Chapter 2070 - Lion-headed Being

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Chapter 2070: Lion-headed Being

Chaos ravaged the academy. The gong rang time and time again while the thieves took their treasures and ran with haste.

The strongest might be the lion-headed person heading straight for the depth of the academy. It was where the academy stored their manuals and scrolls including the ones from top emperors.

This being left destruction in his wake. No barriers and ancestors could slow him down at all.

A High God gasped after seeing his speed: “Is that a top emperor?”

But they quickly dispelled this notion. A top emperor like World wouldn’t need to hide their identity like this.

“Hold it right there!” A real challenger finally came forward – an old man adorned in an imperial robe.

“Clank!” The Soaring Immortal Sword Formation sleeping in the academy woke up instantly with a wave of his hand. The sword formation slashed vertically at the intruder.

The lion-headed being raised both hands to block the slash, causing sparks to go flying everywhere. These sparks flew all the way up to the sky and destroyed the stars.

“Damn, that’s insane!” People gasped after seeing the being capable of stopping the sword formation with his bare hands.

“Try this!” The old man casually unleashed another strike – a divine bell of Deep South Divine Emperor flew mercilessly forward.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The guy was struck several times and staggered backward but he was still fine – showing others just how monstrous he was.

“Reveal yourself!” The old man demanded and used an imperial mirror to shine a scorching ray at the lion-headed being.

However, one could only see a vast expanse with fourteen Heaven’s Wills floating there!

“How can this be?! There’s someone with fourteen wills in this world?” The crowd was shocked; the more naive ones were horrified.

“No wonder why you’re hiding, so it is fourteen Immortal Monarchs working together, each with one will.” The old man said.

Everyone became startled at this revelation. So fourteen monarchs from the hundred races actually teamed up together to attack the academy?!

They must have truly wanted to destroy the academy but this wasn’t surprising at all. It had taken the deepest roots in Arrogance with a plethora of resources. Just dividing this up was enough for their sect to reach the next level!

“Imperial Prince, the academy is done for so its scrolls should be kept by the hundred races, away from the three races.” The lion-headed being finally spoke.

“That’s, that’s Immortal Emperor Fei’s son!” A High God finally realized the old man’s identity.

“Soaring Immortal Prince…” People naturally reacted emotionally after finding this out. Some even started bowing.

“Don’t even dream about it.” The prince had a stately and oppressive temperament.

“The outcome has been decided.” The lion-headed man said: “Even your coming into being won’t do anything. We have fourteen wills here so you won’t be able to stop us, and if we come with our real body, you will die here.”

Among them were some terrifying monarchs; one even had eleven wills. This was the reason why they were so confident.

“Alright, I shall break your wills so that you won’t be able to hide any longer!” The prince was also confident.

“Buzz.” His vitality erupted, resulting in him seemingly traveling back in time all the way to the primordial chaos. This granted him the power of the source.

“Eternal bloodline…” A diviner immediately recognized it and took a deep breath: “One of the four immortal bloodlines, and the only one from our race…”

No one was surprised to see this. His father might be from the hundred races but his mother was the prettiest diviner during that generation and his grandfather – Deep South Divine Emperor. This was the noblest of bloodlines.

“Die!” The lion-headed being roared and instantly attacked. Though it had fourteen wills, it was only a temporary combination. These wills weren’t able to exert their real power.

“Your punishment is death!” The prince waved his sleeve to control the sword formation for another slash.

“Rumble!” Battles waged everywhere inside the academy. The entire place was filled with activated imperial runes resulting in isolated battlefields. Nevertheless, the academy was still suffering the shockwaves from the battles.

“Haha, we’re here to join the fun!” The sky suddenly turned dark with a gigantic dragon and tiger appearing above.

“Golden Dragon and Tyrant Tiger?!” People didn’t know which side these two beasts were on.

“How shameful, a High God acting like a thief.” The tiger laughed and smashed a High God who was carrying an old well into a pulp.

“So much fun, we haven’t gone all out in a long time!” The dragon roared and joined in.

These two were no other than the ones who came up to the tenth world with Li Qiye. Of course, this was their original home.

The two beasts began to terrorize the High Gods who were trying to take advantage of the situation.

Not everyone was trying to jump into the academy right away after the barriers’ collapse. For example, Immortal Emperor Yin Yang and Immortal Emperor Bai Lian weren’t in a hurry.

They were only here for one thing – the High Heaven Palace.

Yin Yang opened his eyes; one was yin and the other yang. The two cycled and illuminated the entire academy during his search.

“Must be there!” He finally became fixated on Study Room. The guy was indeed capable enough to see a few clues so he headed there.

“Return from whence you came.” Li Qiye was sitting in the main hall and nonchalantly told him.

“Who are you?” The emperor was cautious against this young man.

“I do not wish to repeat myself.” Li Qiye was still relaxed.

“Buzz.” The emperor activated his gaze again in order to see through Li Qiye. Alas, all he saw was a muddled mess, something impossible to fathom.

“Who the hell are you?” He didn’t expect this at all.

“That doesn’t matter but if you are foolish enough to linger around, this place will be your burial.” Li Qiye continued.

“I have climbed out of piles of corpses time and time again so I’m very interested to see what kind of person will be able to kill me.” Yin Yang smiled and said.

This was someone who had experienced tribulations and near-death countless times so he wasn’t scared that easily. Plus, even if the guy was unfathomable, he still needed to try once.

“Buzz.” His shining eyes shot out a ray straight for Li Qiye.

However, a river of time appeared and trapped the ray completely before it could make contact with Li Qiye.

A woman descended from the sky just like a goddess; all eyes had to be on her now.

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