Chapter 2144: Mysterious Old Man

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This particular store in Insane Court wasn’t the largest branch from Arrogance Franchise. Nevertheless, one could find whatever they wanted here. If they didn’t have it, just show enough money and they would go get it.

This was the biggest advantage of shopping here. If one couldn’t find something at Arrogance, it meant they wouldn’t be able to buy it in any other store or with money.

When Li Qiye wanted to buy an immortal yet couldn’t from Arrogance, he wouldn’t be able to buy it from some other places either. This wasn’t an issue that could be solved with money. There is a popular saying from the enterprise - a problem solvable by money is not a problem. This was indeed a reasonable belief for Arrogance. 

Sijing felt that she was in a vast world while inside this store and got dazzled by all the treasures. 

Of course, the prices here were exorbitant as well. Each item here was too expensive for Sijing, not something she could save up for in her entire life. Not even her entire sect could afford one of them.

Li Qiye didn’t have any interest in these treasures and only gave them a quick glance. His focus was on the alchemy ingredients and of course, this store also had the best selection in Insane court for anyone with enough money.

He was actually buying some common materials in mass and naturally, Wang Han in disguise paid for him immediately.

“Young Noble, why are you buying so many materials?” Sijing saw the amount and became curious.

In the few recent days of serving him, she found him to not be imperious like a reborn ancestor but rather quite easy to get along with. It wasn’t a bad time serving someone like him.

“Alchemy.” He leisurely said.

“You’re trying to refine some Longevity Pills, Young Noble?” Wang Han was more knowledgeable than the other two and could guess his intention based on the list of materials.

“Right, bored enough to refine a few cauldrons.” Of course, Li Qiye wasn’t trying to make some pills at the immortal level. He just wanted to practice and research these pills in order to find more clues. Ultimately, his previous experience was still peerless in this world.

“You also search for immortality?” Wang Han was very curious about this “ancestor”. He wanted to know what he had experienced in his long life.

“No, just going to refine a few for fun.” Li Qiye replied.

“...” Shengping didn’t know what to say. Three Immortals had all kind of pills but the Longevity Pill represented the apex of alchemy. Some True Emperors searched for the path of the pills while others paid a handsome sum for them.

Many alchemists took great pride in this ability but he was just doing it for fun? Quite a bold statement. Only a true forefather of Insane Could would be so domineering.

As they were chatting on the way back, Li Qiye suddenly stopped and turned his focus towards an intersection.

Outside of the big store itself, there were many other side shops doing small businesses. A few cultivators would try to trade nearby with permission from Arrogance.

There was an old man in a cotton robe with a big hat, covering not only his ears but virtually all of his face. His hands were inside his sleeves, seemingly very cold as he breathed out cold air.

He didn’t look too special but his three shiny items on display were incredible. More importantly, he had a plaque with ugly scribblings: “Move me and I shall give you a treasure.” [1]

A crowd naturally formed because of the items and the challenge.

“Really now?” Someone asked.

“Of course.” The old man answered without looking up as if he was feeble, unable to open his eyes.

“What do you mean by move you?” Another spectator asked.

The old man didn’t answer and continued to sit there quietly, seemingly asleep.

In a short time, the crowd glanced at each other, not knowing how to fulfill the condition.

“Is he playing with us? What the heck does he mean?” Another wondered.

The old man ignored all of the questions.

“Are you for real?” More and more people asked.

“Well, he can’t be tricking us because Arrogance Enterprise guarantees the transactions here. If he does anything funny, Arrogance will interfere.” An older cultivator said.

The spectators agreed with this and felt assured because of the enterprise. Nevertheless, they were still at a loss.

“Bang!” Suddenly, a lowly-looking middle-aged cultivator got on his knees and shouted: “Father, I’m here to see you!”

The crowd was startled at first but they quickly realized that he was doing and laughed: “Haha, this guy, got a father out of nowhere.”

They found this man very amusing. Of course, the guy was feeling quite hot and embarrassed. He was a nobody without a strong background. This was why he could kneel and call someone father without losing any face. He didn’t have anything to lose and in case of success, it would be a free treasure.

Alas, the old man didn’t give him the time of day.

“Father, your son’s life hasn’t been easy, will you give me a treasure?” The middle-aged man bowed his head and asked.

There was still no response.

“Maybe he’ll say yes if you call him grandfather.” Someone else joked.

“Yeah, call him grandfather, maybe that’ll work.” The crowd exploded in laughter.

“Grandfather!” The man clenched his teeth and didn’t mind being mocked at by the crowd: “Your obedient grandson worship you!”

Alas, the old man was still unmoved.

“Haha, looks like you want to be his grandson but he doesn’t want you.” 

Zhu Sijing who has never seen something strange like this became astounded.

In the end, the man gave up and left. Robbing the old man was out of the question because Arrogance was in charge here.

People wondered again at how to move this old man. Calling him a father or grandfather didn’t work at all. Nevertheless, they didn’t want to give up on these three treasures.

1. stir/arouse here, not physically moving him

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