Chapter 2145: Who Can Move Him?

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People stared and stared at the treasures with greed but unable to figure out a plan.

“Grandpa, I have a bottle of spring wine, the finest brew from our Leaf-flow Kingdom, do you want a sip?” A youth opened a bottle and the salivating fragrance of this wine permeated the air.

“Damn, that’s good wine.” The smell made people swallow their saliva.

“This is our finest wine, of course it will be good.” The youth was quite proud. It wasn’t easy for him to make something like this.

“Grandpa, how about it?” He raised the cup before the old man.

Alas, the same inaction happened just like before.

The youth unhappily put away the wine and went back to the sideline.

“Grandpa, I have cultivated for three thousand years, enduring the rain and storm in the caves. For my grand dao, I spent my time in the dark wilderness and faced the wrath of the beasts. All I want is a treasure for self-protection.” A cultivatior lamented his life, wanting to move this old man.

The old man didn’t open his eyes and ignored the guy still.

Next, several cultivators tried different things to no avail, of course. Some spoke words of grandeur while others tried the pity game once more. A few tried to trade their own treasures as well but the old man didn’t respond.

The majority became disappointed, thinking that he was only messing with them.

At this moment, a girl walked before him. She was around sixteen or seventeen-year-old with a coarsely-made dress. She was cute with a cloth tying her hair. Of course, her appearance also made her poor background and weak cultivation quite clear.

She stood there, slightly afraid, as if this was her first time speaking in front of so many people.

She eventually gathered enough courage to speak, still softly: “Senior, I, I would like a treasure to protect our, our Wood Convent, because, because it’s not safe there. Something evil is… watching us…”

The crowd already awaited her failure. People have tried these sob-stories before her and failed.

But she didn’t even finish her story before the old man opened his eyes and grabbed the middle of the three treasures. He handed it to the girl and said: “Just place it in front of the convent.”

The girl was startled because she had no hope of success. Alas, after thinking about the precarious situation, she still needed to try once.

Thus, this pleasant surprise came too sudden so she stood there frozen. Others were naturally astounded as well.

They thought that this old man was only playing around but now, he had just handed a treasure to this girl after a short comment.

The girl quickly bowed towards him before leaving with haste, disappearing into the sea of people.

“He’s not messing around!” Someone shouted with astonishment.

Keep in mind that these treasures were amazing items. Just a short story and the girl had obtained one.

“Yes, this is for real!” The crowd began to contemplate again, not wanting to give up.

“This is something else.” Zhu Sijing felt that one of these treasures could be the defining artifact of Grand Sword for generations. Alas, the old man gave one away so easily. This broke her common sense and exceeded her imagination.

Who in this world would casually hand a priceless item to a treasure? The guy must be crazy.

“One can’t use common sense to judge a master.” Li Qiye smirked while looking at the old man.

“Senior, I come from Cemetery Mountain, our clan view protecting the mortals as our responsibility but recently, something evil is invading our estate. My uncles have fallen one by one, please give me something to protect my clan.” A quick-witted youth kneeled before the old man with tears dripping down.

The old man simply took out another treasure and placed it in the middle of the other two as a replacement. He closed his eyes again, not giving a damn about the youth.

He cried and lamented about his clan but it all fell on deaf ears.

“Senior, my young sister has always been sick, bed-ridden. Recently, a nightmare ghost has been possessing her too, please give me a treasure to protect her.” People tried to copy the girl’s sad story again.

No one was able to replicate the same success despite the sad stories.

“Why only that girl? Not all of them are lying.” Wang Han observed for a long time before wondering.

“It has nothing to do with tragedies or sad circumstances.” Li Qiye smiled: “Too many people live terrible lives, you can’t save them all. The sad story isn’t the thing moving him but rather, the secret behind it.”

“The secret?” Wang Han carefully analyzed that girl earlier again but still couldn’t come up with anything.

Meanwhile, the old man continued to ignore the rest of the crowd.

People eventually gave up on sad stories and tried something different. All were useless.

“Let me try.” A confident voice came about.

People looked over and saw an awe-inspiring youth walking forward.

“That’s the Young Lord of the Peng Clan.” Someone immediately recognized him.

This was the youth who sneered at Li Qiye back at the palace. He heard something interesting was going on near the enterprise and came running.

He slightly bowed at the old man before slowly taking out a bottle and opening it. A faint medicinal fragrance billowed.

“ A Longevity Pill!” An old cultivator recognized the scent immediately.

People’s eyes turned bright after hearing this, especially the older ones.

“Senior, this is a precious pill personally refined by Venerable Ye of our Insane Court. How about I trade this for a treasure of yours?” He asked the old man.

“Venerable Ye, that’s the most famous alchemist in Insane Court.” The crowd gasped after hearing this.

“A pill from Venerable Ye is indeed priceless.” The older cultivators could feel their heart beating faster since these pills were too necessary for them.

“That’s a good pill for sure.” Wang Han nodded: “Venerable Ye is the best alchemist for our power. Any pill created by him can be considered priceless.”

“I heard an ancestor from Chu Camp couldn’t even get one after asking her.” Shengping had heard of Venerable Ye’s fame as well.

Of course, someone like him couldn’t ask the alchemist for a pill either.

Venerable Ye was from a tiny country but enjoyed great status in the court. All four powers wanted to recruit him.

All eyes were on the old man now. Anyone who was old would want these pills. What was more important than prolonging one’s life? They thought that Weijin’s pill would be able to move him. Alas, this was not the case.

“How about another pill?” Weijin made up his mind and took out another bottle. It took a lot of effort to get two pills but he also really wanted the old man’s treasures.

Unfortunately, the old man had zero interest in these pills and ignored Weijin.

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