Chapter 2069 - The Invasion

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Chapter 2069: The Invasion

“Rumble!” The academy swayed back and forth to the dismay of the students. They were forced down on the ground by the terrible suppression with no chance of getting up.

Despite the barriers being empowered by the strongest beings, they still couldn’t withstand the relentless onslaught.

“Time to take what belongs to us.” Oblivion Devil Emperor and the others laughed before entering the academy with a dominating presence.

“Fight!” The old headmaster cried out and rushed forward with the remaining ancestors.

A light came from the deepest area of the academy and shined upon them, adorning them with powerful regalias. This was another part of the academy’s defensive measures.

“Take it!” The Eight-pillar Society still wanted the particular divine peak and rushed for it.

“Luo Wencang, don’t even think about it.” Even Mo Qianjun had joined this battle. Old they might be, they were as ferocious as dragons and tigers on the battlefield.

The old headmaster led some ancestors to take on these High Gods.

“This tree is mine!” Immortal Emperor Chong Huang jumped into the academy; his sight fixated on a tree spewing and absorbing immortal flame.

“Chong Huang, ask us first if you want the treasure!” Harmony Monarchs blocked his way and coldly uttered.

“So be it.” The emperor exuded a cold glare, ordering numerous insects to attack the husband and wife. They completely blotted out the sun and surrounded the two.

“Clank! Clank!” The wondrous saber and resonating sword left their sheath – ready for a combination attack.

Both the monarchs disappeared, leaving behind only the gales of their weapons. A rain of heavenly swords descended from the sky while an endless tsunami of sabers came from the side.

The torrential edges swung by and instantly made mincemeat out of the insects.

“Let’s go!” Immortal Emperor Chong Huang didn’t only rely on his insects. He took out a large bell and swung forward, releasing a gigantic sound wave.

“Buzz.” In a different location, Immortal Emperor Er Shi kept on moving like a phantom. It didn’t take long before he emerged before an ancient palace.

“So this is the rumor palace that contains the scrolls of Fei.” Er Shi had a goal long ago in the academy.

“Fellow Daoist Er Shi, return now, don’t wait until it is too late!” A person stood by the door and stopped him – Stoneraiser Immortal Monarch.

“Fellow Daoist Stoneraiser, the academy will fall, why risk your life for something so meaningless? How about we share these scrolls?” Er Shi smiled and said.

“I will never be a despicable monarch and shame the regal prestige.” Stoneraiser coldly refused.

“As if emperors aren’t brutal and cruel in nature.” Er Shi laughed and aimed for Stoneraiser’s head with his wheel.

“Break!” Stoneraiser retaliated with his iron rod.


“Gentlemen, excuse my offense.” Oblivion jumped into the academy. Teachers and even some ancestors couldn’t stop him at all so he made his way into a valley.

He swept away several ancestors guarding the valley with an unstoppable momentum by just waving his hand.

The imperial barrier didn’t stop him at all. The true body of a ten-will Grand Emperor was no joke.

As he was making preparation to shift the entire valley away, a ray with incomparable sharpness pierced his natural mighty defense. He had to take several steps back in order to dodge it.

He looked over and saw an old man standing in the way.

“Brother Asura, long time no see.” He cupped his fist. Despite being an invader, he remained cool and free.

“Long time no see. Oblivion, you are betting on my academy’s destruction.” This was one of the academy’s strongest ancestors, Asura!

“Brother, this is the reality, not a gamble.” Oblivion revealed a faint smile: “You may not know this, but the legions of our three races are approaching. Thus, I have no choice but to take the initiative or when Heaven Authority gets here, I’ll be left with scraps.”

Asura calmly said: “Even Heaven Authority won’t be able to destroy my academy. Heed my advice and leave now, or not just you but even your clan won’t be able to survive.”

“Thank you, brother, but one must seek fortune amidst peril. I’m sure you know that your treasures here are worthy of this risk. I have no grievances against your group and am only doing this for the items. If you don’t block my path, I won’t trouble you either. All the students and teachers can leave freely.” As a ten-will emperor, he was in the position to make this suggestion.

“Then we have nothing else to say, a fight to the death it is.” Asura’s eyes turned cold and attacked with his disk.

“So be it.” Oblivion laughed heartily and prepared for battle.

“Boom!” The two sides began their amazing battle.

In the interim, many High Gods were making their way in. The majority of them was hiding their identity, especially the weaker ones. They followed right behind the emperors and wanted to take advantage of the chaos.

Of course, some of them went straight in. For example, Hundred-arm from Gods’ Hall.

He defeated the teachers here and split a peak apart, revealing the treasures inside.

“Stop him!” The teachers rallied once more.

“Scram!” Hundred-arm shouted and suddenly, numerous arms as big as mountains unleashed devastating strikes. All of the teachers were blown flying.

“Who can stop me?!” He wanted to take the entire treasury with him.

“Hundred-arm, don’t be arrogant at the academy!” A furious cry resounded. Three monstrous figures made way into the academy.

“Zhang Trinity is here to help!” One of them announced.

“Zhang Ruolei, Zhang Ruofeng, and Zhang Ruoyu!” A High God was astonished to see these three.

The two men and one woman ahead were famous High Gods in Arrogance, alumni of the academy. The most special thing about them was that they could combine their individual totems into a set – a total of ten. They didn’t forget about the past and came to help the academy.

“Zhang Trinity, I have eleven totems, more than your ten.”

“So what, we’ll still kill you all the same!” The sister, Zhang Ruoyu, had the fiercest temper among the three siblings. She gathered a sun above her head and threw it at Hundred-arm.

Her brothers didn’t waste words either and commenced their offense.

“Come! I’ll see just how strong the three of you are!” Hundred-arm was not afraid at all. He grasped another sun to counter the sister while using all-penetrating power against the two brothers.

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