smiled and said.

“Yeah, Young Lord, please show us how to do it right. You’ll probably be able to get a ten-dao leaf.” A sycophant added. It was only a matter of time before he became the new sect master so it was very beneficial to have a good relationship with him.

“You guys are killing me.” Freesky shook his head and said: “I’m just another ordinary man. Even if I go all out, eight-dao should be my limit.”

“You can’t put it like that. Just eight-dao is already shocking enough, something we’ll never be able to reach in our lifetime.” Another student smiled.

“You’re considered the most gifted among all of us, so if you can only get eight, no one else can surpass you.” Rumination said.

“C’mon now, Brother, show us how it’s done already.” Six-sword smiled.

Freesky laughed loudly and said: “If that’s the case, then I’ll just have to embarrass myself then, please don’t laugh.”

With that, he walked towards the ridge and activated the grand dao there again. Even someone as powerful as him couldn’t escape this type of momentum belonging to the world so he was drowned within the runes.

“Pop!” He was pushed back by the dao.

“How many did you get?” The students surrounded him.

“I’ve let everyone down, only barely got four leaves.” Freesky opened his palm to show everyone four young leaves, much more resplendent compared to the ones chosen by Rumination and Six-sword. Each had eight dao laws floated around it.

“Eight dao, that’s why we all look up at you, well done, well done.” All the students sighed in admiration.

Six-sword Young King was already amazing with four dao. The best in this generation, Virtuous, only got nine dao, and the legend of the most arrogant student in the academy, Nether Lunatic, got ten.

Thus, Freesky’s performance was very impressive and much better than everyone else here.

“I don’t think any of the younger teachers could match you either, let alone a student. We’re not talking about the older ones. Maybe Teacher Qiheng and Teacher Qianxuan are on the same level as you.” Someone loudly stated.

“Yes, I don’t think that Violent Teacher from Study Room is a match for you either.” Another one praised.

After hearing this name, Freesky’s eyes turned cold.

Everyone knew that Ye Miaoxue was a regional princess of Skyhigh Sect and was pampered there. He also adored her yet Li Qiye made her bedridden for a long time. There was no way he could let this go.

Six-sword and Rumination might be wary of a teacher but not him, the successor of Freesky. His status was enough to do so but even when putting that aside, he was very influential at the academy.

Many of the older teachers liked him and some have proposed for him to stay and teach at the academy for several years after graduating. All of this combined to make him very confident even when going against a teacher like Li Qiye.

“That teacher is very famous right now.” Six-sword purposely stuck on this topic. He hated Li Qiye enough to try and stir the young lord into fighting Li Qiye.

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