Chapter 2236: Monstrous Cold Poison

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It was as if the elder had just gotten out of an ice pit. Even experts like the ones in the room could feel the cold biting into their bones.

This frigid air intensified as the elder trembled with his teeth clanking together. Next, the mist was slowly turning into a layer of frost.

“What is going on?” Yalan still couldn’t stop the cold energy coursing through the elder like a flood breaking the dam, on the verge of turning him into an ice sculpture.

Yalan had never seen such a monstrous cold energy before. Her medicinal skill wasn’t enough to stop it.

She stood there in a daze, thinking that it wouldn’t be long before his death if they couldn’t stop it.

Poison King Huang Quanwei was even more stunned. He didn’t know what was going on because in theory, that should have gone just fine. Alas, the elder’s condition had deteriorated.

“The cold poison is invading him.” Li Qiye flatly stated.

Yalan quickly composed herself. She was experienced enough to keep calm and remembered what Li Qiye had said earlier. She stared gently at him and asked: “Senior Brother, please save Elder Yang.”

The unemotional girl was anxious, not wanting to see a life slip away before her very eyes.

He glanced at her and said: “Move, my turn.”

Yalan immediately stood to the side to make way for him. He came forward and checked the elder’s pulse. The guy’s hand was frighteningly cold; the sheer force of this affinity could instantly freeze someone.

“Quite strong.” Li Qiye stated before taking out the Myriad Cauldron. 

“Poof!” Its flame surged out and turned into long strings of fire flowing just like water.

He began with lightning speed, channeling these strings into the elder. They penetrated each of the meridians and veins, acting as a substitute.

He wouldn’t stop shooting more and more strings like a rain of needles. They continued to flow all over the elder, too many to count.

The elder looked as if he was made from fiery threads due to the sheer number wrapping around him. He was red just like a boiled shrimp. Flames continued to move inside his body. Each string seemed to have its own life as they made their way across.

Any spectator would be blinded from the radiance. Moreover, Li Qiye’s technique was unique. Yalan herself couldn’t truly understand them.

This was a magical and precise process with extreme speed. She knew that she couldn’t replicate this task.

Each person had countless veins. To be able to channel these strings through all of them in such a short time? It required immense finesse and power, causing Yalan to gasp in astonishment.

Miaozhen was watching Li Qiye intensely with her big and round eyes. Remember, these strings were made from the cauldron flame. It meant that his fire controlling technique was at the apex. A fire controller of this level would also mean that his pill-making techniques and alchemy were incredible.

“Sizz.” The fiery strings flowed and burned away the cold poison, even the hiding ones, not allowing them to resurface again.

He was displaying his abilities in full force, truly impressing the two girls. From this curing process alone, it was clear that he was versed in all aspects - medical, alchemy, and flame controlling…

This great versatility and mastery far exceeded the two of them.

Eventually, the flames gathered. Despite their power, they didn’t harm the elder at all. It showed that Li Qiye had reached a level where he could do whatever he wished just like a fire god.

Miaozhen became more and more impressed and shocked. Longevity Valley was an alchemy lineage with plenty of masters, but they might not be able to find a second like him.

“Sizzle.” The flame resembled flowing water now with a nonstop current washing everything inside his body several times before leaving his body.

It floated in the air. Everyone could hear shrill screeching noises. Despite the low volume, they were unpleasant like needles pricking the ears - quite an unbearable sensation.

The group finally noticed that the flame was surrounding something, a tiny poisonous creature only the size of a hair. It was entirely clear like crystals with two sharp fangs and a scary face.

It ran left and right in order to escape but this was a futile effort.

“Poof!” The cauldron sent out a second wave of flame, increasing its power by several hundred times over, capable of boiling an entire ocean. 

The creature wiggled and screeched. In the end, it couldn’t withstand the heat and became scattered ashes.

Everyone was drawn in by this scene. It didn’t last that long since the start but Li Qiye’s techniques were perfect and smooth, worthy of gasps and awe.

More shockingly, they didn’t expect for this insect to be hiding in the elder’s body. The old man was dead for sure if it wasn’t for Li Qiye.

He recalled the cauldron and glanced over at the unconscious patient: “He’ll be fine.”

“Senior Brother, that was a type of ice poison?” Yalan asked right away with a pair of eyes brimming with a love for learning. This was her first time seeing this so she wanted to figure it out.

“An Ice Ghost.” Li Qiye said.

“Ice Ghost, from the legends? Rumor has it that it can kill people without being detected.” She shuddered.

She has only read about this legendary poisonous insect in the books, never seeing it in person before.

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